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16 hours ago, joffocakes said:

I remember folk suggested they'd like a horror movie fighting game from them after Freddie and Jason etc made Mortal Kombat appearances. That'd be so good. Chuck in old B-Movie creatures and some 80s action heroes.

Ed Boon posted about that on twitter a week or so ago. He did a "would you like to see this?" poll, then did a "okay, great. Now name 15 monsters we could use". 


They've already had:



Freddie Kruger

Jason Vorhees 





That's 6/7, what else could they include to make up the numbers? They could go down the Darkstalkers route and have generic vampire / mummy / zombie / Frankenstein's monster type characters... 

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Oh boy. So I've taken to using Sajam's LFG discord to play +R recently, as it's a better way to get sets against people of intermediate skill than just hoping for the best in unranked lobbies. I check in there today, and there's someone called "Debico" asking for a set just as I log in. I say sure and send them a lobby invite (excellent feature, btw, makes things very easy). So, I'm messing around in training mode while waiting for them to get into the lobby for a while, and before long I get the notification that they've arrived. I come out of training and see the username. My blood runs cold. It's "Cowpunk 2077". The username of EVO 2019 Guilty Gear CHAMPION Deb.


Needless to say, I lost every game. 20-0 or so in total.


I won a round though.


A single round.


I will cherish that round my entire life.

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Infil has put together an impressive glossary of fighting game terms, from universal to game specific. Fun for reference or idly browsing.




There's a link to their comprehensive Killer Instinct guide too.


Edited by joffocakes
I used "to" instead of "too" and needed to fix it before I got absolutely dragged.
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