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Don't Die Mr Robot DX (DDMRDX) - PC version out now


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Oh, there's a thread!

I've been posting about this in the shmup thread.

I was having fun with this but someone dragged me away to play futari black label, but I'm gonna fire it up again today.

How do I play pure mode? I can't find it on the menu. Do you just play "arcade mode" but make sure you choose the normal guy and run out all the power ups you bought first?


Here's my best run on arcade mode - https://streamable.com/repue2

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Thanks man! This is a lot more intense. It's all or nothing, makes it even more risky to graze and ride the baddies at the start when you're letting the fruit build up ready for your first chain. No safety nets at all.


I was a bit miffed when I discovered the key guy, that you pretty much had to use him and keep buying all the upgrades if you wanted to play for score, so I'm glad there's this separate leaderboard for playing like this. I'll just stick to this one from now.


451,670 so far.

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25 minutes ago, ImmaculateClump said:

Does mental health count? :D

Leave the fruit for ages, you should be able to beat your score with your first chain if you hang on long enough.

It's really good fun this! Not many people seem to be playing on pc, which is a big shame.


Oh I know the tactics, but everything is a bit too blurry, so keep making errors as my vision drops focus. Just need a run where it all comes together with the game and my vision. 

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Christ, you're playing hardcore mode! Hats off for being so high up the leaderboard, bradigor!

If I thought my focus could go at any minute, I'd be keep cashing out my chain, I wouldn't be pushing my luck.


I have very vague hazy memories of this game. I think I must have played it when it was on the vita, but I can't be sure. Maybe I saw the trailer when it came to the switch.

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