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Hey all. I know we have the "your retro youtube videos" in the retro thread but i am sure there are people creating content for current games and there doesn't seem to be an outlet for them.


Anyway, presuming this is all good.. i'll get the ball rolling.


(I mainly do Nintendo content btw).






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Here's two short clips of my world renowned Youtube channel:


Showing off some brief pistol gameplay. Always fun. 



And here's me destroying a friend in Reflex instagib (on a fan made Halo map) with added sound effects for good measure. He never wanted to play this mode with me after that. :(:lol:



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Many years ago, before all your inbuilt fancy streaming nonsense and while I was too poor to afford hdmi capture equipment we used to film our virtua fighter sessions on camera.  


Behold grown men getting angry at each other over a fighting game they aren't that good at.


Warning, lots of bad language.



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