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Babylon's Fall - PS4/PC, Platinum Games


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Introducing Babylon's Fall / [ バビロンズフォール ]



Join a group of warriors bonded with special equipment called Gideon Coffins in an odyssey to overcome the titanic Tower of Babylon. Wield unique weapons in both hands, and use the power of the Gideon Coffin, allowing for combinations of up to four weapons at once. The capabilities of different equipment will also bring endless strategic variation to combat. Game visuals are achieved using a newly developed “brushwork style” to create a unique fantasy setting with a medieval oil painting aesthetic. Play in co-op online multiplayer for up to 4 players. The game will feature a range of game modes post launch at no additional cost.


2018 announcement trailer:



State of Play 2019 trailer:



E3 2021 trailer:



Recently revealed at Square Enix's E3 conference this week, I thought we may as well get started with a thread for this. I did some freeze-frames on the captions and there's a lot of setup for the story premise. An unknown power named the Oversoul can forsee future events and be harnessed in weapons, but an all-consuming darkness is forseen - the only indication of "mankind's revival" coming from the "darklands". Meanwhile, riots break out over the Oversoul (ab)use, and the elder gods strike down against mankind because riots aren't cool. The goddess Gaia steps in to create a new world that saves mankind from extinction, and the Scholars of Gaia are formed to help maintain faith in the goddess. New and old ideologies clash, Gaia kicks off, and humanity must strike back.


Full captions from the 2018 announcement trailer are below - apologies for any typos, but they move fast!



note: some of the dates are rolling as they fade in, hence the brackets. It could be a purely stylistic thing or it could indicate periods of time

CE5000: Discovery of the Oversoul
During Albenland's era of expansion, its people discover an unknown energy known as the Oversoul.

(CE5015-)CE5017: The Age of Dawn
After years of experimentation, the Helos Empire succeeds in developing weapons that harness the Oversoul.

(CE5029-)CE5083: The Oversoul Prophecies
A small group of seers hailing from all kingdoms use crystallized Oversoul fragments to predict the future and write down these prophecies in the Ephesian Book.

(CE5085-)CE5089: The Apocalypse
The seers have visions of an all-consuming darkness

(CE5093-)CE5099: Waland's Journey
By order of the Helos empire, Waland travels to the darklands in the far south, foretold by the Ephesian Book as the location of mankind's revival

(CE5106-)CE5109: The Soul Riots
With resentment rising against the ruling class over its use of the Oversoul, riots break out among the masses.

(CE5110-)CE5113 : World War
As the rulers of each kingdom turn against their respective populaces, the riots escalate into full-blown war.

(CE5150-)CE5200 : Divine Punishment
Disgusted by humanity's unwillingness to learn from its past mistakes, the elder gods unleash their wrath upon mankind.

CE5205: Birth of a Goddess
With the purpose of rescuing humanity from the brink of extinction, a new goddess, Gaia, is born

CE5208: Birth of a New World
Gaia creates a new world in order to give humanity one last chance.

CE5220: Age of Harmony
Humans begin to inhabit the new world, and a period of peace follows.

(CE5314-)CE5338: Scholars of Gaia
Concerned about people losing their faith in Gaia, the high priest Darius forms a consort known as the Scholars of Gaia.

(CE5345-)CE5347: End of a Dream
The public execution of a nonbeliever by the Scholars of Gaia creates tension among the masses

CE5356: War of Beliefs
Unable to overcome their ideological differences, the Scholars of Gaia and the Helios Order start engaging in frequent skirmishes.

(CE5384-)CE5385: Spread of the Soul Plague
The unexplained outbreak of the soul plague prompts the different factions to capitalize on the people's fear and expand their efforts to convert the masses.

(CE5425-)CE5430: New World Academy
Fearing for the future of mankind after rediscovering the Ephesian Book, seer Maria forms the New World Academy amid the rapidly worsening war.

(CE5427-)CE5450: Punishment
On the Day of Judgement, Gaia turns against mankind.

(CE5461-)CE5475: Awakening
Deep within the Shrine of Souls, the Nomads are born.

(CE5489-)CE5500: Rebirth
Led by the Nomads, Humanity strikes back against Gaia.


So yeah, there’s all of that, not to mention what could be seen as a nod to Revelations 18 in the title. It's way too soon to pin down a genre - I'm not as brave as some of the Sekiro fans - but armoured badasses and angry gods are usually a safe bet for Platinum. :) 




Official Site: http://www.babylonsfall.com/
Official Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/BabylonsFall_EN






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Definitely got lost in the mix of conferences! Not much to go on, but I like the medieval structures and given Square-Enix is publishing I'm expecting some RPG mechanics mixed with realtime action again.


Some people think this might be a repurposed Scalebound but I'm not convinced.

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Official blog post below. I'll drop the links in the OP in a sec.




Square Enix and PlatinumGames present BABYLON’S FALL! | 2018.06.12

At their E3 Showcase earlier today, Square Enix revealed BABYLON’S FALL – an original title currently under development here at PlatinumGames. BABYLON’S FALL is coming to PlayStation 4 and PC via Steam in 2019! Check out the announcement trailer for your first glimpse at the world of this exciting new project:


Our team is currently working hard to make this game a bold, new experience for PlatinumGames and Square Enix fans alike. There’s not much that we aren’t keeping under wraps for now, but I can say that BABYLON’S FALL represents a new challenge for us at PlatinumGames. Stay on the lookout for more information!


Atsushi Inaba
Studio Head
PlatinumGames Inc.




Platforms: PlayStation 4, Steam
Release date: 2019
Price: TBD
Rating: TBD
© SQUARE ENIX CO., LTD. All Rights Reserved. Developed by PlatinumGames Inc.
Official Site: http://www.babylonsfall.com/
Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/BabylonsFall_PR




And as you'd imagine, Kamiya's already cleared up that he's not involved.

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13 hours ago, Keyboard Koala said:

Maybe after more of the same in Astral Chain and Bayonetta 3 it is time for something new? 

Secretly hoping its part of the reason its been quite with number 3,more of a bigger rework.... Or maybe they took on too many contracts at once!

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4 minutes ago, shynra said:

Secretly hoping its part of the reason its been quite with number 3,more of a bigger rework.... Or maybe they took on too many contracts at once!

I think with Bayonetta 3 they were solely focusing on promoting Astral Chain this year. Now that's out, I'd expect we'd see a lot more of that going forward. Hopefully something at The Game Awards this week. 

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As someone who only recently finished DMC5 the moveset here looks great - launchers, helmsplitters, aerial rave and Snatch are all present and correct... :wub: I just hope the battles are a bit more involved in the final game - everything right now looks like cannon fodder that exists to show off the protagonist's moves...

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Yeah, I wasn’t going to touch this thread until after the show because any new update has been pretty insubstantial. I know that the Twitter account sent out a message about how COVID had affected development and how everyone was working remotely, so I haven’t been getting my hopes up for new info, but I guess we’ll see.

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On the one hand it looks a bit too slow and meandering for anyone who likes fast Platinum action...


On the other hand I liked Nier Automata so wtf do I know. :lol: 

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The party running around and firing off spells and attacks is nice, but it looks like the targets are barely doing anything in that video. 🤔 You could level the same observation at Automata but at least that had bullet-hell and a bunch of super-armour moves that couldn't be interrupted.

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I tried to get into that, but I'm using a different phone now and removing the one time password thing seems to be a complete ballache - especially since I've since forgotten my original password.

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