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The Abbey of Crime Extensum / The Name of the Rose / La Abadía del Crimen

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From the always excellent Indie Retro News




In 1987, Opera Soft released ' The abbey of crime ' also known as ' La abadía del crimen ', which was regarded as one of the best video games for the 8bit system such as the Amstrad, ZX Spectrum, and MSX.  It had a high level of detail, a decent plot, good mapping, sound and much more which made it a worth while game to collect even if it was never released outside of Spain. Thankfully things have changed since then as not only was there a PC remake (link) released not long ago, but as of today if you have an Amstrad, you can now check out the fully English translated version which has since been released by khaz and the help of the cpcwiki community.




(And as mentioned the free PC port is on Steam!)

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