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The Nevers now seems like potentially an apt name for this project. 


Joss Whedon has exited this project but it currently looks like it may still proceed to shooting although I wouldn't count on it. 


Whedon released a statement blaming, amongst other things, the global pandemic for his exit. HBO released a very thin statement just confirming his exit. 


I'm not sure how much it is a shame as the project never particularly excited me but as a fan of Whedon it is definitely a shame if he is drifting into persona non grata status in Hollywood. 


He's had a rough few years and, from memory, hasn't done anything since Justice League which he is probably stepping into that mess. There are still outstanding allegations being made against him in relation to that project by Ray Fisher. In addition to the fact he seems to have had multiple affairs during his Buffy days. 


The Fisher stuff has to be looked at, clearly, but I'm altogether not so sure his personal affairs should have a massive bearing on his professional life unless more comes out ala Weinstein. 


I guess we'll eventually see if he is jumping from a failing project, was pushed or if there is a different project which we might see him attached too (long standing rumours of Buffy reboot/continuation). 



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4 hours ago, Sidewaysbob said:

there are quite a lot of boob, but all tastefully done. 


and a sex club dungeon... 🙄


With no naked men. How strange. Just tits.

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