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Dark Souls Remastered


On which platform will you remaster death?  

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Angeblich Dark Souls Remastered für Mai geplant

11.01.18 - Bandai Namco könnte womöglich ein Dark Souls Remastered für die PS4 am 24.05.18 in Japan ausliefern. Diese Annahme beruht auf einem Tweet des japanischen Users bdsassy.

Er hat ein Foto von einer Vorbestellinformation bei einem japanischen Händler gemacht, auf die Ankündigung für Dark Souls Remastered zu sehen ist: Kunden können das Spiel vorbestellen, das Yen 4.800 kosten soll.

Um welchen Händler es sich handelt, ist unklar. Andere Twitter-Nutzer schreiben, dass sie bei Tsutaya und anderen größeren Ketten nachgefragt haben, die aber kein Dark Souls Remastered gelistet haben.

Es bleibt deshalb abzuwarten, ob der Tweet womöglich gefälscht ist oder Bandai Namco und From Software tatsächlich ein Dark Souls Remastered planen - beide Unternehmen haben den Bericht nicht bestätigt oder kommentiert und auch noch kein Dark Souls Remastered angekündigt.
CLICK PICTURE (Dark Souls Remastered - Vorbestellinformation)


Or in slightly off-shoot related language-speak:



Allegedly, Dark Souls remastered for May

11/11/18 - Bandai Namco could possibly deliver a Dark Souls Remastered for the PS4 on May 24, 18 in Japan. This assumption is based on a tweet of the Japanese user bdsassy.

He took a picture of pre-order information from a Japanese retailer announcing the announcement for Dark Souls Remastered: Customers can pre-order the game, which is set to cost Yen 4,800.

Which dealer it is, is unclear. Other Twitter users write that they have been in demand from Tsutaya and other major chains, but they have not listed Dark Souls Remastered.

It therefore remains to be seen whether the tweet may be fake or Bandai Namco and From Software are indeed planning a Dark Souls Remastered - both companies have not confirmed or commented on the report, nor have they announced a Dark Souls Remastered.
CLICK PICTURE (Dark Souls Remastered - Preorder Information)



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Whilst this is welcome, when I think of Dark Souls now I just think about how it takes a gradual dive after Ornstein and Smough.


I think Bloodborne will stand the test of time much better and is more consistently brilliant.

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This is great news of true. Though personally I'd prefer a true 'remaster' (or a remake as @VN1X said above).


Not so much to improve graphics etc, but to give the game the slicker/quicker feel that Bloodborne and Dark 3 have. 


Oh and obvs. Switch version, pleeeeeeeasse! 

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I did a sex wee wee just seeing the thread title. 

Do Demon's and Dark Souls 1 work on PS4 now? I own them both but they do not appear in the install list hence keeping a PS3 under the TV just for Demon's. 

Praise the Sun indeed.... 

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PS4 has no backwards compatibility. So no, they do not work. Unless they are part of PlayStation Now, the subscription based streaming service that allows you to to play PS3 and PS4 games for the low price of 14 quid per month.

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