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Halo Infinite - OUT NOW - no campaign spoilers pls


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9 minutes ago, footle said:

I updated 4GB, then went into the game, campaign, and was prompted to see if I wanted to download another 21GB

This is the way. But once you’ve done this I’d also recommend quitting out to the dash and suspending the game as it won’t throttle the download then.

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18 minutes ago, BitterToad said:

So I started the 2.7GB download then hit menu on the download, manage game and updates and got a 36.7GB file downloading through manage game and add ons. Clicked the box on Campaign and then hit save changes.

this worked for me as well. Download is blazing - 400+Mbps. Says it will be finished in 5 mins and it started just before I wrote this post :o

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3 minutes ago, scottcr said:

No idea what’s up. It says I’ve got it installed but when I hit campaign it insists I buy it for 55 quid still.



you need a patch. Try closing it completely. Rebooting the Xbox. Looking for an update.

(there may be an easier way, but that’s how I did it)

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11 hours ago, Harsin said:

On the upside it’s a smaller download size than we were expecting.



Someone earlier in the thread was talking bollocks about already being able to preload 60gb for the campaign.

How is it 343 couldn’t even manage to get this right? I had the MP installed, went into manage and am still having to download all 48GB. 

Still, I broke out the Ethernet cable and:





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