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Puzzle Bobble (C64) (Amstrad)

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There are so many of these quality C64 games coming out right now there should be a dedicated thread. There are more quality games coming out than there probably where in the final couple of years of the 64's commercial viability.

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5 hours ago, MattyP said:

Very impressive!!! This has just made me pick up this for the Xbox. Forgot how much I love this game.


Have a C64 but no monitor or anything for it just the machine and PSU....


If it's an original PSU you might want to look at getting a new one. Original ones 30 years down the track have a bad reputation. (I had one catch fire back in the late 90's.)

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According to Indie Retro News http://www.indieretronews.com/2021/10/puzzle-bobble-on-amstrad-cpc-novabug.html#more



Teased back on February on this very site, the much awaiting Amstrad CPC arcade port of Puzzle Bobble will be released this Sunday 24th October, and to get you excited, and thanks to Crazy Piri, I have an exclusive review video before the release which can be viewed below in glorious 8bit.



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Been playing this and I can report it's ace. Plays right to the CPC's strengths. No scrolling! Colourful graphics. Some of the rules have been changed (don't get awarded for clearing boards quickly) and there are some niggles but considering the hardware it's on. Also  love the fact they added backgrounds and tunes from other Taito games. Nice little easter egg for those of us who grew up with these games.  



It amazes me that hobbyists in 2021 are developing games for a system which I abandoned 30 years ago. As I'm getting older though, I find I'm revisiting the past. I'm finding games like this far more exciting to me that the latest Call of Duty.  There's a buzz in seeing an old computer running a game which pushes its known 'limits'. 

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On 02/02/2022 at 15:03, merman said:


Official release is not till Friday, the leaked version being spread online is not complete according to the creator.

Just downloaded the new C64 one from the link on indieretronews. I'm guessing it's the incomplete one as it's not Friday. However, I'm on nights today and I need something to keep me going. I can report it's absolutely fantastic. Feels smoother to play than the CPC version and it's definitely more faithful to the arcade. Some of the bubble physics were changed on the Amstrad and you don't get an animation when the balls clear, they just vanish.


On the flip side, the CPC version has new backgrounds based on Taito classics and I find it easier to play as you get the aim assist all the time.


Overall, based on a brief playthrough the C64 version is the better one. 


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A new update has been released.





Changelog v1.1-1.21

-Repaired a bug that made the poor dragons turn the turnwheel forever

-Added a posibility to adjust the jitter of your paddle.

-Paddle fire support in crackintro and trainer

-Adjusted the digiboost to work (better) on 8580 sid.

-Added directory art by Logiker (thanks).

-Bugfix (when screen 'shakes', could glitch or slowdown)


@merman, is this official or is this some people playing around with the pre-release?

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