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MCU Phase 4 and beyond - Spidey to stay in the MCU! (warning: Endgame and Far From Home spoilers)


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The MCU Moon Knight announcements have really shocked me, there’s quite a lot of people genuinely excited about him being added. I always though he was a bit of a joke, he’s such a pound shop Batman. Is there a really good run from recent years that has won people over? 

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The Mr Knight look is so striking, especially in B&W that it’s a real shame they won’t replicate it on film. It’s actually put me in mind to read those comics again tonight. 


It will be interesting seeing Marvel go from a movie with multiple characters with zero personality between them in Eternals to this with one guy with multiple psychotic personalities. 

However I do worry about just how much they can lean into the sheer craziness of Spector though. It’s probably not great viewing for a casual viewer if the main character has such a strange concept. Get it wrong & they will alienate a lot of their audience. Sadly I think they may play it completely safe & just go for the boring option of rich guy resurrected to be a vigilante, with Khonshu being like the Force or something. 

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How do you know that they won't use the Mr. Knight suit too? He uses multiple suits in that run and it's one of his best regarded comic stories. I'd actually be surprised if they don't.


I met Declan Shalvey at a comic event a few years back and got him to do a sketch of Mr Knight for me, which I have framed. It's lovely. It also confuses the fuck out of people. For now? Maybe?




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I actually think they might use his Mr. Knight look. I suspect we're going to see multiple aspects of Spector shown, but probably in a more straight forward way than the comics have done.


But I don't think they'll do the look I adore :(




That and Mr Knight are his best get ups.

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On 14/01/2022 at 22:47, Steve McQueef said:

Imagine if they did something really daft, like cast Andy from Parks and Recreation as Star Lord...

For me, Marvel casting is at its best when we have relative unknowns or breakout actors. Reed strikes me as needing a more mature actor for the role, and I’m a fan of Sunny but this guy doesn’t need the work, he’s minted.

I read over on Reset that he’s anti-vax? No truth to that is there?

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