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Nintendo Labo - What's in the box?


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The Guardian: 'Like cardboard Lego': Nintendo Labo turns homemade models into interactive toys


"The piano, especially, is quite amazing, and takes about two hours to build. The infrared camera on the Joy-Con controller can see reflective strips of tape on the back of the keys, which come into view when a key is pressed, telling the game software to play the right note. Cardboard dials and switches modify the tone and add effects to the sound." 


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11 minutes ago, grindmouse said:


Ingenious but... how much would a toy piano set you back? It’s going to need decent games.


A toy piano that you can look inside, take apart and put back together again and see how it works each step of the way? Probably quite a lot. They don't make all those chunky Santa Claus The Movie toys any more except as prestige items for the spawn of rich idiots.

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24 minutes ago, VN1X said:

Err? No need for this surely? :huh:


For what, you went tryhard and read the room/world wrong so I assumed you would be up for the ribbing you deserved - it doesn’t appeal to you doesn’t mean it’s rubbish, this could literally be the biggest thing since the Wii or equally die on its arse but bravo to Nintendo for trying :)


The price seems fair (how much was your keyboard/mouse etc) and I am slightly gutted my kids aren’t a little younger as while they will still love this sort of thing a few years ago it would blow their minds.

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