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Dreams - It's out!


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10 hours ago, Eighthours said:

I got into the beta yesterday and played some stuff. It's clearly an absolutely amazing thing to have on your PlayStation - that being said, I've yet to play a level that would get more than a 2 in Edge (including the ones made by Media Molecule staff). There isn't a barrier to entry here, but there is a definite barrier in learning enough to create something properly good, and I don't honestly know at this point if it would even be possible. Hopefully it's just a matter of time. Personally I'm looking forward to getting stuck into the music editor (assuming I have access to it) to see if it's in any way comparable to a home DAW. 

Played last night and totally agree all most games were 30 second demos at best. Some of the art and music stuff could be interesting. 


I wonder if the best "game" will be the act actually creating stuff although I don't feel I have the creative urges to really explore that fully. 

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Beta over now and this has lived up to all my expectations. It took a small investment of time to familiarize myself with the tools and feel comfortable creating a wide array of music, characters and simple logic. That said I don't disagree with the sentiments of Eighthours or Tobert, creating anything of the highest quality will require a large investment of time but that's what I expected. It is a marvellous thing that Media Molecule have crafted and been bank rolled by Sony to craft, I hope it gets appreciated for the flexible powerful tool it is. I have used various apps over the years for scultping / building games / creating sound and this does an admirable job of making all the various aspects approachable and fun.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Hey everyone, for those interested they are going to have a limited access, early access build for which you can sign up here for updates:




"When released, Dreams Early Access will be available digitally through the PlayStation Store and priced at €29.99. Early Access will be available in UK, USA, Australia, Austria, Benelux, New Zealand, France, Switzerland, Italy, Germany and Spain."


I'm not sure how they are going to limit access if it just pops up on general sale one day or if it's by invitation or something. Would just like to wholeheartedly thank the lovely @bobin as I didn't in my previous post who generously gave me his beta key. I never did get an official invite annoyingly so this was a very precious act of kindness that I greatly appreciate. I encourage anyone who knows him in the real world to shower him with gifts and affection (if he's amenable to such attention!).


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Early access ready for everyone tomorrow from 10:30am:



I'm fucking hype! Media Molecule are limiting the number of people who can get it (EDIT: on a first-come, first-served basis) so they can manage the infrastructure better. £25.

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Go people, it's up! I had to add funds rather than pay directly by card,I thought the worst when it kept saying my CVV was wrong but it looks like I got a copy. I've had a pretty miserable time of it of late so this has really made my day!

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10 minutes ago, Eighthours said:

Bought. Going to look into the music stuff on there this time.

You're in for a treat, the tools are fantastic. I am not even remotely a musical person and I had an absolute ball with them!

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1 hour ago, Harrisown said:

No idea what I’m doing. Is this better with move controllers? If so i’ll Order some pronto

I found them much better for general sculpting with a Dualshock being best for building levels (especially if you want to work with grids etc). It does require some persistence I'd say before you really become comfortable with the tools and workflow.


I did the tutorial for the wands twice. I was unconvinced and a bit dismissive of them initially, but after I redid the tutorial the navigation aspect totally clicked and I found them very intuitive to use (I do have a background in using physical media like clay and other sculptural materials and working digitally in 3D so assume that experience has helped me too).

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I have a fair bit of experience with 3dstudiomax from about 15 years ago so i’m Pretty comfortable on that side of things too.

Just finding it a bit of a fiddle to get around at the moment.

I have to constantly calibrate the imp which is really annoying. I kinda just wanna turn motion controls off and use the sticks for more precision.

Also if you make an object then you make a new object and intend to stick them together at a later time is there anyway of moving through the layers of that combined object?


I tried making some music in the DAW lol

It;s got bloody piano rolls and multiple tracks. Like a real basic version of Cubase.


I think i’ll Do my website logo in the scene thing and then add in a few bars of my own music as a starting project.

Something to aim for...



also....Holy shit at the stuff people have done. Like P.T

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13 hours ago, Harrisown said:

I dunno. I can’t handle these controls.

Might be the worst control scheme ever.

