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Control. Latest weirdness from Remedy.

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2 hours ago, Smitty said:

Erm, this is pretty much like the advanced Psi-Ops sequel me and K were fantasising about a good ten years ago.

Everyone was fantasising about a Psi-Ops sequel after it came out. I still have a Psi-Ops sticker on my PC case which I look at whistfully from time to time. Where is the Psi-Ops HD Remaster we all need and want?


This looks good though. Given the title and subject matter it probably owes a lot to Mark Danielewski's House of Leaves; Control is a track of his sister's album Haunted which is very heavily connected to the book. Remedy had a Poe track on the end titles of an Alan Wake chapter and everything.

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20 minutes ago, Vemsie said:



'We'd like a more gameplay-driven approach in our game'


Ok then. LOL, what a fucking depressing statement from a dev.


It looks so similair to Quantum Break that its pretty off putting. They've got some way to convince me that this isn't yet another WHOO GRAPHICS game.

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So what games are in your non basic shooter category? I was never really sure why QB got the reviews it did as the game play was always on point and super responsive, It was anything but a basic shooter but seemed to get a bad rep when people chose to play it in the style of your basic run and gun cover action. The player had all the tools at their disposal to be quite flashy and flamboyant with the powers and how you approach a scenario and the progression was pretty well spaced.


Sure it was a little monotone and the story was Sci fi channel fare but the core of the game was much better and more varied than other games in it's class. But I've always enjoyed Remedy's games and am pretty happy this is what it is.

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This is looking good on the combat front. I tend to find the narrative side of their games a little hackneyed personally (sorry) but am still very interested. Is it me or is this RTX raytracing stuff not quite the amazing visual leap that it feels like it's being billed as? I mean it's clearly a nice improvement to shadows, reflections and overall lighting but I haven't seen a single one of these flicky on/off example videos that's made me think "Wow, what a staggering leap forward"

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