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Spelunky 2 - sequel to the actual best game ever


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Spelunky is a perfect game, I don't know how they could top it - but damn I'm excited!


I actually thought Yu had given up on the idea; suffering from HL3 syndome but I'm incredibly glad he hasn't and they must have something to show if they've been working on it for years. Can't wait!

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Tbh I'd be perfectly happy if the core game is basically the same, and they just bring in new traps, new enemies with different behaviours, interesting items, different procedural algorithms for sticking together tilesets, that kinda thing.....


Basically a massive content patch/expansion.


Also 'Cause of death - Old Age' confirmed as canon. :P

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Still play the daily challenge. Every day for the last few years. I don't know how they can improve on perfection honestly.


And I've still not done a complete (Hell) run... Still struggling with the speed run and no gold run. What evil challenges lurk in the new one I wonder. Surely it can't be harder?! 

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Oh thank god I'm not the only hell failure! :lol:


It's one of those things that I'm not fussed about tbh, I know it's there and I've seen so much of it through speedruns that I don't feel the need to do it. I nearly did it, once...

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Day one, obviously.


Saying that, it doesn't quite have the same charm yet, it just seems like a Spelunky with less cohesive theme choices. It's probably quite an early build - there's not much camouflage between the seams and the little creatures are missing etc. Maybe once they've finished it and I've played it; it'll click and give me those warm fuzzies! Also there's a good chance I'm just that attatched to the original that even it's own sequel feels wrong.


Still, online multiplayer is massive!


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