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Steam Secret Santa 2017


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Just spotted the Blizzard holiday sales and it made me ponder that we ought to put blizzard gift cards into the mix if we know the person plays Blizzard stuff. Which lets face it many on Rllmuk do.


Though it would still involve person to person to person juggling to keep Santas secret.

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I just want to say that every game in that list above - every game in it - is worth a go. If you've missed out on any of them and have even half an interest in the genre they belong to you should definitely take NEG up on that offer!


(if I was to give particular recommendations, and ignoring the remastered version of The Best Point and Click Adventure Of All Time because everyone must surely already be aware of its brilliance, I have to second NEG's strong recommendation of Undertale, and also suggest that Oxenfree is one of the best and most interesting dialogue-driven games I've played, while Dungeon of the Endless is an endlessly compelling roguelike/tower defence/resource management thing worthy of anyone's curiosity)

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42 minutes ago, Gabe said:

Has Santa mistakenly delivered early? (I see I have gifts, haven't gone into Steam to see what they are yet - because it isn't quite Christmas yet ;))


No you've just hit the sherry early, definitely wasn't Santa getting the wrong date and sorting it, sorry. :unsure:

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So every gift was scheduled as above and should have been delivered but it doesn’t look they have on my end. If they’ve not been sent by the morning there’s an option to send them instantly and I’ll do that.


Merry Christmas all.

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Oh boy oh boy. First pressie is decorated in cute flowers. I could mistake it for a gift from my own mother.


:: unwraps ::


Very interesting pick from Santa! He actually delved deep into the wishlist (or at least I assume it was in there somewhere ^_^) and found a gem!


Child of Light


Haven't played it on other platforms but I do remember the game getting good reviews. Since it's Ubisoft I get the feeling that part of the reason it looks so gorgeous (looking at it's Steam page) is that it's using the same engine as Rayman Origins, which I adored. (alongside the Legends sequel). The world can always use more beautiful drawn games. Looking forward to trying.



Oooh, another pressie! It has googly eyes on it.


:: unwraps ::




A welcome addition from Santa, but one I've already played around half of. Friend of mine already bought me a GoG copy of the game back when the game came out. Even have streams over on my YT channel.


Granted, because it was on GoG, I kind of cared less to complete it due to the achievements being tied to that platform. (don't tell my friend that :unsure:) Now I can play it safe in the knowledge the stats will be where it counts. Which was also partly the reason it remained fairly high on the wishlist. :)


Unlike much of the media, I adored every text box this game provided and it baffles me that others would want to skip what is essentially the heart of the game to a Rare Banjo-inspired game fan like me. It's no Odyssey beater (having said that, Mario Odyssey took elements from Banjo this time around, regardless of anyone on Rllmuk wanting to admit to it), but Yooka didn't deserve the critique it got. From an indie 15-20man team.



Feeling very Guh huh! right now. Thank...



Wait, what's that? Santa has one last pressie for me. It's smelly for some reason. And sticky, and wet. The wrapping has boobs and steel balls?! What...what could it be?



:: unwraps ::



Duke Nukem Forever


Since I love memes in general, this holds fond memories while it was in development hell. I've never actually played a Duke game although I own quite a few of them now I believe. And you know? I haven't played shooters in forever (ha ha, get it?) but what better way to jump back into the most popular genre there is than with...Who am I kidding? Santa you crazy?! :lol:


Wait. It has over FIFTY achievements. I bet some of them are even easy to unlock...!!! And Steam Cloud support for the save! Not even some of the best games I love on Steam have that feature! :omg:


It'll get fired up at least once. ;)


Thank you, Santa :)

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Checked my inbox just before bed to get any downloads lined up, and what a fab selection of games :wub:


A collection of indie throwbacks (not a criticism, I put them on my wishlist for a reason!), I look forward to playing them tomorrow once the presents cooking are done; I have: 


  • A roguelike metroidvania I've been eyeing up all year in Dead Cells
  • An isometric shooter (remember those?) whose art style I adore in Tokyo 42
  • And a true throwback, to the sadly near-forgotten side-scrolling mech shooter genre in Gunhound Ex


A lovely and generous selection of games, thank you Santa!

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