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The Amazing Videogame Photography Thread - Screen? Shot.


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Don't have any screenshots at hand at the moment, but I like the idea of this thread and will contribute later. 

Looking at screenshots like the ones already posted in the thread always reminds me how far videogames has come. 

Back in the 80s and even the 90s the only place to learn about up and coming games were through magazines. It wasn't always easy to know from a couple of screenshots what kind of game the newly announced game was supposed to be as a lot of them looked very similar, especially in the 8 bit days. 

Looking at the pics in this thread it's pretty much apparent from first glance that Outlast 2 is a horror game and that you can expect epic adventures in Skyrim and Horizon. I also love the fact that having spent 100s of hours between Skyrim and Horizon myself, I've never seen those worlds exactly like in these shots which is a reminder that we all do different stuff in these games, we make our own adventures and end up with unique individual journeys. Most of the 8bit and 16bit games had us all travelling across the exact same pixels and we all shared almost exactly the same journey. 

Writing this post has also reminded me that I genuinely love videogames. 

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Definitely take a look at it @VN1X the Forza games always have incredible lighting, and with the added bonus of the seasons and the location it's going to be amazing for the photo mode. If you have Gamepass it's available on that day one too which is awesome.

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27 minutes ago, VN1X said:


Jaysus. /thread


On which platform are you doing that on? And I assume you also use Photoshop or? 




Its on PS4 Pro.. but no photoshopping used (I don't edit any of my pics apart from the occasional crop)


The Farcry5 photomode has quite a few things wrong with it but you can still get some good results.


Loving how popular the thread is btw. Great to see shots from such a variety of games. 

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I haven't played Witcher 3 in a while, but I did manage to get some decent shots in it every once in a while. Took these before Ansel was a thing..







Then we have the beautiful Assassins Creed: Origins which looked good pretty much whenever you took a screenshot.

(Helps that I'm playing it on my new PC)





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I've posted these before, but it was a few years back and in the game's specific thread, so maybe worth bringing out again as it is a spectacular looking game:










All Mirror's Edge Catalyst, if anyone wasn't sure; first two shots purely in-game, second pair using photo mode.

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