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Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp - Nook goes mobile

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I am loving this game. Played it pretty heavily for a period at the start of the year, then gradually lost interest due to a lack of things to do compared with other Animal Crossings, but have recently found it perfect for short 10-15 mins plays every few days. The relaxing and charming nature of its predecessors is still there. Currently I’m recovering from a particularly nasty bout of gastroenteritis and there’s nothing like just dropping in on my camp to say hi to the campers to lift the spirits. 

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Here you are, making my day again.


Thanks for buying the useless rarities from my box.


You're the best, B,b,b,buddy.


And the rest of youse, sharing your scramblers.


You've really come through for me today, Pah!

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Thanks in turn to everyone who’s helped make Pocket Camp such a fun part of daily lunch breaks etc. since November.


I’ve logged in every day since launch and never got tired of it but I’ve vowed to try and walk away now while it’s still at its best so figured the best way to say ‘kudos’ was to buy a load of stuff from market boxes that Nintendo never made any use of. That said, it’s only been a few hours so I’ll probably be back tomorrow...

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Did people get the in-game Switch item?





Been wondering about getting into this, but tbh, the graphical style isn't entirely appealing and Edgetm's review wasn't exactly very positive either.


It's good to see people are enjoying this though; it might introduce a whole new generation to the series before the inevitable Switch version of what is one of gaming's most unique experiences.

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I am probably one of two people on here still playing this. It's the game's 1 year anniversary now, which confused me cause I could've sworn I started playing it in summer 2017. Memory is a fickle thing!


Been loving the Halloween events, I'm still missing the witch's broom though and I don't think I'll ever get it.



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  • 3 months later...

Did you ever get your broomstick?


This just got a major update so you can now be even more lazy.


There're also exclusive fruits. I don't know how they separate the fruit types, but I've got the lychees. Going cheap.

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It doesn't fit into the mobile space, which is to say that previously when they ran a walled garden of convict-prisoner players... you accepted many things like the villagers had personality, or Mr Resetti wasn't annoying, but given the freedom of Apple/Android and Nintendo are now third party, they're in danger of being what Blur referred to as a charmless man; not likable for who they were, but elements ignored since they had an absolute reign in this particular market. As many people pointed out, you could find a Nintendo counterpart in most industries, and likewise an equivalent to Edge simply by exploring WHSmiths a bit and stalker-browsing.



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