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Taiko No Tatsujin: Drum ‘N’ Fun! - Out now!! (avoid the PS4 drum controller)

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Seems like the seminal rhythm based action game that debuted on the PS2 way back in 2004 is getting a PS4/Switch release as well. In Japan at least. But as the Switch is region-free, we finally get the opportunity to join in the drum beating madness once again!

Namco Bandai are actually releasing the game in the West as well!! Sugoooooiii!!!


Gameplay sees symbols moving horizontally along a timeline showing what to hit and when. Most home versions distinguish single and double strikes, while arcade versions distinguish between hard and soft strikes. A drum simulating the taiko is played in time with music.

Successful play builds up a life meter. If the meter is past a certain point by the end of the song, the song is passed.


Despite the game's appearance, players may find the game challenging to master. Players need to accomplish at least a 65% clearance of a song which is determined by the 'tamashi gauge' to pass, and can become challenging on harder difficulties as players progress.


Debut trailer:




Latest trailers:





Will be released in Europe for both the PS4 and Switch later this Autumn...




!!! WARNING: Avoid buying the PS4 version if you want to use drum controllers. Apparently the build quality is lamentable, compared to their more reliable Switch counterparts !!!









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First details:


Swing the Joy-Cons Like Drumsticks:


– “Furifuri Performance” control method included
– Here you swing the Joy-Con like drumsticks to enjoy a Taiko Drum Master experience just like you were at the arcade
– The “Don” note is hit with a straight downward swing of the Joy-Con
– The “Kat” note is hit with a diagonal downward swing
– HD Rumble is supported
– TV mode, table mode, and handheld mode supported
– Up to four Switch units can connect and play performances together in local multiplayer
– “Button Performance” and “Touch Performance” are also being prepared
– Swing the Joy-Cons with good timing when the notes overlap


Performance Characters that Possess Various Performance Skills:


– Performance characters are new to this game
– Before starting a performance, you can select a performance character
– Each characters has different performance skills


Master Drumsticks:

If you select the Master Drumsticks character, there will be no distinction between “Don” and “Kat” notes allowing you to simply swing the Joy-Cons to match the rhythm.

Lantern Eel:

If you select the Lantern Eel character, you can barrage the drums to get a high score.


Party Games You Can Play with Everyone:


– Game has party games you can play with everyone
– More details later...











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I was going to say I wish it came with a big drum controller and massive wooden sticks like the arcade game, but then remembered my hands were really hurting after playing that  for ten minutes, so the virtual version is probably much better :lol:

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55 minutes ago, Jamie John said:

Definitely no chance of an EU release, then? I'm not sure how I'll get on with negotiating the Japanese menus.


The PS4 game apparently has an English option, so hopefully the Switch one will too.

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2 hours ago, LeighCb said:


Thanks man, I'd love a physical copy for Switch but I don't want to go the greasy Playasia way. It's nuts that it's that hard to get hold of. 


What's wrong with Playasia then? It's been more than ten years since I last used them, and I thought their prices were always reasonable. No longer the case?

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Nah, they're just a bit gross as a company. On Twitter they were supporters of Gamergate, whipped up a fake controversy about Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 being 'banned' in the West due to 'censorship' as a way to drive sales, and when people pointed out that the game wasn't actually banned (you know, rather that it was simply not published in the West) they branded said people SJW's and sicced their followers on them. Unpleasant, in short.

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New trailer:




More details:


> More performance characters:


A new element is performance characters, each performance character has a skill that supports your performance. There are two performance characters being Kirby and Squid from Splatoon.


> Party Games:


'Everyone Bon Odori'


A game where everyone works together to achieve a high score. Flutter your Joy-Cons to the rhythm, push buttons, and dance back and forth. A sound cue will play when the turn direction changes, so be sure to pay attention.

If you fail, Don-chan and the others may fall over. Work together to successfully clear the game.


'Home Run Batter'


Swing to the rhythm when the ball comes your way. There may be curve balls in addition to straight pitches, so be sure to pay attention to the rhythm of the music. And if the pitcher throws a fireball straight, swing at the same time the ball is thrown. Aim for the home run.


By clearing a game, you will unlock higher difficulty games. Also, by playing games time and time again, you may also be able to choose new performance characters when playing songs. Play party games multiple times, then take on musical performances.


> Special drum controller


Hori will also be releasing a drum controller for the Switch releasing July 19th. It seems to be a more sensitive controller than other Hori drums.



Releases on July 19.

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