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Elite dowload


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I've had it for a long time (over a year), and never had any trouble with it.

Ditto, and it sits there for when I need a dogfight and some instant profit. At first I had a vaguely uneasy sensation that they'd got some of the prices and price ranges slightly off, but that may just be me. I haven't checked against another version in ages.

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Thanks for the info.

I downloaded the windows version last night and got shot to bits after my first hyperspace. I know that enemy ships are in yellow, but is there any way you can tell what is a pirate etc other than getting up close and looking (even then its hard). I shot at a ship (showing white on the scanner) and it started raining missles at me and took me out, how can I tell which ships I can pick on and which ones I can't ?

Also I have been using the 'j' key to jump towards the planet until it says MASS located, where is the docking station from here, do just keep heading towards the planet. ?

Great game though, brought back very fond memories.... :lol:


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Where you unzipped it to should have a readme file. look there all the keys are listed.

I think that slow down is '\' or '/'key and speed up is space bar. It seemed to automatically set the buttons up for my sidewinder Pro joypad, including a slow down, speed up button, which was handy.

Need to get some creds and buy a docking computer quick !


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I downloaded the windows version last night and got shot to bits after my first hyperspace. I know that enemy ships are in yellow, but is there any way you can tell what is a pirate etc other than getting up close and looking (even then its hard). I shot at a ship (showing white on the scanner) and it started raining missles at me and took me out, how can I tell which ships I can pick on and which ones I can't ?

Just don't shoot first. IIRC, on everything but Elite+ on the PC, it used to say something when a missle lock was obtained, like the ship description and legal rank. Just me? Okay... As this is Elite though, just pick on who you want, when you get good at it and reap the rewards.

Also I have been using the 'j' key to jump towards the planet until it says MASS located, where is the docking station from here, do just keep heading towards the planet. ?

The dot should reposition itself in the radar (previously showing where the planet it; if it doesn't, get closer to the planet and it will eventually *crash* ). Fly towards it.

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Can anyone recommend a good NES emulator for GBA?

Portable Elite is a very attractive prospect.

PocketNES doesn't seem to play it probably, just flickers a lot.

There's already a GBA version of Elite around somewhere. Let me know if you can't find it and I'll mail it to you at the weekend (it's at home, I'm not).

Edit: Um... like magic l0rd said.

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Thanks for the tips Magic L0rd.

I actually used to be really good at this on teh C64 version. But so many games and the fact that my brain cells have been subjected toi abuse over the years means that I forgot a lot of the little tricks and tatics of this game ;) . It was great to play it again though and I will invest some time into it as soon as I can.

Off topic

Will be picking up Midway Arcade Treasures on XBOX tomorrow and will hopefully upload some half decent Defender scores, looking forward to some of them old games and tunes :rolleyes:


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may i recommend also jjffe.

a chap by the name of jon jordan has spent his spare time re writing frontier first encounters to remove the bugs, and it plays in windows.

google for jjffe and you will be placated

Seconded. Awesome piece of work.

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Heh. I've got JJFFE too, it's nifty but it lacks something Elite had. I find it difficult to get into properly because of a harsh learning curve. I loved flying off into space in Elite and dogfighting from the off.

Elite 4... .WHEN YOU BASTARD, WHEN? (his site's been saying soon for ages now)

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If your playing the nes version you may want this: Sorry but i ve got no web space to jsut link to the txt file.


Copyright © Ian Bell 1994

The Object of the Game


In "Elite" the player is given a space craft and 100 credits, and a

combat rating of "Harmless". The player is expected to earn money as a

trader, a bounty hunter or pirate (or all of these!) in order to improve

his space craft by fitting additional and better equipement. With this

better equipped ship, he should become better at combat, and therefor

trade with more lawless planets. The player is given a combat rating,

which progresses from "Harmless", "Mostly Harmless", all the way to

"Elite" which is the top rating, and the ultimate aim of the player.

How the Player Progresses


The player, at least initially, will make most of his money by trading.

There are some 250 star systems in each of eight galaxies to trade with.

Each of these has a government type, an economy type, and a technology

level. The government type ranges from Anarchy to Corporate State, and

determines the degree of lawlessness, and hence the likelihood of attack

by pirates. The economy types range from Poor Agricultural to Rich

Industrial, and determines the likely cost of certain trade items. Food,

for example, is generally far cheaper on an agricultural world than on

an industrial one, whereas Computers are far cheaper on Industrial

worlds. Ideally, the player will run Food and Textiles from an

agricultural planet to an industrial one, and return with manufactured

goods like Computers, making a large profit in each direction, assuming

he doesn't meet too many pirates on the way! The technology level

determines the availability of certain pieces of ship equipment, which

the player may then buy with these profits.

There are also illegal trade goods (Robots, Rare Species, and Firearms)

which the player may buy, but may cause him to be attacked by police ships.

It is these goods on which the player can make the most profit.

The player may attack other ships. If the player kills a pirate ship, he

will get a bounty for killing it, and may recover some cargo from the

wreckage (this is scooped up using a ship item called a "Fuel Scoop",

which also scoop fuel from the surface of the sun). The player may also

attack innocent trading ships, though this is illegal and the player

will acquire a bounty on his own head for doing it, and be attacked by

bounty hunters himself, as well as by pirates.

There is an alien race, known as "Thargoids". These have large

dustbin-lid shaped spacecraft, which occasionally attack the player for

little reason and are very hard to kill.

