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NOS4R2 - TV Series Greenlit


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16 hours ago, Harsin said:

Why have they changed the R to an A?


The book is known as NOS4A2 everywhere except the UK, presumably they changed it as we would pronounce it 'nos-fer-raa-too' and I guess those in the land of the free would pronounce it 'nos-fer-eigh-doo'

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Finished it. Overall the writing is a mess. The plot and tone are all over the place. So many contrived scenarios that weren't in the book. They're presumably telling the book over two seasons, yet they rush over the most interesting parts. Example, Bing being recruited by Manx.


Plus, it's way tamed down. Bing is far less creepy than in the book. In fact, the show isn't very creepy at all. I love Quinto but he's embarrassing here.


And the show has no distinct visual presence at all, other than dark and dull.


So many missed opportunities.

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48 minutes ago, Wickedkitten said:

Watched the whole series and whilst it wasn't as amazing as the book, it was still pretty compelling. Be interesting to see what they do if they get a season two because from what I remember of the nook, that's when shit got real and was brilliant.

Well that's the review that's convinced me to give it a go. 

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