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51 minutes ago, Pockets said:

Seen lots of praise


Same, seems to play really well and the CPU AI is better - more fouls, mistakes etc.


For me it's a day 1 if Master League is fixed, otherwise I won't bother regardless of how good the gameplay is.

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It's excellent. The ball feels weighty, somehow more like a real ball, and I've noticed loads of new animations etc. The players seem really good at holding off defenders, dribbling with players like Messi and Salah is genuinely exciting and terrifying for the defence. And the AI defenders seem a bit more with it. Plus the graphics are incredible.


I'm loving it!

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50 minutes ago, Pockets said:

Really? I know it's meant to have been tarted up. Even 2018 constantly had the fans on my 1080ti spinning at 4K. I think that was just bad optimisation or something though, they spun all the time at 1080p on a 970 too. Ori and the Blind Forest did the same. 


Playing at 1080 with the PS4 Pro boost mode on (if that matters). I switched it off after a few minutes lest the whole thing caught fire. Ridiculous fannery.

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1 hour ago, Pockets said:


Define 'fixed'?


There's a lot wrong with it, so depending on what you wanted changed, will depend on whether it's been fixed. I think there was one thing that they did maybe.


- No stupid cpu transfers, especially at the start of the mode

- Option to switch off regens

- Less rubberbanding from CPU

- More fouls and injuries (this is partly gameplay based, but seeing more players out because of injury and suspension would be great).

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3 hours ago, Loik V credern said:

I really don't expect this to be any different than the last two (or 3, losing track), but nakamura's comment would suggest otherwise. Demos are free now but i think i preferred the 90s demo discs for instant playability. It will take me hours to find out.

I played FIFA after and had a great time as usual but I didn't immediately think fuck this is way better than PES. I wanted to play some more PES and that hasn't happened since the PS2 era. It felt genuinely good. 

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18 hours ago, Chooch said:



Awesome. I don't recall previous demos including that? Maybe I've just forgot.


Cooked my dinner as it finished downloading. Came up and left it go cold as i waited to find someone..quick game offline then..didn't notice much difference but at fastest speed i like it the most of the previous few. The passing is really elegant, players seem to be able to pass with the highest ease and mid movement. They've been improving this for years but it's even more striking here. They've increased the response of the player movement just enough for me to be able to play it intuitively. Still not keen on its type of play, they emphasize the power of passes and shots, they want that physical tangible feel to it, hence the inclusion of vibration which i turn off. I want flow, but the balance has been tipped just enough for me to play and enjoy it. 


The graphics are so vivid and sharp. Replaying pro evo 2018 in comparison it's muddy and dry. The dribbling and turning is slower. Replaying pro evo 2017..it's even slower. 


i can certainly play this online. It grates that again little things like adjusting game speed online and the choice of 30 minute games aren't available (it seems). And that you pick your team before you find an opponent, meaning you can't see an opponent pick a team in a league and then match a derby. 


not an issue if you know someone in real life/online i guess who plays the game and you can agree on times to play and message each other about possible teams to pick so they match. none of which will happen. 


and the replays are still shit. I think I'm convinced each new game has departments that just don't look at a lot of the game's design. 


Best since..2015 for me. 

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11 hours ago, Pockets said:

We clearly want completely different things from football games, and yet we both like this so maybe they’re onto something. 


What do you want?


I just want to play passing football, do endless one twos and have runners, hold the ball and dribble to shift defenfers out of position so i can body feint back and do quick transitions. In the previous two games i think they made defenders more robust, you'd get intercepted more easily. Which would be fine but coupled with the slower turning you couldn't really play and prise open defensives. You couldn't gain flow. Basically like with any pro evo with a bad connection online and you can't just play because of the lack responsiveness. You're always working against the cumbersome nature of it. 


So it's not just about wanting a quicker game of football, it's that increasing the game speed means the turning is less of an issue. When online i always pick short grass and wet if it makes any difference. I might get online. Would be good to play people on here (ps4). I've had peo evo friends online in the past but they'd only be online really occasionally. It'd be great, they'd pick spurs or west ham and vary their play, not just sit and press triangle. 


I'm getting poor connections online. Had maybe two good games out of 7. What reminds me of why i play pro evo is how a piece of animation will surprise you. Firmino picked up the ball on the D, and to do the through ball to Salah he did his piroutte back flick, Salah's shot was blasted in off the far post and it was glorious. 


I dislike the luminous player icon and that you don't have the option of player name (except for opponents for some reason). 

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Been able to get some games of the demo in over the weekend.


I say "some games", when really what I've done is play as Colo Colo against Liverpool with a steely determination to win the bloody game, and have yet to do so. Liverpool's gegenpressing and quick breaks keep undoing me, and being a demo I'm more inclined to jump into another match than fiddle with tactics. Which might be why I keep failing.


Anyway, on the pitch it's as good as I've been enjoying it for the last few years. It's off the pitch I worry about, being a Master League player for the most part. The addition of new, properly licensed leagues will help but I still yearn for more literal depth - it's high time we had Leagues One and Two, even if it means London Dons and South Wales County.


And, y'know, all the changes required to stop it feeling like some weird Japanese RPG. That's charming up to a point, but on the field the game's good enough to warrant a proper football treatment.

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I've had some wonderful games of this online. Even prompting me to use the word wonderful, which i never do. 


