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The Watch - New Not-So-Discworld Series


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12 minutes ago, smac said:

Fuck it, after the last four years, I'm going to re-read the lot. All the Discworld books.


Just to reinstate my faith in humanity; at least, that part represented by Pratchett.


I've been going through them slowly via audiobook. It's not quite the same, not quite as good (especially when the narrator goes from Nigel Planer to Stephen Briggs and Colon goes from Northern Irish to weird clipped British military, which to be fair probably suits him more). That took some getting used to, but I didn't mind so much in the end. 

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5 minutes ago, Danster said:

Watching the Aardman documentary on Netflix and it occurred to me that they were a perfect fit for Pratchett's work. Similar humour too. 


That would have been interesting, but I have to say I hate their particular character "style". So ugly! Pirates in an adventure with scientists is genuinely brilliant though and that is why, in a straight fight, a shark would probably beat a dracula. 

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  • 1 month later...

A couple of reviews:







The fact of the matter is that, despite its best and continued efforts, The Watch is only rarely funny, which, when said about a show even loosely based on Discworld, is something approximating a crime.


It’s not all dire. Dormer can be great when he keeps himself atop the roiling ball of actor’s tics he’s saddled himself with, and the rest of the cast typically follows suit: Lara Rossi is undeniably charismatic as dragon-wielding terrorist Lady Sybil Ramkin, Marama Corlett is understated but effective as The Watch’s most capable werewolf, and Jo Eaton-Kent gives what will hopefully be a breakout performance as self-assured forensics officer Cheery. The cast is there, and so is the heart, coming at Pratchett’s favorite themes of humanism and empathy from oblique and sometimes fascinating angles. It’s the words and the look of the thing—striking, but wildly inconsistent—that let the program down.


It’s difficult to figure out who the hell The Watch is for. It’s not for fans of the books it’s based on. It’s not for fans of cop shows (too anarchic and disorganized). It’s not for punks, because, well, the cops. And, to be fair, there are moments when the series is able to convert that “Fuck you, we’re making the show we like” spirit into an asset, as in its third episode, which sees The Watch form its own literal punk band for no real reason other than the people making the show thought it would be fun. (It is.) But sometimes punk-rock anarchy is indistinguishable from simple, tuneless thrashing, and that’s a pitfall The Watch falls into more often than not. It’s worth a watch, if only to see if you’re the person BBC America has made it for. But don’t be surprised if it doesn’t turn out to be the watch for you.


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So it came out today in Aus. 

I watched it today. It feels like Cyberpunk meets Steampunk meets Medieval. Concrete stairs and crossbows with iPad-esque screens and swords. 
It’s seriously lost. It’s just not Terry. It’s lost the humour. It’s lost the characters. 



Carrot is a dwarves cop the best in his unit!??
Angua teachers him how to survive Ankh Morpock.
His innocence isn’t there. 
Cherry is a dwarf but human sized and the joke is lost because Carrot is human and grew up with dwarves. So dwarves can be human sized!?! Like what!??

Carver being Vimes best friend makes me feel sick. Vimes hated everything about Carcer. 

Vetinari meeting Vimes outside of the office is just strange. 

Goodboy is a hand sized dragon with normal nostrils who can act as a flamethrower and can fly!?? 

Sybil is a mess of a character. Some kind of Marxist rebel against the world. Like Russian Batman or something. 

Detritus joins the watch before Carrot and knows Vimes when he is drunk. 

It’s so bad. So so bad. It doesn’t ruin the books but it makes me sad this could be the first introduction to Pratchett for people.

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Well the obvious thing wrong there is the Disc doesn't have phones. The most advanced technology they have is the clacks, which is basically a network of semaphore towers.


One of the overriding arcs of the series, particularly over the latter books, is the movement of the Disc from pure medievalism towards industrial revolution and the impact of that on society and culture.

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I was ignoring the phones (I read, in this version, the Wizard's stole certain things from round world, I mean, it's pointless but ... fine) but hoped they were still trying to capture the spirit but suspect they are just putting in "quirky" signs in without any of the Wit of Pratchett. 

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On 11/01/2021 at 16:23, Vespa Alex said:


Wouldn't waste the bandwidth.


On 11/01/2021 at 18:46, Flub said:


Yo ho ho. Coming to Amazon Prime eventually. God knows why it's not on already


That might be a reason for me to cancel my sub... I'm half way through the 1st episode, and it's fucking awful, it's going off.

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28 minutes ago, Vespa Alex said:

I downloaded it, read the reviews, hit delete. 

My mate downloaded it, stuck it on his Plex server, I am actually disgusted in it, shame, as the cast seem alright, it's just piss awful, I'm going to go home and stick "Guards! Guards!" on, even the abridged versions by Tony Robinson would be better than this twaddle.

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As an adaptation of Pratchett it's terrible so I'm just going to ignore that this is anything to do with the discworld, and just view it as a fantasy police procedural. 


I think the cast are alright, though Richard Dormers Jack Sparrow impression is fairly annoying.


I expected to hate it and be annoyed but it's so far from the books that it doesn't connect with me. Even on it's own terms it's not great but fine lockdown,  Sunday afternoon fodder.


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On 17/01/2021 at 00:06, MikeBeaver said:


Cleanse your mind and eyes with what Discworld shows SHOULD be like, and stay for the end credits song, this is fantastically fantastic :wub:


I remember first hearing about the Troll Bridge film waaaay back in 2004...



That technically makes it by far the film I've spent the longest time looking forward to seeing! :blink:


I'd heard that it became a Kickstarter project at some point, and a trailer came out a couple of years ago. Great to see it finished and freely available after all this time!

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There are many baffling decisions in this but one that I particularly don't understand is why they didn't get an office for Vetinari - every scene no matter night or day is just her standing in the same tunnel (often just standing by a locked gate) I get that budgets must have been tight and they have to limit set builds but it can't have been that hard to find suitably ornate room?


Did they think that having the Ruler of the City constantly walking round a garden centre would be more dramatic?



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51 minutes ago, knightbeat said:

Wikipedia suggests the first (only?) series finished a few weeks ago, but I can find only one vague review of the final episode. I'm beginning to think that no one watched The Watch.


Well, at least that famous question is now resolved. Someone tell Alan Moore. And some Roman.

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