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Nintendo eShop (Software Chatter)


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On 08/02/2018 at 10:03, Jonny5 said:

A question about buying from multiple eShop regions: If you have purchased on different stores and want to download all your games again (you get a new SD card or something) do you have to go to each store in turn? Or once purchased can you download the game from any store? 


Don’t forget that you can copy the SD card content to your PC hard-drive and copy it to any new SD card that you might buy. 

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14 hours ago, VN1X said:

Anyone bought Wulverblade yet? It's on sale right now. Looks like a fun co-op game at least. 


I bought it upon release last year and really enjoyed it. Played the entire game in co-op with the wife (who rarely plays anything beyond shitty iOS puzzle games) and she was a fan. Single player is quite challenging initially, but once you get a hang of the different mechanics such as parrying, using your 'rage' meter, it becomes tough but fair. I believe a patch was incoming to alleviate some of the difficulty concerns, but don't think it has landed yet. There is clearly a lot of love poured into the game; numerous videos unlock as you progress showing some of the historical events and places that influenced the making of the game. Also, you can chop off enemies' heads and use them as weapons which gives it automatic thumbs up from me!


Anyone else played Earth Wars? Downloaded it last night for £4, which is about the same cost as my chicken wrap from Gregg's yesterday. Think of Muramasa-meets-Gears of War and you've got a decent idea of what to expect. Not bad at all; hopefully it has plenty of content to keep me busy for a while.

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1 hour ago, clippa said:


Did you think? I thought it was embarrassingly easy.

It's alright, vn1x, but it's just a beat em up at the end of the day and it won't hold your attention for long unless you force it.

I'd recommend red obsidian remnant if you're looking for something more challenging with a better combat system.


Interesting. My little gaming resolution for this year is to try more mainland Chinese games, and I like the look of this. 


It's only 33RMB as well. Done.

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7 hours ago, rgraves said:

What’s Tiny Troopers like? I quite fancy the look of it, but need a nudge either way....

I love it.  I haven't got it on Switch but it was a go-to Vita game, and is quite diggable on PS4 although it suits mobile play better with bite sized missions.  It's got a vaguely Cannon Fodder feel about it, which is my favourite ever game, so my opinion might be somewhat skewed.


edit - and now I've just bought it, you swine!

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Taken from thumbsticks as usual




ACA NeoGeo – Fatal Fury 3 – £6.29

Aqua Kitty UDX – £6.49

Bayonetta – £24.99 (16th)

Bayonetta 2 – £39.99 (16th)

Billiard – £6.29 (14th)

Escape Trick: 35 Fateful Enigmas – £15.99

Fe – £17.99 (16th)

Joe Dever’s Lone Wolf – £11.46 (16th)

Machine Knight – £8.99

Monster Energy Supercross – £49.99 (13th)

Owlboy – £18.99 (13th)

Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology – £34.99

Samurai Aces – £TBC

The Fall Part 2: Unbound – £12.79 (13th)

The Longest Five Minutes – £39.99

TorqueL -Physics Modified Edition- – £7.19 (14th)

Wanderjahr – £8.99

Xeodrifter – £8.99

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3 minutes ago, The Mighty Ash said:

The Switch literally has too much shovelware.

If you needed any more evidence this was the new Wii, this is it. The console hasn't been out a year and there's just so much coming out. Hopefully Nintendo will improve discovering games on the eShop before it gets totally swamped by shovelware and lazy ports.

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I set up a separate account to switch countries and it’s dead easy. I got Enter the Gungeon for £3:26 off the Russian store according to my credit card statement - absolute bargain, it’s an amazingly entertaining game.

Only scary bit was navigating the Russian shop, but to help I used the Google Translate app and pointed the camera of my phone at my switch for live translation and it worked a treat 

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Not really my kind of game but I purchased Gungeon earlier. At  the price it is on the Russian store it would have been rude not to!


also just got Owlboy. It’s beautiful and has a lovely feel about it but I’m not convinced the stick is accurate enough (though it could just be that I’m shit). More testing needed ;)

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4 minutes ago, Jamie John said:

I'd never heard of Enter the Gungeon before all and sundry started going on about it. Is it just a shmup crossed with a dungeon crawler? I've watched a Let's Play and that's what it looked like, but there was no high score chasing, from what I could see.

Yeah that's what it is it's also randomly generated.

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