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The Greatest Games Systems Of All Time


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We're planning an awesome feature for our January issue of Retro Gamer.

We've already asked you for the greatest games of all time, now we want to know what your favourite game systems of all time are. Game Systems includes, home computers, home consoles and handhelds :)

Any system is valid and handhelds also count, so make sure you get those votes in.

Please list your top ten with ten points for your favourite and 1 for your least favourite.


In case you're interested mine are

1 Mega Drive (10points)

2 Xbox (9)

3 Nintendo DS (8)

4 Game Boy Advance (7)

5 PS Vita (6)

6 Xbox 360 (5)

7 PSP (4)

8 Saturn (3)

9 SNES (2)

10 Amstrad CPC (1)


Feel free to write any additional comments and the most interesting anecdotes will appear in the magazine.


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1 - Super Nintendo (10)

2 - PC Engine (9)

3 - Xbox (8)

4 - Atari Lynx (7)

5 - Atari Jaguar (6)

6 - Amstrad CPC464 (5)

7 - Nintendo 64 (4)

8 - PC (3)

9 - Dreamcast (2)

10 - Atari ST (1)


You can probably tell from this list that I have a soft spot of the also-ran's.  While my mates were playing on Spectrums, Amigas and Game Boys, I had and Amstrad, an ST and a Lynx.  It was nice to have something different, and they all had loads to love about them.  Specific shout outs go to the original Xbox, basically being a decent small form factor PC, it gave me my first real taste of co-op LAN gaming with Halo and Ghost Recon - unforgettable.  And say what you want about the Jaguar, but make the effort to dig through the crap, and there are some amazing games for it, including my favourite ports of DOOM and Wolfenstein. 


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6 minutes ago, Qazimod said:

I would already have my first five from the 2013 topic but I'm tempted to move some of them around. The Vita would almost certainly be somewhere in there now... :wub: 

Hah, interesting looking back at that.  The only difference is I had the Atari VCS at number 5.  I bought one betwixt that thread and this, and realised that actually, I'm not particularly fond of it.

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1 ps4 (10)as a gamer the PS4 is the gift that keeps on giving imo, countless number of classics in such a short number of time, games like persona 5, disgaea 5, Uncharted, Bloodborne,Nier: Automata and The Last Guardian and my favourite game of all time rocket league all brilliant games and with some older classics coming back with HD upgrades such as ffixii and the crash bandicoot series. For me it will be a console I'll remember fondly in twenty years time. 

2 Xbox 360 (9)like some of the guys on here, this was my introduction into online gaming with halo 3 and it blew my mind how amazing it was, it also introduced me to games like Minecraft, dragons dogma, enchanted arms, lost odyssey and my second favourite game of all time banjo kazooie nuts and bolts, by far the console with the most hours I've put into.

I loved how all of the games had a demo to try out which made me discover some amazing games I wouldn't have purchased normally, for me there will never be a console like the 360 

3 ps2(8) jrpg paradise,I'm a massive fan of jrpgs and this had the best without a doubt, games like disgaea, final fantasy x and xii, persona, shin megami tensi lucifers call :wub:shadow hearts, jade cocoon 2 to mention a few that list could go on forever but for jrpgs the ps2 was king, and always will be. 
4  ps1(7)
5 ps vita (6)
6 PSOne (5)
7 n64 (4)
8 dreamcast  (3)
9 snes (2)
10 gamecube (1)

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1. Commodore 64 (10)

2. Playstation 2 (9)

3. Commodore Amiga (8)

4. Game Boy Advance (7)

5. ZX Spectrum (6)

6. Amstrad CPC (5)

7. Microsoft Xbox (4)

8. Nintendo Wii (3)

9. Atari VCS/2600 (2)

10. Atari ST (1)


There are no systems here I hate, it's love all the way to the bottom, just not quite as much as at the top. The top slot was a no-brainer. The C64 is hands-down my favourite system, so many good games, the SID chip, lots of great memories, and I still use it every week today.


Amstrad CPC is in there not so much because I love the machine today but more because it forms a big part of my gaming/computing upbringing, having got one for Christmas 1986. I'm not really a member of the Amstrad CPC Defence League, but certainly at the time I was a proud owner. Today if I had to get one it would have to be the 6128, and they're like hen's teeth.