The connection has been near perfect the last few days and I've quickly adjusted my formation to make a 3-4-3 with a diamond, mostly playing as Liverpool. Had a great end to end competitive game and then a 4-3 thriller where i was behind throughout then last minute running in on goal with Mane...i wasn't that bothered about winning really and perhaps if i did care i wouldn't have taken the strange decision to cross to the far post as i approached the keeper..somehow Salah got ahead of the defender and knocked it in. I screamed yes. After all these years it still feels good to come out the winner in a pointless game against another person in another part of the world who i will never meet. 


Still get people who reduce the game to through balls though, almost entirely. It's not unlike playing against an ultra efficient AI, as the repetition is unnering. Get ball, triangle. 


My favourite goal is still the one touch passing which finishes with the horizontal lay off by the D for the on rushing player to smack it in. But just cross field balls are so satisfying. I love diagonal ball launches from my defender after noticing on the radar a little bit of space for my winger to run into. 


I saw a great finger tip bending save from a shot i had. They've really in this generation run of games improved the keeper animation but at the same time it can feel like you're watching the same animations over and over. I don't know how you'd even go about varying them. Most in real life look the same. 


Another massive improvement over the years, possibly the biggest thing is the delicate chip through balls. Simply could never do them before, they'd always be too much pace on the ball. You could never do a deft chip with height and would drop. It's a revelation that I've barely taken advantage of because I'm so used to them never coming off. In my last game i had the ball, pass was blocked, came back to me outside of the box. Saw a run, did a chip, ball fell on to penalty spot, easy goal. Into the hands of the keeper in the pro evo of 5 games ago i think no matter how often you tried. 


I'm finding crosses hard and corners but they're boring goals anyway. It's still very much vertical power football, there's positives and negatives of that. The best thing is that you feel the power and pace of the ball in shots and through balls. The negative is..somehow it feels less varied in terms of play and animations. I dunno. Like it stretches the play more widely. I'm able to get behind defences a lot more. 


Would like to play people on here but i always say this and no one responds. :( lonely loik


fine I'll just batter a random french kid into submission


still only 3 formation save slots as well. grr


edit: i also like when the opponent leaves a replay of yours, if it's of something neat like a rapid one two with backheels and stuff i like to think they are so impressed they're in awe. im so arrogant i dont care.


Really starting to play this now. My football is like the lovechild of bielsa and guardiola.

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I'm going to have to buy this game. I fear for my time. Perhaps i shouldn't. Perhaps i should sell my tv and ps4 just to make sure i cannot then buy the game. 


I'm going to wear my best leather jacket and shuffle up to random people and say, heh, heh, do you do you play pro evo online? yeah mate. here's my card with my ps4 account name. find me find me. or else ill find you hahahahaha. 


Liverpool are gonna be immense with keita. no more switching henderson, can and milner around wondering who's better. 


ohh the cross through balls with their bend and outside of footness are so good. It's replaced the three stab circle low super straight cross. No, just bend nicely to the runner. 

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1 hour ago, GamesGamesGames said:

Did anyone else have their fan go bananas on this?


Yeah, i noticed this yesterday but not the previous days I've been playing it. I just assumed I'd damaged my ps4 from falling asleep while playing it and leaving it on for hours before it goes to sleep. Can usually be 30c in my room but it's been cooler the last few days. 

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I didn't know about advanced through balls, thanks. That pass is pretty epic. I don't really know about any of the advanced settings really. I do the R2 dribbling but mostly just play simple. These new pro evos aren't bothered about tutorials and video exercises like the ones on the ps2 were. Unless there's some i don't know about in the menus. 


Been replaying the other pro evos afterwards to best see how they compare after really getting into this new one. The slow turning which i always mention as a negative is something you adapt to. I think that's why people have such differences in opinion on the games. It can be what bothered you before doesn't now and you can no longer see the issue, because you just play around it. It can feel slow yet other times fast. It's weird. 


So pes 2017 felt like it had most in common with 2019 in terms of turning, it's just the defences play so tight and deep and are always in with the interceptions, and coupled with the superman keepers there's not enough reward for build up play. Pes 2018 slows it down, reduces defender strength and keepers ability. Both games have dry, plain muddier graphics. The new one is so crisp and vivid. It shouldn't matter but it's so stark. 


The difference with these new keepers is their ability to cover the goal. They never made flying fingertip saves in any of the games pre 2017. I think what bothered me about 2017/2018 was their knack at covering the floor as well. All the way through the 00s you'd know a certain goal would be scored if you raced towards the keeper and tapped shoot as lightly as possible so the ball rolls under him. In 2017/2018 they were kicking out like the best of De Gea.


I think a major improvement would be not variety in animations but less expectation of seeing ridiculous saves. I've never really noticed much difference in keepers. I've seen wonder saves from the most average one. (Which tbf can occur in real life as well, if average keeper means any that play in the premier league, which might not be fair).


In real life, players don't neccessarily need to hit the side netting or shoot into the corner to score. Kane gets quite a few goals hitting low and hard. The one against Courtois where he shrugged off a Chelsea player and hit the ball underneath him shouldn't have gone in from how far out he was. Messi's champions league final goal vs Van Der Sar, and another near post strike vs Neuer. All pretty central outside the box, the keeper set. Just enough power to fly past before they have chance to get down. Recreating those shots in the game i think the keeper saves each one. i think wonder saves in the game should be rarer, basically. 

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