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Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

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3 minutes ago, Minion said:

I'm sure it won't be long before people are completing it by using a steering wheel input or something, it'll be fine!


There's a guy on Twitch that has just finished a 'no hits' run of the whole Soulsborne series so far.  Staggering.  Apparently he had RSI and was doing all sorts of pad handling gymnastics just to get through it all.  Amazing.

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Just now, Thor said:

I'm at work, with a mountain of paperwork to sort through, and I'm sat here counting the minutes to 1pm. :lol:

I'm on bloody nights, I should be in bed, and I don't even have the game yet. I'll read these reviews then try and get some kip.

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2 hours ago, Treble said:

According to Opencritic, about in about 3.5 hours (13:00 GMT)


I'm pretty opposed to embargoes; it's hard to find a justification for them that isn't anti-consumer.


I think the "honest" use for them is to drive a spike in sales because of the synchronicity of reviews creates more buzz. But, obviously, this can also have a negative affect if the publisher believes the game won't be received very well and hold the reviews back until the 11th hour. I could quite believe that Activision execs believe the game isn't very good as well. That said, I am pretty confident this will be a good game, regardless.

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