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Games you should have played before

Kos Mos

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Final Fantasy XII - I picked it up as a cheap preowned thing and sort of bounced off it because I wasn't ready for so many new gameplay systems - gambits, licences... heck even the paused/real-time combat was a bit much for me. I eventually came back to it in April-May 2016 when I had nothing else to play and I tried to take it slowly and embrace the new gameplay rather than rejecting it from the first minute... and pretty soon I began to understand. Gambits might feel like a way of having to play the game less for some people, but for me it was a nice way of bridging the gap between panicked real-time decision making and slower menu management, and every time battles started going wrong I'd have to reassess what my gambits were doing, and tweak accordingly. Similarly, licences seemed like a pointless addition to me before - why not just enable the gear or magic as soon as it's found or bought? However, I actually ended up enjoying the drip-feed of power, as well as the feeling of finally getting the license for the awesome thing you wanted to use and then seeing licences for even more awesome things appear as more squares were revealed.


In a strange coincidence, I finished my playthrough of the PS2 game not long before Zodiac Age was announced, and so it was a relief to know that eventually I wouldn't have to rely on creaky old hardware if I wanted to replay it. (Also my first playthrough was of the vanilla FFXII experience, so I had missed out on the Zodiac enhancements.)

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Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare.


 I bought this in a sale for the sole purpose of playing the Modern Warfare remake. 

I wasn't expecting much, hence leaving it on the digital shelf ever since. Not sure what prompted me to get started with it but I'm glad I did. 

It's a decent looking game with a range of tactical options and approaches.

The story and characters are more than serviceable especially given my low expectations. I straight up cared about Ethan and to a lesser extent Reyes.*

A solid game with some great moments.



*But then I really liked Army of Two 40th Day and git behind it's high fiving protagonists Salem and Rios, so...

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The Forza series. I was a big fan of Gran Turismo and only really ever had PlayStations for a long time. I never got on with Xbox controller (I only recently discovered that there's a smaller one that I do like) and didn't have a 360 until really late in its life. So never played any of the Forza games.


When I got my 360, I gave Forza Motorsport 4 a go and suddenly realised I'd been wasting my time with Gran Turismo. 


I also didn't like open world driving games, so didn't bother with Forza Horizon for a long time. It's now by far my favorite game series.

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Puyo Puyo (in the form of Puyo Puyo Tetris). I dabbled on one of my mum's apple macs many, many years ago but having bought PPT and playing adventure mode, I realise I absolutely had no grasp of how to play it beyond matching 4 and the occasional random chain. PPT's adventure mode brought this into sharp relief, and so some light reading into basic chaining has instantly boosted my game, and my appreciation of the title.

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Even though it was basically a game made for me I put off playing it because I thought I'd be one of them stories in the paper of a lad who's died after a 3 week gaming binge. I only started playing it last year and I adore it, don't play nearly as much as I'd like to but it's absolutely brilliant. 


For the same reason I've never played Minecraft.... 


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I know it isn't ancient but I came to Battlefront years after its release and was bowled over by its fun and anarchic energy. I only really bought it for the VR mission but that's by far it's weakest element (though still a great freebie). I pretty much love every map and there's something uniquely satisfying about taking out an enemy with a pulse cannon shot to the head. I thought I'd only notch up a couple of hours on it but ended up caning it for 150plus hours. The crazy thing was that I paid £3.99 or something for every bit of DLC.


It's not everyone's cup of tea but it gets my vote.

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