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Cheap PS2 Memory Cards (eBay)


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Hi All


Anyone have any experience of these cheap, and nasty PS2 Memory Cards off eBay? They say 64 & 128MB (but know SDs off there can be dodgy)




Any info and opinions- pro & con appreciated. Don't like having to keep swapping out 8MB standard cards much.





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I got hold of a box full of memory cards a while back including 4 64mb ones, and generally they've been okay except one which keeps failing. I was using it to boot the HD with and kept having to reinstall FreeMCboot. Not sure if it's a boot thing or just a crap card.

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On 24/01/2018 at 00:01, MikeBeaver said:

I can do you a few, £1 each plus the cost of postage, all official standard Sony ones :)

Cheers, but I have a good few standard 8MBs. Just wanted to avoid the swapping. Grabbed a 128MB eBay knock-off. Worth a gamble :)

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