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The Wii Appreciation Thread

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Figure this is as good a place as any to ask.


What's the deal with Motion Plus? My kids want to play Just Dance, I have enough Wiimotes, do I need a motion plus for them all? Did some come with it built in? How can I tell?


Were there any games that used the balance board to control? I figure my three year old could work that...

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Wii Motion Plus came as both an attachment for the bottom of a standard remote and also built in, I think the ones with it built in say "Motion Plus" on them, I think they're also a bit longer than the standard remote. If you're playing multiplayer games that require Wii Motion Plus you will require as many compatible remotes (built in or with the dongle) as players that are playing.

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Some of the Wii games are really good fun. I didn’t enjoy 9/10ths of what it had to offer and am playing them via the Wii U. 

Currently playing Pandora’s tower and paper Mario. The graphics are so fuzzy though that’s the only bad thing. 

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