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Slay the Spire - Roguelike Card-em-up


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I know this is mostly VN1X's blog thread now but fuck it. Just had the most amazing run ever and unlocked A11! Just non-stop poison attacks and even managed to completely wreck The Transient, netting me an achievement in the process! :D








Wish I had recorded it cause I believe I even managed to do it in a record time of only 25 mins. :lol:


EDIT: Oh wow going by my posts it seems that one level of Ascension mode took me exactly one week! I hope it's not going to take me the same amount of time for the next level. 

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14 minutes ago, VN1X said:

Casually completed A11 yesterday. Didn't even have that great of a deck but I got relic after relic and it basically felt like the game was just serving it on a silver platter. 


It feels like only yesterday you couldn't beat the non Ascension level :wub:

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On 30/11/2018 at 15:44, Scruff said:

Nice work. You've done the tutorial (Silent) now move onto the proper game and clear it with Ironclad :hmm:

Did my first Daily Challenge today and ended up beating the game with Ironclad! 


I was happy to see the completion of that run also counted towards new card and Ascension unlocks, wahey! I also got the Daily Climb achievement (which is a bit odd considering the game tells you achievements are disabled for that mode). 

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On 30/11/2018 at 14:44, Scruff said:

Nice work. You've done the tutorial (Silent) now move onto the proper game and clear it with Ironclad :hmm:


I did it the wrong way round then.




This came out of early access yesterday - https://steamcommunity.com/games/646570/announcements/detail/1714084208003916507



A Third Character

The Final Act


Who's this third character?

Final act? Does that mean those wins didn't really count?


Aw man, I came here to gloat :(


Translated to 15 different languages by the steam community, that's pretty heart-warming and goes to show that they don't spend every waking hour shitting into their own mouths.


Early prototype, the game started out life as a short, badly drawn gif.




This will do absolute gangbusters on mobile and it's hashtagperfectforswitch, of course.

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3rd character is the Defect, a robot kinda guy who uses orbs. Very different to the other 2 so if you havent played in the many months since he was added then give it a shot.

The Final Act is an unlockable area but it doesnt render your previous wins as void as it is optional and clearing the 3rd boss still counts as a full "win"


I must be well over 300 hours played and I think A15 is about the highest I've been with any of them.  Still not remotely bored.  GOTY 2018 for me by a huge margin.

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Yeah comfortably my game of the year too.


Defect is tonnes of fun. There's nothing quite like the moment in a Defect run where you have a turn that is utterly broken and you realise you're onto a winner. My friends and I tend to call it out as "that was a pretty Defect turn right there". He's just a bit squishy and prone to dying before you get to that point on higher Ascensions, and on A20 he struggles with the endgame. Silent is the strongest character for Act 4 and killing The Heart but is most likely to die before Act 2 on Ascension 20, which is why doing it with her has cost me so many hours of my life. Still my favourite class of the 3 though, to the point where I'm still only on Ascension 7-8ish with the other two. 


I watch a lot of Jorbs' streams: 



Last night was absolutely incredible. He won 4 out of 5 Ascension 20 Heart runs. It nearly cost me my soul to win one run of Ascension 20 after 550 hours of gameplay without doing Act 4 and killing the heart, so doing it 4 times in one evening is utterly mind-blowing. If he had managed to win all 5 he'd have the world record as nobody has beaten 4 in a row yet. He also had 2000 viewers instead of the usual 400 or so thanks to launch day and so many subs that he had to turn off notifications and round up all the thankyous at the end. Was heartwarming to see as his content is consistently excellent and the guy is a straight up genius. Lovely to see him included in the official launch trailer too. 


DolphinChemist and The Munchdown are also fantastic streamers for A20 Heart Runs.


I also like BaalorLord's streams where he tries to streak on Ascension 15 (without doing Act 4) rotating through the characters to try and beat the world record for that. A lot of folks contend that Ascension 15 is the game's difficulty sweet spot where the A20 bullshit factor isn't quite as a high and you can streak more reliably if you are excellent at it.  Seen him get 5 wins in a row to equal the current world record but not 6 yet. 


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I've been hopelessly addicted to this over the past month or two. I adore roguelikes, hard card games. This, however, just fucking works. So much depth. 


Just had my favourite ever run. Feed, Spot Weakness, Bloodletting+, Reaper, Inflame and 6 x Anger+

Absolutely fucking destroyed everything. Anger is a card I've avoided but fuck me when you get a few its genuinely ridiculous.







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Wow! I just got the speed climber achievement after watching a youtube video for some tips. I had a couple of decent runs yesterday, but you tend to get pummeled eventually because you aim to exhaust all your defence cards. This time I got enough strength gain to just keep pushing forwards, only healing at rest sites, never upgrading (I also got the energy relic which means you can't upgrade any more, which forced my hand) I got through to time eater as the last boss, it's probably the only one I could have beaten, and I thought that I'd taken too long, so had mentally chalked it down to being another practice run. When I killed him, the achievement pinged up, and when I checked the run history I got a nice surprise.




Yay! I've also been trying to get the achievements for 'kill a boss on turn 1' and 'beat the game with 5 cards or less'. You need an infinite deck, and getting that much removal is a nightmare. The deck doesn't really work properly until it goes infinite, and it's really hard getting it over the hump of being nearly an infinite deck. Hopefully I'll get those soon, but it's proving very tricky.

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I finally managed to get the minimalist achievement - beat the game with a 5 card deck or less. This was an infinite deck in the end, and as I was removing more and more cards I found that it was going infinite on turn three, then turn two, then turn one. If I'd come up against anybody but time eater I would have beaten the boss on turn one as well, but such is life. I only managed to remove the last card in the second to last room, which was a question mark that ended up as a shop. Quite pleased with that one, it's taken a bloody age.





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Heart beaten (Asc 1) with Ironclad. Bare STR build. Feed+ giving me 124 health by that point, even after taking Apparitions.  Inflame+ and 3 x Limit Break+ with a small deck, along with the relic that lets you play status cards so I could get rid of them as soon as they appeared (kicking Dead Branch into gear). Fucking decimated the prick, 208 dmg on the last card I played.




I now have Ironclad on Asc 6, Silent on Asc 3 and Defect on Asc 5. Love this game so much.

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Nicely done. Yeah, any Ascension win with saving and quitting involved is no win at all.


Also Jorbs broke the world record for A20 Heart streaks over the past week. He managed 7 wins in a row alternating between the characters, the previous record was 5. The guy is not human I swear.


The Heart battle in this one in particular was utterly insane.


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