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Football Thread 2018/19


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1 hour ago, Scruff said:

@Boothjan The first was a pen all day every day. Masuaku has been doing shit like that all season. Him and Ogbonna the octopus average around a pen between them every game they play. The second wasn't a pen IMO as Jota went to ground very easily. If you give that, you give the one at the other end where Coady (?) clipped Antonio.


This is the problem with an alarming lack of consistency.  Zabaleta fouls Jota for me, it's a stonewall penalty.  No attempt whatsoever to play the ball - it's a foul.


The mis-control by Coady could have been given too if I'm being honest.  There's definitely contact, albeit slight but Coady panics - seen them given and I wouldn't have complained too much if he'd been penalised.  (Well I would if he hadn't have given either of ours, obvs). 


The Masuaku foul of Doherty in the first half is laughable though - how on earth that wasn't given I have no idea!

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Apparently, we've got a 25% sell on clause for Sam Vokes, who might be signing for Stoke.


We've really seen them coming just recently.  Circa £20m for our 3rd choice striker, our 6th choice centre half (neither of whom were close to a squad place) AND a guy who hasn't played for us for 8 years.  That's 4 Joao Moutinhos. 


I never thought they'd top paying actual money - £3m - for Seyi Olofinjana all those years ago, but this must come close. 

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They will not.


It's typical Chelsea, utterly dominate the half but anytime they get near the penalty area, just pass the ball about on the edge of it until they lose it.

Concede obvious goal.


And worse, the man of the match by a massive, massive distance is Ake.  Who is ex-Chelsea and is the third in the Salah, De Bryne "Why the FUCK did you sell him?" trilogy.


People will blame the manager, and he has culpability, not least for insisting on playing Jorginho in the position Kante is the best in the world but this is not a new problem, just occasionally a striker like a Costa is good enough to mask it for a bit.

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It's embarrassing.


And it's not new, they scraped past quarter of Spurs on penalties but that's exactly how they played against Sheffield Weds too.  Just the fact it was Shef Weds and at least some joy from the pace of Hudson-Odoi masked it.


Hudson-Odoi of course about to become the 4th entry in that trilogy of doom.

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What a fantastic deal for us



He's been brilliant on loan - I never thought we had a chance of a permanent deal as he had just signed for Atletico Madrid in the summer.  Crazy fee TBH considering his age, especially what you see other players selling for.

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3 hours ago, Stigweard said:

38 year old Peter Crouch set to sign for Burnley. Amazing.


He was first set to sign for us 17 years ago.  We're like the Mounties.  It might take a while, but we always get our man.



(In all seriousness, it's a throw-in on the Vokes deal.  Sad to see Sam go but his chances were limited and we've basically swapped a guy who will be unhappy at maybe getting 10-15 minutes a game for a guy who will be happy to get that much.)

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2 hours ago, Naysonymous said:

Crouch still looks pretty good for 38.  I think I preferred 90s football when older footballers looked bloody ancient. 




Alan Cork always springs to mind. I think he's basically the same age in this photo as Cristiano Ronaldo is right now. 





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Exactly.  Vokes deserves game time.  He's not going to get it at Turf Moor.


He's been brilliant for us and I was thinking about how many crucial goals he's scored for us.  (Last minute equaliser vs them, secured promotion at home to QPR, opener vs Liverpool, away at Aberdeen.)  Obviously I'm disappointed to see him go but I'd rather he played and scored than sat on our bench.  I don't think that he's quite good enough to be a Premier League regular but he should pot a few in the Championship.


Crouch is out of contract in the summer and cheap.  He's no risk and can back up Barnes/Wood/Vydra.  I see no harm in having him.


The club posted this this evening.



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9 hours ago, dr_manhattan^ said:


Crouch plus £7m is better than Vokes I guess


Ahh all I saw was "Swap deal". Underwhelming reporting across several channels there.

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Wenger predicted a couple of years ago that he could see the transfer market not continuing in its current form as clubs couldn't afford to take the risks of huge fees and wages, it simply wasn't sustainable - he saw more contracts running down and players moving on huge wages nearer the end, or at the end of their contracts.


I realise at Arsenal contracts a touchy subject and there is a 'no shit' reaction to that statement but this window is massively down, be interesting to see if its a blip or not, I mean Newcastle were the biggest spenders on deadline day. 

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