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Cardiacs - the best/worst band in the world ever


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It's available to order now, I ordered one. I hopes that the shop is configured to handle it.

Oh, and thanks for the thread. I'd never heard of them before, but I quite like them now. I really dig what they do with time signatures.

I found "Day is gone" 12" a few months ago, and got "the seaside" and "On land and in the sea" on CD a few days ago. Wish I hadn't left it so long, everything is obviously available only in limited quantities, and elsewhere they're only available at significant markup (even discogs)

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After a rather long wait, my copy of the sing to god double LP arrived on saturday.

I've listened to it five or so times, and I'm not sure what to make of it yet, though I'm positive some parts are utter genius. I just need to wrap my head around the rest.

I'd like to hear a digital version to compare with the LP for sound quality, so it's a good thing it came with an mp3 download code!

Except that the download site was down all weekend.

and now


Today I listened to the seaside again, and realised that now I'm totally into it all very much, and I think it might be one of my top quality all time good albums.

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That's the wonderful thing about Cardiacs - that you can listen to an album of theirs five or six times and still not know what to make of it.

The only thing I don't like about Sing to God is that the mix is a bit trebly. Otherwise it's full of non-stop genius.

I happened to listen to The Seaside only this morning. Have you got The Special Garage Concerts Vols 1 and 2?


Those have loads of the old songs on them, and feature what I consider to be the best versions of songs like Hope Day, RES, and Gina Lollabridgida etc. They mess with them just enough to give them a lick of 2003 paint, but they're still essentially the same songs, they just have all the keyboard parts etc on a backing loop. The sax parts have largely been transposed onto the guitars, and what you end up with is the rockingest versions there ever will be.

A clever person synced the audio to some camcorder footage:

It's these songs on the vid:

1. The Obvious Identity
2. Pip As Uncle Dick But Peter Spoiled It
3. Hello Mr Minnow
4. An Ant
5. Hello Mr Sparrow
6. A Bus for a Bus On the Bus
7. Visiting Hours
8. Dead Mouse
9. Scratching Crawling Scrawling
10. As Cold As Can Be In an English Sea
11. Aukamakic
12. Gloomy News
13. Hope Day
14. Let Alone My Plastic Doll
15. Icky Qualms
16. Dinnertime Is At Home (Not Here)
17. My Trade Mark
18. Gibber and Twitch
19. Gina Lollabridgida

But there's more on the CD

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I've been giving Guns some heavy rotation lately, especially Will Bleed Amen and Sleep All Eyes Open.

Tim Smith looks a bit happier and not so gaunt on FB lately. There was also a post at the tail end of this article suggesting that whilst he is unlikely to perform again his story is by no means over. He is only in his mid 50's, so hopefully he can recover to the point where he can produce in some capacity:


One important correction, this story ain't over. Far from it. A dedicated team of tadpoles have been working to support Tim for a long time. As indicated by Sarah somewhere in them comments.

There are many avenues being pursued, in terms of improving Tim's condition. He is still Tim, he is still pretty much the funniest fella any of us have ever met, it may take him a little longer to get to the punch line but it's still (usually) worth it. He is still as brilliant in the head.

The Alphabet Business Concern seem to have lots planned. Even a surprise bunch of new material from one of Tim's offshoot bands is in pipeline.

Tim still inspires and guides a shed load of people. There is no reason why one day he can not return to producing and shaping music though for him himself to perform seems pretty impossible.

Your piece is talking about things in the past but Tim's work has created a family tree that goes to way more places than Blur and Napalm Death. The family tree has only really just started. Mummy have only done two gigs so far, Ham Legion haven't recorded anything yet. North Sea Radio Orchestra are on their third album. Arch Garrison have two out. Knifeworld have just finished a tour. Zofff only recently played their first gig outside Brighton. There is much more coming.

There is a love for Tim and veneration of his work that is so strong that many of the family have moved to the area in England where his hospital is. There is even a secret shed where many of these extraordinary bands will play to Tim with an audience of about ten. This will open up to the fans slowly I imagine. But they are easily the most magical live music experiences outside of an actual Cardiacs gig itself.

The story is not remotely over, Tim is at the centre of the best kept musical secret in the UK or possibly anywhere, and like some nasty little fungus, he has caused shed loads of sticky buds to spread around him.

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You mean the original cassette "album"? Very lo-fi that, more of a demo really. I'd start with The Seaside if you want to go chronologically through the proper albums.

Apart from anything else a lot of the oldest songs (from Obvious Identity and Toy World) were buffed up and played startlingly well on the Special Garage Concerts CDs in 2003.

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I'd just like to thank Clippa (wherever he may be) and Davros for encouraging my deviant interest in this band; tracking down their videos on youtube and following the links to all the side projects, offshoots and tributes has been truly mind-expanding and I don't believe music will ever be the same for me again. At the very least it's helped me get through my depression. Thank you thank you thank you, I look forward to when I finally get some money in because I'll be blowing it all on the CDs in the ABC shop.

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