Not many consoles in there. I was very much a computer person in the 90s, only really getting on board fully with the PS2, a superb machine.


I own a Dreamcast, Gamecube and N64 but I just don't have that added nostalgia factor like with the others, and that's a really important part of my choices, they all have some good memories attached and when you combine that with the hardware and games that's what makes them special. I just caught on these three consoles too late.


Looking at my list though the PS1 is strangely absent despite some great memories. I suspect because the PS2 was my effectively my PS1 originally. I didn't own a PS1 at the time it was massive, playing on other people's mainly. So I guess PS1 can be roped in with PS2 here.

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1 Spectrum (10pts). The little box that could. If you want the reason why Britain pulls above its weight when it comes to top-flight game developers, this is the answer. For such an underpowered machine, with crap sound chip and crazy attribute clash, it laid the foundations of an industry. So many games, and so many of them great, quirky titles that could only come from the Brits. Football Manager, The Hobbit, Knight Lore, Rebelstar, Chaos, Lords of Midnight...


2 Dreamcast (9pts). Yeah, I was one of Those People who only picked up on this machine when Sega saw the writing on the wall and bundled it off for silly money. But what a back-catalogue of quality games there was to mine - Rez, Crazy Taxi, Jet Set Radio, SoulCalibur, Powerstone, the Shenmues, Space Channel 5, Bangai-O, Skies of Arcadia... Such a dense library of high-quality arcade games.


3 PC (8pts). Now, I started early, with text adventures like ADVENT that were all you could play on the base machines. But then... it didn't get much better, to be honest, with CGA in all its vile four-colour glory. And no sound to speak off. But after a little while longer, VGA came along with primitive sound cards and it became a great machine for flight simulators (Secret Weapons of the Luftwaffe!). Then the go-to machine for adventure games - the entire Lucasarts catalogue - and space games - Lucasarts again with X-Wing and Tie Fighter, Wing Commander - and strategy games, and, eventually uniquely complex games like Deus Ex, Thief, System Shock and  Ultima Underworld that were deep, absorbing simulations. Strangely, despite loving PC games, I pretty much abandoned it after I bought a PS1, then a Dreamcast...

4 XBox 360 (7pts). I came to this one late - I had been mopping up PS2 games, and finally decided I had rinsed their back-catalogue. I skipped the original XBox completely, because MS killed it off too quickly. But the games that I chose to start with? Mass Effect and Just Cause 2. Both for a tenner. Fuck me, I was sold.


5 PS4 (6pts). This generation has been amazing for great games - and Sony just nailed it. I bought this in order to play The Last Guardian, but while I was waiting, dipped my toe into Uncharted 4. Yeah. Both system exclusives, and both absolutely stunning.


6 Gamecube (5pts). This was my first non-portable Nintendo console - bought for Zelda: The Windwaker, and loved for the rest of the games. Rogue Squadron. Killer 7. PN:03. Like the Dreamcast, a select catalog of great games that was easy to collect.


7 PS2 (4pts). My DC and GC collecting was slowing around the time that Ico and Shadow of the Colossus were re-released - well, it would have been churlish not to. While I recall both of those consoles more fondly, there's no denying the breadth of gaming possible on the PS2. And I've stuck with Sony through the PS3 and PS4.


8 GBA (3pts) Hard to choose between the GBA and DS - I've had almost every iteration of every Nintendo portable. Mind you, I nearly had my Lynx in here. But I can't deny the breadth of games on these two pocket marvels, so while I loved my KLax, Roadblasters and Xenophobe, these are the better machines.


9 DS (2pts)

10 Atari ST (1pt). Could have well as been a 'miggy, had that been the machine I chose at the time, but I bought an Atari, so this defined my late 80s, early 90s. A ton of classic 16-bit games (Midwinter, Carrier Command, Dungeon Master, Xenon), and some great conversions (Gauntlet, Super Sprint, Buggy Boy).


