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Audacity Games (was Gold Rush/Keystone Kapers 2 (prototype) 2600)

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So, some updates.


First of all Dan Kitchen is looking at completing this game. Details at https://www.dankitchengames.com/


But some even more exciting news...a C64 port is in the works!




Great news Atari 2600 and C64 owners as thanks to Per Ola letting us know, we have found out that the in development game of ' Gold Rush ' is coming to the Atari 2600 and C64. What makes this news rather special isn't just the fact that this is the sequel to the great Atari 2600 game Keystone Kapers, but the Atari 2600 version is being developed by Dan Kitchen, and the C64 version is being developed by Antonio Savona and team; the same team who were also behind the C64 versions of Fix It Felix Jr and Chopper Command.



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The brand new, never before released game CIRCUS CONVOY™, designed for the Atari® 2600™ by David Crane and Garry Kitchen, is a multi-screen action adventure where gamers play as "Andre the Magnificent", a circus strongman tasked with finding a saboteur among the speeding convoy trucks and sideshow trailers of a traveling Big-Top circus. The game features a variety of nostalgic mini-games, numerous circus props and dozens of adventure-style puzzles to solve. Designed with innovative state-of-the-art graphics, CIRCUS CONVOY™ will be available on the Audacity Games Web Portal soon and at select retro video game stores after that.

Every game produced by Audacity Games™ is manufactured to order, and each is customized with a unique serial number and other cryptographic features that ensure the sanctity of each copy of the game. Every game comes the way you like 'em - "complete in box" - with full color box, color label, and a professionally printed manual. And due to popular demand, every game will have a high score patch that you can earn.

CIRCUS CONVOY™ will be available as a Standard Edition for a low base price of $60, and as a Collector Edition at a higher price for those who want a low serial number and a digital download. The lowest 100 serial numbers are reserved for our rarified VIP Collector Edition that comes with additional limited-edition collectible items.


Hang on...what? David Crane and Garry Kitchen are releasing a new game?



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