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South Park Phone Destroyer


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I tried it for a bit. Presentation is nice, but it’s just another Clash Royale clone and the App Store is already filled to bursting point with them. You hit the wall where you either have to grind a ridiculous amount to fulfill the punishing upgrade requirements or start paying cash pretty quickly in this one as well.


Bit depressing as South Park the show used to rail against freemium P2W practices.

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I'm really trying to enjoy it, but there's not enough control. For example, in the initial PvP game, which is against a weak character against whom you aren't supposed to be able to lose, my Sheriff Cartman card just never appeared to allow me to get him on the field. As a result of which, I lost, and the game said "Hmm. That was supposed to be an auto-win. Let's try again."


I didn't do anything wrong, I never had the option to do anything other than play my weak-as-fuck Pigeon Gang repeatedly. Clash Royale has this problem, too, but it gets around it by guaranteeing that every card is going to come out, only the order changes. I now find I have to have the useless Mimsy in my deck just to ensure that I can get someone able to take a hit onto the field at any given time. 


The other thing it doesn't do is let me target a particular enemy, or if this is possible it does a piss-poor job of telling me how to. AI players seem able to ignore my tanks and dive straight onto Smuggler Ike, which is exactly what they should be doing because after a couple of Charges he's a wrecking crew, but I don't seem to get this opportunity.


All of this is a shame, because there is some definite potential in it otherwise. It's genuinely fun to play!

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