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Bless Online - Oh look, another MMO :/

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Release Date: 2018


Official Site | Twitter | Steam | FAQ | Wiki

Steam Early Access - May 2018






NEOWIZ welcomes you to an epic and immersive world of Bless Online where your choice matters. Explore the immense world and face your challenges alone or join up in groups to partake in massive warfare to determine your fate and reap the rewards. From the majestic opening of Embers in the Storm to the haunting chorus of The Sea of Sadness, the music created by the world-renowned composers Hans Zimmer and Lorne Balfe will draw you into the world of Bless.

Choose your side

Choose to align yourself with either Hieron, the Northern Holy Empire united in defending the civilized world or Union, the Federation of the southern races that aim to challenge Hieron for the supremacy over all land.

Choose your story

Each of the 7 races you choose from will present you with a unique character story. 5 classes with different skills and combat style will provide you with just the right type of hero for your play style. With the best-of-class character creation system, you can make the character exactly as you envisioned.

Choose your adventure

Massive and seamless world of Bless offers you an enormous choice in activities. Do not just pass by cool looking creatures in Bless. The creatures you encounter may be yours to tame as mounts or pets aiding you in your adventure. You can also challenge yourself in dungeons and mob infested fields.

Choose your battle

You are called to participate in a constant epic war between Hieron and Union. The struggles come in many forms, starting from simple duels all the way up to 100v100 RvR where you contribute in the massive siege battle. Your valor in these battles will help you build your reputation in the world.





Yup, its that time again folks. Another shiny, big budget MMO for us to get excited about and then abandon within 30 days! 


So what is Bless Online?

Bless Online is a Korean MMO....wait...wait....come back! Set in a huge, seamless medieval/high fantasy world, Bless Online is a holy trinity style MMO with an emphasis on grouping, dungeoning, adventuring, exploring, storytelling and a bit of PvP to boot (if that's your thing). The awful mob grind typically associated with Korean MMOs, the devs promise, isn't going to be a feature of this game. The scenario is your typical MMO setup - two warring factions comprising of 3 races each and a 7th race that is neutral with more races planned after the game launches properly. As for classes, there will be 5 when the game enters early access with more coming soon (why that is, see below) but available at launch will be the Mage, the Guardian, the Paladin, the Ranger and the Berserker. The Mystic and the Assassin will follow.


This has been out in Korea for ages. Why has it taken so long to come here?

Yes it has. So it was originally announced in 2011 and then later released (via a third party publisher) in Korea to middling success. The devs decided to then rebuild a lot of the games mechanics for release in other territories. Japan got a rebuilt version of the game but when it came to Western markets, NEOWIZ decided they wanted to self publish and completely rework the combat system and other core systems (yet again) to better suit us fickle lot and so that is what they have been doing.


New Combat System?

Originally the game featured a typical tab target system and was criticised for being too slow and boring. The reworked system for the West has been under wraps until very recently and it looks rather good indeed. Basically, the game's combat is now more inline with games like Black Desert Online, GW2 and Tera. It has been described as rhythmic combat and now features a full combo and stance system, becoming more visceral and action orientated as a result. Each class in the game has been taken back to the drawing board and reworked which is why not all classes will be available to play when the game enters Early Access on steam in May 2018.


Will I have to pay a subscription to play this shite?

No! Well, mostly likely not. It is expected that the game will use the Buy to Play model - you pay once for the game and that's all - and will not have a subscription. Furthermore, the developers have stated that they are very much against any form of Pay to Win in the game, meaning you won't be getting your shit wrecked by MMO whales decked out in cash shop loot. One hopes anyway.


When is it out?

The game will enter Early Access this month (May 2018). It is expected to be pretty finished in terms of content given its development history. No pricing details have been announced.








Western Combat Rework


Faction, Race and Class Breakdown


The World

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You don't need to wait. I was already eyeing this one up :)

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12 hours ago, df0 said:

Summoning @Flub


Off Topic, but Summoning Flub is my new term for masturbation. 


Back on topic and that looks good, will certainly keep an eye on this 

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Anyone playing? It doesn't look good




If you thought the Bless Online community was in meltdown after two days of early access headaches, wait until you see the reaction to the actual MMO once people started playing.

Reddit is currently aflame over several topics. For starters, the first players are already hitting level 45 and finding that the endgame content they expected based on what’s in the other regional versions of the game simply isn’t there. One poster rattles off an immense list of missing content, including arenas, battlegrounds, the PvP ranking system, hard mode dungeons, daily dungeons, and honor point system.

(Worth pointing out here is that we became suspicious about the state of PvP ourselves when no PvP was shown at the day-long press event a few weeks ago, despite studio claims that PvP was one of the game’s three pillars.)

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Me and Sie played a couple of hours before getting a refund. 


It just feels a bit cheap with big translation issues and lack of.. Everything really. 


Went back to FFXIV which feels 100 times better in every way. 

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Ouch, what a mess. TheLazyPeon just released an update on YT suggesting that Steam/Neowiz are refunding anyone, even those with more than 2 hours playtime: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WP4SMQoJ8ns


I did watch Shroud & Sodapoppin play Bless on launch night (assume it was paid for/sponsored), and basically the game was unplayable even when they could get onto the server.

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