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Your Favourite Game Pad (or other controllers)


What was the best gamepad?  

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Switch Pro Controller is probably my overall favourite. I’d use it when playing my PS4 and Bone if I could. Fantastic d pad, great sticks and the buttons are the perfect size. Analogue triggers and it’d be perfect for me.


Dual Shock 4 is probably my least favourite pad this gen. it’s far from DS3 but it feels really cheap and light, and the battery drains if you look at it. Revised Bone pad is brilliant. Good weight to it and the only thing I wish it had is a share button.


Favourite old pad is without a doubt the Cube pad. :wub:

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I voted 360 because I used them so much they feel like an extension of my hands. The xbox controller s was very good but the 360 pad perfected it. I even platinum ed pacman ce with the dire dpad!

I've only have a Bone for a couple of months,and really only played forza, but I think it would get my vote if I used it more.

Mine is a Bone S which I think is the revised version.

Sticks are great, the texture is amazing. I love the bumper button position and ability to press easily while still managing great analogue control on the triggers, and the trigger rumble is wonderful. shame it's not rechargeable!


The WiiU pro is probably next with the DS4 a little behind it. I like the DS4, but can't help but think it should be absolutely perfect since Sony have had about 7 goes at perfecting that shape of controller, and yet its a bit light and has the pointless touch pad thing..



Dual Analogue

Dual Shock 

Dual Shock 2

Six Axis 

Dual Shock 3

...DS4 hey this one's pretty decent!


I liked the analogue face buttons of the 2 mind.


The Gamecube pad is wonderful too, but the wired one specifically, not the Wavebird. Rumble and much better weighting wins it for me.


Switch Joycons need an honorable mention as they are so comfy played in seperate hands, and very, very flexible. I could easily argue they are the best...

I completed Zelda with them, felt HD rumble balls in the box in  1, 2 Switch then pretended to be a boxer in Arms, then used motion for aiming in Splatoon, then 2 player Mario Kart... 


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I had this one for the Amiga. Loved it! It ended up really loose though, replaced it with the completion pro which I always found too stiff(and the buttons stuck). Wish I’d known about the Zipstick! 


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I did spend a lot of time on the GC but I found the controller ruined as many games as it made. Yeah, it works great for Smash Bros and Beach Spikers but it made the side shunts in F Zero GX impossible (as someone whose X game was based entirely around the double-tap of L or R). The lightweight B button broke on a couple of pads and the dpad was crap too. Lovely to hold but not as great in practice.


In terms of retro, the N64 is the winner for me. Yeah, the stick got mangled after a couple of years' intensive use but everything else about it is perfection in my opinion.





Also special mention to this, did me through 3 generations and still works great. I love it for Virtua Tennis:



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On 23/10/2017 at 11:07, Nick R said:

Favourite game-specific/novelty controller? The Guitar Hero 2 Xplorer is still my Rock Band/Guitar Hero controller of choice. Maybe other guitar controllers are more accurate for high-level play (I don't know if my missed notes are due to my mistakes or phantom double-strums from the controller), but IIRC it has the widest range of compatibility of all the guitar controllers. 





(Hmm not sure why images aren't embedding: "The link could not be embedded because of an unexpected error: Internal Server Error: "The table 'core_cache' is full".")


I still have one of these somewhere:




I already played acoustic (in a casual pastime-y way) before Guitar Hero but I still loved GH and RB. The strings are surprisingly responsive but finding your way around the fret buttons takes a while. Also it's less easy to cover up your bad chords in a game :P 


I also have a DJ Hero controller somewhere but there was a time when the game and turntable could be bought for around £20 so I imagine everyone's got one.


In terms of desirables, I still consider looking for one of those PDP Versus Controllers even though I don't need one... :blush: 


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14 hours ago, df0 said:

No doubt in my mind



Wow that brings back memories! Completely forgot about that. I had several controllers with my Commodore 64 but this one was by far the best, the feel of the stick was just sublime :wub:.

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43 minutes ago, Strafe said:

Has anyone got any experience with Scuffs?

After using the Bone elite I want a similar PS4 paddle experience. I don't like the Sony licensed ones much.


Ive used one a few times and got on with it much better than the Elite as that kills my hands so has to sell on, I keep nearly getting a scuff but the reports of them being flakey don’t help and my mates had to go back under warranty..


I am interested in their new pad, mates is one where he had a normal pad converted.


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Am I the only person in existence that never had an issue with the DS3? I still don't understand what the big problems were for most people. The only thing that ever caused a slight error at times was the fact the L2 and R2 buttons would depress very easily when you put he controller down and one of them I had sometimes seemed to activate itself almost at random which was highly annoying when playing through Bioshock and having my resources get depleted for no reason. This didn't happen as much on my newer controller though. As for the analogue stick, I liked the looser feel of it and it became massively noticeable when I found it very hard to use an Xbox controller when trying one out one day at a friend's house to play some unreal tournament. 


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2 hours ago, Strafe said:

Has anyone got any experience with Scuffs?

After using the Bone elite I want a similar PS4 paddle experience. I don't like the Sony licensed ones much.


If you've got an Elite you could just buy the new Brook bluetooth adapter and battery when it releases next month. It lets you use an Xbox One controller on a PS4, Switch etc. and plugs into the battery compartment, providing both power and bluetooth connectivity. I use a Brook USB adapter for the PS4 and it works perfectly, no lag - they're widely used for Fightsticks etc.


The Kickstarter page is linked below - it's been successfully funded (although I don't think Brook really needed one given their successful line of wired USB adapters) and the backer versions should be shipping shortly - I backed it because I prefer wireless over wired.  



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You don't need to mod anything to use the USB adapter with an Elite; that's how I use mine on the PS4. The only thing I did do was to create an Elite profile with the rumble reduced to 70% because the Xbox rumble motors are more powerful than those in the DS4, so when a PS4 game tells the controller to vibrate at X% it's much stronger via the Xbox controller.

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Not sure about swipes, I don't recall playing anything that uses them. The touchpad buttons are:


Press Xbox View = touchpad centre click

Right stick left + press Xbox View = touchpad left click

Right stick right + press Xbox View = touchpad right click


It might be that swipes aren't supported, or that they require holding the View button and then 'steering' with the right stick. The user guide is on the Brook website:


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Seeing this poll reminded me - during EGX '16 I had a chance to play Tempest 2000 and I finally understand the horror of the Jaguar controller. If not for the giant keypad underneath it might be okay, but besides that there isn't even any kind of texture for grip - the sides seem kind of thicker toward the lower half of the pad, but you need your thumbs near everything at the top of the pad. It's like when you're playing an emulated console game on some Saitek PC controller and the whole experience feels "off", but it's worse because you're using the controller that came with the system.


Is anyone getting one of those Hyperkin Xbox One "Duke" controllers?

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