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[PS4] Saturday Daytime Raidage

Ghost Pirate 101

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Just posting this on the off chance that anyone's interested in taking a look at the new raid lair on Saturday morning/early afternoon. 


If we're not high enough power for the new lair then I'd also be up for running Lev/EoW for the power boost! 


The team so far:


DonRumsfeld (supernintendo64)
Scruff (if after lunchtime) 
Banjaxed (if after 11am)



Reserve: Hexx

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3 hours ago, Ghost Pirate 101 said:

Cool, that's 5, one more to go!


Please confirm your PSN ids if you haven't already, I think Banjaxed is on my friends list but possibly not the rest of you! 


It's in my sig (scruff75) but Droodling and Gorf are on my friends lists so shouldn't be hard to find me.


I've just realised I don't even know what the rec light is for entry.

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9 hours ago, Gorf King said:

I'll jump in if you're doing it blind. I can only stay on until about 5pm, or maybe 6pm at a push, though. So the earlier the start the better, I guess. MikeDracula innit.

I'm up for doing it blind too, hopefully everyone else is? 


By the way, just logged in to check the recommended power level: 370! Oof! 

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Do we have a start time? I need to be done by 3 or 4 latest. And which raid are we doing? Am I right in thinking the new one is light level 370? Which sounds...interesting . I'm currently at 348 if I equip a bunch of guns I don't want to use

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Scruff can't start until after lunch, so I think we're going to be quite time limited - unless @Hexx can start earlier?


As for the raid, I think we're going to struggle at our current power level. I'm still happy to take a look if everyone else wants to, but I'm cool with running either of the earlier two. 

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I'd like to try out the new raid activity, simply because it's new, and blind, and therefore full of promise. I'm in it more for the experience than the power levels (though those would be great too).


On that basis, if we find it too hard and duck out, I'd suggest we do (spit) Leviathan rather than Eater, because it gives more drops and we (should) know it better, so it'll be more productive for levelling - even though some of us, inc me, have never done Eater, it's not blind as I guess we've all seen it, or parts of it. So might as well go for utility there if we're not doing Spire. I'd much prefer to take a bite out of Spire though.

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I would be, but I suspect from that opening encounter that we'll need more light - maybe significantly more. Problem is, I'm not mad keen on farming Leviathan to get up there quickly, so I dunno. It might be hard for everyone to stay blind that long.


Suppose I could force a Leviathan run out somewhere down the line, but even then there's not many people familiar with it, wanting to run it efficiently, who aren't already in groups.

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