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Star Trek: Picard - 'Best Trek Ever' says everyone

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I wonder how little Patrick Stewart can get away with being in it this time? I'm guessing about five minutes per episode except the first and last, with lots of time spent on villains that go nowhere and Q dicking around with the rest of the crew.

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16 hours ago, makkuwata said:

He's what made TNG feel special, and was slightly embarrassing when he turned up in DS9 and Voyager.

Agreed. See also: the borg. Voyager completely ruined them and it smacked of desperation that they kept turning back to the same antagonists in the late 90s so I'm not sure why anyone's falling for it again over 20 years later. Similarly, dalek episodes are always the worst of new Dr Who. 


But then if you're going to have a writer's room full of creatively bankrupt cretins who can't be arsed watching more than a handful of episodes of the series they're doing a spin off of...

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4 hours ago, GwiDan said:

90s Star Trek is long enough ago now that it’s really pretty feasible obvious that none of the current writers have seen an episode of it. 


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Time really is the final frontier, you're about two weeks late with that teaser trailer :D


I'd love this to be good but I know in my heart it'll be a bit shit.


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1 hour ago, makkuwata said:

I don’t think the #ad was necessary, but they know how to press my buttons.


Apparently it's not related to Picard though, just one of the ongoing Star Trek MMO games. 

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