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Gaming Rage

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So people often talk about rage and bad losers in video games but I've always been fascinated by people who do it in person with card and board games.


A few weeks ago I went to a Yu-Gi-Oh world championship qualifier that was taking place a town over. These things used to be really small but they've really blown up with this event capping at 60 players. Anyway we were half way through the day and I sat down for my 4th game of the tournament. Not long after starting I hear a guy on the next table over whining loudly about a ruling, I ignore it and get back to playing. A few minutes pass with no other incident when suddenly I hear the chair grate against the floor as the guy gets up. I turn to look at him, he looks across the table at his opponent: "FUCK OFF!" BAM! he slapped the guy in the face from across the table.

The room goes completely silent as the judge walks over to the table and points to the door "Leave!". The loser collects his belongings and walks out. We all just sit there for a moment before remembering that we are on a play timer. We all start eventually laughing and joking about it, the guy who got slapped gets up and walks pass, I say to him "Congratulations man you won!" we're all in good humour about it. The the second judge walks in the room "we apologise for the incident, unfortunately on his way out he kicked in a door and smashed the window, please be careful when going down stairs."

We were in awe of this, the guy was so mad about losing that he broke a window, that my friends is some shit. 

I've been upset over losses before (mainly because I got cheated) but this was some real man baby stuff. 


Anyone else experienced anything like this?

Also because it makes me laugh, the classic Francis video


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That's hilarious, I couldn't imagine someone getting on like that in real life.


We do shout and rage at each other in my group but that's half the craic and we specifically prefer games that provoke this behaviour.

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I've never seen it to that extent but i've definitely witnessed gamer frustration. One chap in particular who occasionally plays at our group takes mortal offence if he's targeted in any game when he's not in the lead. If you happen to do this he will then target you regardless of whether it helps him through the game or not. We don't tend to play many direct conflict games when he is there. Same player also loudly tells everyone how he has the worst possible luck when it comes to games with any form of luck, even small amounts. Played a game of Powerboats and because he got himself into a bit of pickle he dropped out of the race and passed all his turns. 


Another player absolutely abhors any randomness in games which can potentially result in something negative happening. We played a game of Factory Fun which has a bit of a real time mechanic of choosing tiles. If you choose badly you can discard the tile and lose five points, no biggie. He ended up, after a few turns, on a minus score even though the board doesn't have minus score placing and proceeded to tell everyone that the game was terrible and a waste of time. He then just randomly chose a tile, discarded it to take the penalty and sat with his arms folded going more and more redder in the cheeks. Incredibly awkward and felt like a teenager having a strop over nothing. Factory Fun is bloody awesome though and can be played online too. 


For me, I always have a little look at players reactions to certain events to see what causes them stress and then try to avoid games like that in the future so as not to make them not enjoy a game/evening. I played Dominant Species last night (amazing game) but one player got really flustered about having to choose an event card in front of everyone. He said it was because he had to try and work out how it affected the board after understanding the card and DS has wording like a lot of GMT wargames with specific nomenclature. It then didn't help that he had to choose another two cards in a row which seemed to exponentially make him more stressed.


I find it interesting to see players reactions to cards they get in a draft or actions that they can choose from when its a pretty similar choice for everyone. I've too often heard players make a comment that a game is terrible because they had bad cards, whereas with the same choices one player absolutely romps a game. The difference between 'I had shit cards' and 'I made shit choices' can tell you a lot about someone I think. 

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2 hours ago, LaParka said:

The difference between 'I had shit cards' and 'I made shit choices' can tell you a lot about someone I think. 

Yep. It's the great divider in identifying whether someone is a scrub or not.

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