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Star Trek: Picard - Series 2 Starts March 3rd


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On 11/12/2020 at 19:49, Nick R said:

What does it means for Starfleet, for example, that someone like Oh was allowed to rise through the ranks unimpeded, spreading her bigoted, violent poison to underlings and fellow leaders alike?


I don't think she's watched much Star Trek.

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6 minutes ago, makkuwata said:


He signed on knowing he was an old man and they outlined a three season arc. :quote:


I've already seen the best work that Patrick Stewart is ever going to do as Picard; I don't imagine I'll be missing much. Having suffered through one season of this joy-sucking, badly-plotted, poorly-conceived dreck, I'm not about to put myself through it again.

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2 minutes ago, Garwoofoo said:

I actually quite liked Picard right up to the last two episodes, which were so monumentally stupid they've retrospectively soiled the rest of it.


It's not as bad as Discovery, but I don't want any more of it.

That's what was so frustrating about the whole affair. There was the potential for something decent, they had the cast, the fan-pleasing appearances, an initially inviting premise and some good ideas here and there. The finale especially left me so cold I honestly couldn't trust anyone involved in this to do anything better. 

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Stewart describing the second season in that video as reaching new heights while standing on the shoulders of Next Generation makes me feel a little queasy. 

Also - that’s Whill Wheaton?!


Also also - where is John DeLancey? In his panic room?


Edit - oh, it’s his boat. Purchased with the advance on his ST: Picard fee, no doubt. 

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On 05/04/2021 at 21:15, readonly said:

It's going to be shit. You all know it's going to be shit. Stop putting yourselves through this cycle of abuse.


Look, I chatted to Jean-Luc himself (well he called me) and he told me it was going to be different this time. He's changed. He knows what he did wrong and it won't happen again.

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1 hour ago, deKay said:

I realise I’m probably alone in this, but I thought Q was the worst thing about TNG.


I have a friend who absolutely can't stand him. Not sure I'd say he's the worst thing about TNG though- he's more entertaining than Klingon politics.

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  • layten changed the title to Star Trek: Picard - Series 2 Starts March 3rd

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