Honorable mentions: Atari 2600, Lynx; WiiU was hugely underrated and Splatoon! nearly put it on the top of my list on the strength of that 1 game alone. And the Switch is too early to throw into the mix, but it's going to be up there. PS1 - I had one, but there are fewer standout games in my mind than you had on the DC and GC.


I missed out on the 8 and 16-bit console era.

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3 hours ago, Qazimod said:

I would already have my first five from the 2013 topic but I'm tempted to move some of them around. The Vita would almost certainly be somewhere in there now... :wub: 


Only 4 years ago? Still, I was consistent in praising the DC's concentration of good games:



While my favourites would be more like:

5 - Dreamcast

4 - DS

3 - GameCube

2 - 360

1 - GBA

Although it's more like 3= GC/PS2 and 2= 360/PS3.

I think the gen just ending has been the most consistently high-quality, with some brilliant games; but the DC just generated so much concentrated joy, and has a special place in my heart. Despite me being one of those vultures who picked them up at the end, with a DC and 5 games for 99 quid.


Interesting to see that I have rated the DS/GBA fairly low this time - I certainly play both of these much less than I used to. Back then, I'd have been playing the DS as much as the under-the-telly boxes. Phoenix Wrights, Ghost Trick, Advance Wars, Prof Leyton...


I don't think of myself as much of a Sony fan, but so far I've had a PS1, 2, 3, and 4.

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1 - Super Nintendo (10)

2 - Gamecube (9)

3 - WiiU (8)

4 - Nintendo 64 (7)

5 - Atari 2600 (6)

6 - Wii (5)

7 - PS3 (4)

8 - Commodore 64 (3)

9 - Megadrive (2)

10 - Saturn (1)


I guess the outlier in my list is the WiiU. Not many games for the system. But in NSMBu, Zelda BOTW, Mario Maker, Mario Kart 8, Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze,  Super Mario 3D World, Splatoon along with the ability to mod the system to play practically the whole Nintendo library of games from the NES forwards, I have to rate it that high. In years to come, I expect the Switch to usurp it.

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1. Xbox 360 (10)

2. Dreamcast (9)

3. Atari ST (8)

4. Xbox (7)

5. PlayStation (6)

6. SNES (5)

7. Spectrum 48k (4)

8. PC engine (3)

9. Neo Geo CD (2)

10. PS4 (1)


Ok, the 360 was a beefier Dreamcast, when you think about it: White, ran a Microsoft OS, had some great games, was better than the competition (ps3 doesn't make the list). The AtariST did so much, as an important part of my teen years. Games, productivity, midi ports, floppy drive killed load times, and was a generational leap over my spectrum. I mean, I didn't even have a joystick for that, and the games took an age to load from tapes? Now I had a mouse and a GUI? Xbox makes the list for bringing online gaming to the masses. I'd tried online gaming with my PC and my Dreamcast, but this sealed the deal, especially as a early ADSL adopter. PlayStation makes another generational leap, being a 32bit machine built for (triangle) polygons, I can still remember booting demo one that first time, and being wowed. Weird how ropey it looks now. SNES was a late acquistion in terms of lifespan, a scant 12 months before I got my ps1, but that library. Now, interestingly both PC Engine and Neo Geo CD, although recent acquisions, make the list because if id had them at the time that'd be rated higher, definitely top 5, for library and pure power. 2D powerhouses for sure (they take the place of the megadrive and jaguar, I shit you not.) PS4 is on the list for doing everything right this generation re: price and power, and finally getting the dualshock right.


Outside the top 10 is... every other console I've ever owned, in no particular order:


C16 (should have got a C64)

Amiga (it had the games)

Saturn (oh Sega, you blew it)

N64 (when your best games are in single digits you have a problem)

PS2 (shovelware)

PS3 (pure arrogance on Sony's part)

Gamecube (the happiest machine ever, possibly TOO fisher-price)

Wii (the novelty machine that got everyone playing videogames, and closest to making the list)


sure I've forgotten something...



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Weird how things change (slightly)

On ‎13‎/‎11‎/‎2013 at 21:32, SeanR said:

5pts PSone

4pts Xbox 360

3pts DreamCast

2pts SNES

1pts Xbox

All pretty self-explanatory. The game-changer, the all things to all men, the special one snuffed out in it's prime, the last decent cartridge console, and the one that showed the way for online gaming.


