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Doom Eternal - iD Tech 7, Huge Maps, Invade Other Players' Campaigns


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What a weird demo. All this talk of "bigger and badder" demons when all it takes is two shots to the head followed by the same handful of kill animations, some even recycled from the last title. I know the difficulty is dialed down for demo purposes but I don't think the player even took a single hit!


Otherwise it all looks and sounds amazing of course; bigger environments, more secret areas to discover, improved movement mechanics, invading other people's games as a demon, etc but I still find it a shame that the gore/dismemberment system is so pedestrian (especially compared to Quake Champions which recently overhauled its gore system) and that enemies seem to disappear in a cloud of red smoke. 

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The traversal system is and mid air combat looks tasty, and I love how it's much more fluid rather than pre-determined arenas. The enemies looking more like classic Doom is cool and the gore system is pretty sweet.


I know I'm gonna get grief for this but the only thing I don't like is the soundtrack! It's just a wall of noise and double bass pedals - where's the cool melodies (i.e metal rip offs) of the original games?  



Now that's my kinda shit

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