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10 hours ago, Len said:

Couple of my friends still play religiously but I'm still waiting for the mythical 1.8 rejig as nothing I've seen recently makes me want to return yet. Live in hope they get there eventually. 


This. I haven’t even hit the high levels yet, but have read a lot of the complaints on the reddit regarding loot and Massive constantly moving goalposts so your build can become irrelevant with no warning. Sounds like the game still has to settle, so I’ll also be seeing if 1.8 helps achieve that. 

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Loaded this for the first time in ages to see what the updates have added.


Icon on the map saying "the pilot has new missions for you". Okay we'll do that.


Two hours later, I get to the pilot's location. He's behind a locked door. To open the door, I need to spend actual cash money.


Not today, Satan.

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really enjoyed my time with this, but once your maxed out I find very little motivation to grind and repeat missions over and over, Ill come back once there's new content and goodies.

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I've been playing this on PC - I applied to join the rllmuk 'clan' weeks ago. Is it active?


Not sure how much longer I'll be playing mind, just got to 485 gear score, done pretty much everything once bar the raid, and now it's just min/maxing.


I got over 100 hours of fun out of it though, so it was £12.99 for a month well-spent.


I really wish the AC games would use this engine too, the difference in performance between this and AC on the PC is night and day. This feels really well optimized, whereas assassin's creed is a mess.

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The Division 2 Title Update 6, featuring “Episode 2 – Pentagon: The Last Castle,” will launch on October 15, publisher Ubisoft and developer Massive Entertainment announced. 

Episode 2, specifically, will be available for Year 1 Pass holders and UPLAY+ subscribers on October 15, and for all players on October 22, while all changes and improvements, including the new “Conflict” player-versus-player mode, will be available for all players on October 15.

Here are the details, via Ubisoft:

The latest episode in The Division 2‘s Year 1 free content plan features escalation in Washington D.C. for Division Agents, as Black Tusk Forces continue to wreak havoc around the city. In episode 2, players must fight to solve the ongoing outbreak crisis. It will be up to Agents to uncover the secrets insight the Pentagon before it falls into the hands of The Black Tusk.

Content featured in “Episode 2 – Pentagon: The Last Castle” includes:


Two New Main Missions

At the beginning of Episode 2, players will investigate a transmission from a fellow Agent scouting the Pentagon for the perfusion bioreactor. Securing the bioreactor would allow Agents to replicate the antiviral samples recovered at Tidal Basin. Agents must navigate flood damage and Black Tusk forces to take back The Last Castle. After securing their safe house, players will be able to access the two replayable main missions of Episode 2.


First Main Mission – Pentagon: Agents will discover the location of the perfusion bioreactor inside the Pentagon’s underground research facility. The Black Tusk have already infiltrated the lab and are attempting to extract the reactor.


Second Main Mission – DARPA Research Labs: Players must make their way through the Pentagon and into the DARPA Labs, as the Black Tusk are in the process of transporting the perfusion bioreactor through an abandoned Cold War tunnel network.


New “Technician” Specialization

Effective October 15, Year 1 pass holders and UPLAY+ subscribers will instantly unlock the Technician Specialization. Players who do not own the Year 1 pass can unlock the specialization by completing a series of objectives. Additional rewards, including a signature weapon skin, are also available once the specialization is unlocked. The latest specialization includes:

Signature Weapon: P-017 Launcher – a multi-missile launcher. Agents can lock-on and hit up to six enemies (depending on available ammo). With a simple push of a button, six missiles are unleashed to seek out their targets.

Sidearm: Maxim 9

Skill Variant: Artificer Hive

Grenade Mod: EMP Grenade

Classified Assignments (exclusive to Year 1 Pass holders and UPLAY+ subscribers)

Agents can take on two new Classified Assignments at a Boathouse and Embassy.

Marina: Outcasts have been moving weapons and supplies into a boathouse on the Potomac River, which was used as a transport depot during the outbreak to move assets to the Potomac Center and Roosevelt Island. Agents must investigate and seize all the weapons they can find.

Embassy: A Joint Task Force helicopter filled with supplies was shot down by the Outcasts and crashed through the roof of the Mexican Embassy in Washington D.C. Agents will be tasked to locate the helicopter, rescue the pilot and secure the supplies before the Outcasts get there.


The latest title update also brings an unprecedented number of fixes and improvements, as well as a brand new PvP mode.

Major Fixes and Improvements

Players will see significant game improvements in The Division 2 effective October 15. These improvements were developed thanks to community feedback on game forums and following last month’s Elite Task Force workshop, during which community members visited Ubisoft Massive studio in Malmo, Sweden to share thoughts and ideas about the game. Fixes and improvements include:

Targeted Loot

Named Items overhauled

Crafting Changes

Recalibration Changes

Filled Brands

Inventory Management 2.0

Increased stash space

Rebalance of talents and weapons

Dark Zone Server Transfers

Updated Thieves’ Den Vendor

Dark Zone Supply Drops Changes

Occupied Dark Zone Ambushes

Normalization in Dark Zone changes

Conflict: Loadout Selection during map voting

Bonus armor visualization increased

Conflict: End of Match Rewards changes

Stored tutorials


As part of Ubisoft’s commitment to the overall fixes and improvements to the game, The Division 2’s second raid will be delayed. The additional time allows the development team to focus on the overall quality of The Division 2, while developing a raid that will better meet the standards of its players. 


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I wonder if unlocking the Technician class will be as much of a tedious grind as the other new class was. Took one look at that, chuckled, and left it there. Felt vindicated when I later read that said class was shit anyway, and going through all the effort just to find that out probably would’ve made me bin the game. 

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They really fucked up by not having the Survival mode return for the sequel. In the first game it was one of the most tensely atmospheric experiences I’ve ever had but they just dropped it entirely for the Division 2 and I have no idea why. A few tweaks to the formula and randomised loot locations and they would have had the best twist on battle royale going but they’ve decided to consign it to history. Bizarre.

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