Don't know how much time you've invested already but I think a lot of people will bounce off it because it does require perseverance to become comfortable with the control scheme. I mainly used the wands but towards the end of the beta I did some world building / sculpting with the Dualshock with results I was happy enough with.

I think doing the main tutorials are absolutely essential (and even redoing them in my case). I think worst control scheme ever is perhaps a little unfair if it's from a short experience, not that I'd describe it as the best control scheme ever (I'm not a UI/UX guy really). I did get to a point after about 10-15 hours of use where I didn't feel like I was fighting against the controls and I began to work with them and my speed and comfort started to increase.

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I find there is a huge disconnect between the cursor and the camera.

i want an option to press the touchpad to enable the cursor when I need it but otherwise have it in the center of the screen. Tropico is a very tough example of how I would expect a camera system in this kind of thing to work.

The DualShock alone is sub par technology for this kind of thing which is why you have to calibrate it literally every 20 seconds.

Just having a camera I’m sure would help and perhaps help deal with the depth side if things also.

i want the camera to auto lock on to the axis of a selected object rather than use that grab button.

perhaps a toggle shift buttons option so you don’t have to hold them down you just engage up down movement or grab mode.

I also want a non perspective 2D view when working on stuff.


Cant they just add mouse and keyboard support lol

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On ‎18‎/‎04‎/‎2019 at 09:59, Harrisown said:

Can someone with a camera using the DualShock at least confirm if the camera helps with the imp calibration?

Also does it allow you to do depth movement when using the controller?


It doesn't use the camera.


I have to admit I'm finding the controls quite fiddly so far. On the dualshock and in the brief go I had using moves. I'm also not sure how much better they can actually be though aside from  combining the methods and using the dualshock lightbar. Obviously creating things in 3D space comes with an extra set of challenges to the2.5D level creation of Little Big Planet, but I'm not sure I want to invest the time required to become comfortable with everything to properly enjoy making things,  particularly when the results appear to be less enjoyable to actually play than Little Big Planet. I am impressed by the non game elements people have created, and I'll persist a bit and probably try the moves again, but at the moment I can see myself stopping and holding my creative urges back for Mario Maker 2. 

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1 hour ago, U-1 said:

This is the extent of my creativity so far:




Loving the toolset though, learn so much with each session.


Wow that’s ace. 


I’m really interested in this but got a bit stung when I spent many hours marking a bit for a LBP level only for players to get through it in about 30 seconds and no one really play it. 

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Yeah, the number of people playing your levels in Little Big Planet was small. Tiny compared to the random people playing your stuff in Mario Maker. 

I did get great satisfaction out of making stuff in LBP though, even it did take quite a while. The Media Molecule levels were ace too, particularly in LBP 2 with all the improvements they made.

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15 hours ago, U-1 said:


They are.


Yeah the tutorials are great so far, similar to LBP they manage to make it feel natural/fun. They are also very bitesize (2-3mins per part) My instinct is go through them all but it's taken me about a 90mins just to get through about 2/8 courses. Can imagine the full course would take around 10 hours :blink: So I'll probably skip (for now) skills that I know I'll be rather taking from elsewhere such as music. I'd probably take animations too but even with that I want to understand the very basics.


I do really love this idea of just being able to do what you enjoy and use other people's creations to help you make up for missing skills. 


I played a few people's games last night, a SMB 1 'remake' (awful), a FPS, a 2player game and a game where you are a dog. Mostly awful but it is fun and quick to skip from one game to the next. I think in reality what will happen is that initially for the first several months/year the best experiences will be small contained games. Anything with multiple levels will be very watered down with compromises.  However I do believe that there will be about 5% of users who make passion projects/collaborations in the future with genuinely fun fleshed out and polished games.  


It's currently 24.99 quid, I'm hoping the full game is that. It needs as many users as possible, I think LBP made a mistake by making it full price. I mean really, I think there is a great argument to actually make this game free for the casual players (as well as enticing new creators) and just add a shop for the more serious creators for adding extra special functionalities.  Even at 24.99, it may struggle. 

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