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3 hours ago, Revival said:

Seems a weird time to do it when the ACA NeoGeo titles have been regular releases on all three consoles over the past two(ish) years and it looks like the full catalogue will be eventually released.


Nintendo released their mini when most of the games on it were on the virtual console as well.




If the price is right, the controllers well-built and the emulation works, I'm in!

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The NeoGeo X was kind of this wasn't it?


Out of interest, is a jailbroken NeoGeo X pretty much the perfect 'modern' NeoGeo system? Basically the ability to put all of the games with a NeoGeo controller via HDMI to a TV.

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Spotted this, this morning, on the old news feeds:



I must admit, I like the form factor. 


Very reminiscent of the old defender/scramble games. 


£50-£100 I reckon I’d pick one up!






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I wonder though if they'll improve on the underlying system that runs the games.


I've got a Neo Geo X and the emulation and video output is much worse than emulating via a Rasp Pi.


I'd like to see something more hardware based using a FPGA or something.



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If the quality is on par with the Switch games it will be great. Sadly, it doesn't have Neo Turf Masters or Neo Drift Out so it's not as exciting to me personally as it could have been. There's no denying it's a lovely looking device, though.

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6 minutes ago, deKay said:

Had this been confirmed to be like this then? Because the same pictures floating round yesterday were supposedly debunked as fan art.


i hope so, as the one in this thread looks absolutely awful.


just make it like the AES, but smaller

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