The player has a range of weaponry available. There are four laser

types, of varying power and rate of fire. The player may also carry up

to four missiles. These are heat-seeking, and tend to destroy a ship

with a single shot. They are however quite expensive. They may also be

destroyed by Electronic Counter Measures (ECM) which may both be used by

the player (against missiles fired by the enemy) and the more prosperous

(and therefor nastier) opposition, against the player's missiles. The

player may also buy an "Energy Bomb". This is very expensive, and has

the effect of a traditional "Smart Bomb" which destroys all enemies in

the vicinity.

NES Elite Controls


NES Elite was programmed by Ian Bell & David Braben 1991, based on their

original work "Elite" for the BBC Micro.


Fire B + Left/Right: Move icon selector

Select: Activate currently selected icon (Fire B pressed

twice (once on NTSC version) also does this)

Start: Game Freeze / Game Resume



Fire A: Fire Laser

Left/Right: Ship roll

Up/Down: Ship dive/climb

Fire B + Up/Down: Ship speed control


Fire A: Choose from list

Left/Right: Buy/Sell

Up/Down: Move in list


Left/Right/Up/Down: Move cursor cross


Start: Begin Game.

Left/Right: Language selection.


Start: Enter the practice combat sequence.

Select: Enter game proper.

Select+Start+A+B: Credits sequence (release all simultaneously)


Fire A: Enter

Left/Right: Backspace/Next Character

Up/Down: Select character

The 3D sliding letters can be sped up by pressing Fire A or activating the

Game Skip icon.

Icons only appear when corresponding function is available.

When docked icons are (left to right): Launch; Trade Mode; Status; Chart;

Equip Mode; Load/Save Mode; Change Name; Data; Inventory.

When in space icons are: Docking Computers; Market Prices; Status; Chart;

Change view; Hyperspace; ECM; Target Missile; Fire Missile; Energy bomb;

Escape Capsule; Game skip

When in a chart mode icons are: Launch; Trade Mode; Other Chart; Data;

Front view; Home cursor; Find planet; Hyperspace; Galactic Hyperspace; ECM;

Escape; Game skip

When game is paused, icons become game toggles: Reverse dive/climb control;

Damping of roll and dive/climb; Music; Sond effects; One or two

player;...;Game restart.

Basic play sequence: Buy goods in trade mode; Use Local Chart and Data on

System to find suitable destination planet inside current fuel range;

Launch; Engage hyperspace (in chart mode if desired); On arrival use compass

to find planet; Fly towards planet (using Game Skip if desired); Once

Docking Icon appears activate it; Use Game Skip again if desired to force

dock; Sell goods; Buy more fuel in equip menu.

To fire a missile activate target icon and move desired target into gun

sight. Once target is found, fire icon will appear. Clicking on target icon

a second time will abort targetting sequence. ECM will destroy all missiles.

Enemy ships can have this too.

Notes on NES Emulation


This image can be emulated by the iNES emulator.

Image jumping can be prevented by increasing the iNES's VBlank setting

(File|SetUp). You may also wish to increase the frame rate.

NES Elite Undocumented Features


1. POWERUP PAGE. There is an enforced 5 second pause on the power up screen

before the start button is acted upon (although presses before this time are

noticed and buffered).

The powerup page will always restore the default game toggle values:

Joystick reverse:Off. Damping:On. Music:On. SFX:On. Players:One.

2. On hyperspacing: Joystick up or down =>"Misjump" into witch space.

3. To totally reset the CMOS ram enter the Powerup Page with Left,Up,Select

and Fire B pressed (only) on paddle 1.

4. To get a game credits sequence press and simultaneously release

Select,Start, Fire A and Fire B on paddle 1 during the rotating ship title


5. A cheat has been added as follows:

If a commander is renamed "CHEATER" in English, "BETRUG" in German, or

"TRICHER" in French then the player is given 10,000.0CR. Once this has been

done the name cannot be changed again (the name change icon is blanked and

inoperartive while the commander is loaded). The cheat is therefore (a)

visibly utilised, (B) unrepeatable.

General Elite Tips


1. If you don't have ECM then if a missile is fired at you you can:

(a) Try to shoot or fire a missile at it.

(B) Fire a missile at an enemy ship hoping that it might have ECM.

© Rotate so that the missile hits the highest level shield.

(d) Attempt to out maneuver it (doomed to failure but can buy time

while energy recharges or hyperspace countdown times out).

2. Trade Food,Furs,Textiles and Computers initially between Poor Agri. and

Rich Industrial planets but keep an eye out for cheap gem stones.

Buy a large cargo bay before anything else (but retain some trading


3. When hyperspacing, try to ensure that enough fuel remains for a second

jump in case of trouble (or misjump).

4. To fight, use roll (Left & Right) to "slide" a scanner lollipop into the

centre of the scanner, then use dive/climb (Up or Down) to "pull" it into

the viewing cone.

5. When asteroid mining, each large asteroid produces between 1 and 3

mineral splinters on being shot with a mining laser.

Each smaller "boulder" gives either none or one.

6. Almost a cheat this one: If the planet you wish to trade at has a really

close neighbour keep hyperspacing between them until the Market Prices at

your chosen planet (regenerated each time you enter the system) are

particularly favourable.

- * - * - * -

Updated by Ian Bell - Autumn 97


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