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I've not got ten, can I still contribute? 


In my defence for lack of diversity, I went from Amstrad 464 to 6128, and then Amiga 500 to 1200 (to 1200 with a hard drive...) - fiercely brand loyal (although not really, more about wanting to keep hold of amassed game collections, SWOS was never better than on the Amiga, and the sheer number of Amstrad tapes I had (even if rarely played) was something that I couldn't let go until the bitter end).


1. Commodore Amiga (10) - never replicated fully, emulators don't do it justice, fond memories of the games of Team 17, Sensible Software, Bitmap Brothers, Gremlin, Psygnosis, Infogrammes, Bullfrog... (and the excellent box art! and instruction manuals!) - plus an excellent demo and public domain scene, also tied in nicely with my mid-teens and having more free time. Black and yellow zipsticks are king. Too many titles to mention, would be updating this post endlessly with titles that I recalled throughout the day and get nothing else done. The graphics/art style/music all still hold fond memories for me.


2. PC (9) - as it has been for the past few years, massive online libraries of titles available, good abilities to replicate older DOS titles, diverse selection of mods... free online play and although that is now limited for me because I have family commitments, some of my fondest online memories came from BF1942/Desert Combat, maybe it was just luck, but the randoms in online games seemed much nicer back then. 


3. Xbox 360 (8) - I thought the introduction of achievements was fantastic (a way to prove all those playground boasts of years gone by), the ability to play SWOS and Gauntlet online with friends? Amazing! The cheaper titles (either retro or indie) that harked back to the Amiga days (for me) were great too - loved Geometry Wars more than some of the full priced games I bought. However, some excellent full price titles Red Dead Redemption, Modern Warfare, Assassins Creed 2, Bioshock and Gears of War (although I only ever played that co-op with my wife, so my memories are probably tainted a bit by that)


4. Amstrad CPC (7) - as my first introduction into games it's bound to hold a high place, hard to pick a few games when I loved so many, introduced me quite young to the basics of coding. The coloured keyboard of the 464 was lovely, but the 6128 and it's disk drive were obviously the better. The joy of watching a loading screen develop a line at a time, the pain of a Read Error appearing so close to when the game was about to finish loading. Notable mention to The Scout Steps Out which had lovely theme music, but a game that I cannot recall ever getting that far beyond that. 


Also had a Konix Navigator with this for a while, but it rubbed away the delicate skin on my thumb quite spectacularly, not recommended... 


5. PsOne (6) - from the Amiga to this was a massive leap - first titles that come to mind are G-Police, Colony Wars, Ace Combat, Metal Gear Solid, Silent Hill, Legacy of Kain; plus endless two player late nights on the likes of Micro Machines, various football titles with ISS being king, various fighters with Bushido Blade being my personal fave. So many titles, so many hours spent, and one console that lived through all of this without a single RROD. 


6. PS3 (5) - probably unfair for it be so far down this list, but came to it late and only really used it for the odd title - of which though The Last of Us was outstanding, were I younger I am sure that it would/could have beaten the PsOne, but as it came during a time when I had limited time to spare it meant that I only experienced solo games and as I had the 360 it meant that I only played used it for PS3 exclusive titles. 


7. Mega Drive (4) 


8. SNES (3) 


9. N64 (2) - amazed when Mario first loaded up, too much time spent on GoldenEye, just not enough games to make it quite as exciting as the others.


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Having ten certainly lends itself much more to following your trajectory through the ages - I was always a home computer gamer, and only flipped to consoles in the late 90s because I was without a decent PC - then went PS1>DC>GC>PS2>360>PS3+Wii>WiiU>PS4+Switch


The DC/GC/PS2 era, I basically ran each console until I had rinsed the back catalog as much as I cared to, before moving on to the next console quite late. I wanted an Xbox - a Yod@'d Xbox if I could - but it came and went too quickly. The 360 was a great machine to follow the PS2 - I basically bought the PS3 and Wii at the same time much later in the same Sainsbury's sale just to work through their own system exclusive games. In the end I almost never played the Wii (I still have several great Wii games on my PoS - including Mario Galaxy and Twilight Princess).


But MS dropped the ball this last gen - PS4 has been way more appealing to me, to the point I don't see the need for a BOne; just a PS4 and Switch.

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1. PS1 (10)

2. snes (9)

3. PS2 (8)

4. PC (7)

5. Xbox (6)

6. Switch, as it currently stands. That could fluctuate in the future quite easily with it being such a new console (5)

7.  PSP (4)

8.  Xbox 360 (3)

9.  PS4(2)

10.  Mega drive(1)


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1. Super NES/Super Famicom (10 points)

2. Mac*

3. 3DS

4. GameCube

5. PC Engine

6. PS Vita

7. NES/Famicom

8. Nintendo 64

9. Saturn

10. Wii U


* purely for the fun I've had with online Minecraft, the only game I’ve played on my Macs. ;) 


I'm refusing to list any current-gen consoles in this, FWIW. (3DS is a grey area there, I guess, being nearly at the end of its commercial life.)

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Saturn (10)

Mega Drive (9)

Playstation 2 (8)

Super Nintendo (7)

PC Engine (6)

3DS (5)

Dreamcast (4)

Game Boy Advance (3)

NES (2)

N64 (1)


Seeing as this is a top ten rather than a top fourteen I'm including Master System with the Mega Drive, DS with the 3DS, PS1 with PS2  and Game Boy with GBA. Sorry GameCube and Neo Geo - neither of you make the cut, unfortunately.

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1. PS2 (10pts)
2. Xbox 360 (9)
3. PS Vita (8)
4. PS4 (7)
5. GBA (6)
6. SNES (5)
7. Sega Mega Drive (4)
8. PSX (3)
9. NES (2)
10. Commodore 64 (1)


The PS2 had so many games that there are a bunch of huge titles in there (the GTAs, the Personas, the Guitar Heroes) as well as some neat curios (Freq/Amp, Viewtiful Joe). The 360 felt a bit like the PS2 of the 7th gen what with things like Rising Star's shoot 'em ups amongst the more conventional bigger hits. The Vita has the best version of my favourite JRPG but also a host of unique and fun titles such as Tearaway, Freedom Wars, Sorcery Saga, Hohokum et al. It might be a bit early to place the PS4 so highly, but Bloodborne, Nier, Persona, Rez Infinite and more have made this a fun place for games. The GBA/SNES... well, the SNES has the 16-bit classics, and the GBA has Wario Ware, Rhythm Tengoku, bitGenerations etc... and a lot of those SNES classics. The Mega Drive is still ace because of all of the Sega coin-op conversions, the PSX is still ace because of the big Sony franchises that started out on that system... the NES has Mario, Mega Man, Castlevania et al, and the C64 was just a weird and wonderful introduction to home gaming for me.

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1 SNES (10 points) I still have my day 1 SNES. The most difficult decision in the world, SNES or Megadrive. Both were absolutely fantastic, and what you get when two manufacturers are forced by their competition to perform at their very best. Arguably neither Sega nor nintendo reached that peak again. 

2 Megadrive (9) I actually imported one as a child before the official PAL one was released.

3 Xbox 360 (8) My first real "online" console and that flavour of xbox live has never been bested, still in use up until my ps4arrived a few months ago!

4 ZX Spectrum (7) Aside from "tv games", my first anything! Great games, great community, great schoolyard stories.

5 Gamecube (6) Another day 1 purchase.

6 Neo Geo AES/ CD/ MVS (5) I came to this later than the rest, but Turf Masters and Shock Troopers and Drift out are in my all time top 10 games on any system.

7 PC Engine (4) What a wonderful machine, if only it had a wider UK release. A friend of mine had an import, i wish i had stolen it!

8 Mastersystem (3) The machine with Wonderboy in Monsterland.

9 C64 (2) Why argue in the playground with spectrum owners when you can have both?

10 Gameboy Advance SP (1) Portable snes.


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Fairly amazed no one has listed Nintendo Switch? 


I mean, sure, it's barely been out 6 months, but look at the line up and it already has some 'best ever' games. Zelda BOTW, Mario Odyssey, Mario Kart... 


I'll put some thought into my list, but for sure Switch would be on there

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