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Rllmuk Dungeons and Dragons 5e - Tomb of Annihilation - CAMPAIGN COMPLETE


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As the Storm King's Thunder campaign has reached a significant point (although not the end as such) it is time to switch to a new campaign, albeit a continuation of the world and characters as well. Foehammer, Kel'doran,Farren, Billin and Lori are still here at their base of Zymorven Hall but all is not well. Three of them died in the SKT campaign and all three are now suffering from a curse. This causes their HP to drop by one a day and can cause exhaustion every day! The curse is a mystery...


Anyway long story short the next campaign is...




For now we have 6 players in the new campaign



@The Hierophant






Five of the new characters are adventurers who have been employed by the party (albeit via the manager of Zymorven Hall :D ) to help keep the hall and road safe... and now they are about to the plunged into an intriguing investigation into a death curse which is affecting the whole world.


At the moment we know the new party are as follows


Halfling Sorceror

Aasimar Bard

Aasimar Paladin

Dwarven Cleric

Human Monk


a big thanks to @Graham S retired for the idea on how to continue but not have to build tons and tons of homebrew material and still use campaign books.



3/9/2018 - session 1/52 - meetings - day 1 to 2 (120-121)



After their brutal victory over Iymrith the party return to Zymorven Hall but not without some worry... Kel'doran, Farren and Foehammer seem struck with a sickness which saps the constitution and exhausts them. Spetzer told them it seemed to be a curse of some description as he couldn't cure it.


On arrival they are approached by an apologetic Liseera. She explains rapidly and nervously that the guards have been recalled by Silverymoon and they were no longer covering the bills. She then said that she tried to recruit simple guards but had no luck as most commoners of that bent were employed by towns and cities. She wanted to ensure the Hall was defended as well as the road and the surrounding environs, the same way Lord Zymorven used to. So she advertised for adventurers and got five who seemed accomplished. Liseera then tells them that it costs 300gp to run the place per month plus 150gp for the two dwarven engineers who were building a cellar and 250gp for the new party of adventurers. Billin paid up (as party treasurer).


At this point she mentions that Lori has returned, so they went to meet her. She explains that when she left she told her Grandfather all she had found but he seemed to think her time was best served investigating the Frost giants. Jarl Storvald wanted to top the ordning by obtaining the Ring of Winter and return Faerun to an ice age so he could rule the ordning. Lori went and adventured with Harshnag and collated information. The upshot was that she had heard that the ring was in fact in the possession of a Harper called Artus Cimber. He was nowhere to be found but rumour had it he had gone to Chult and the Frost Giants were in hot pursuit. Lori returned to the party to get their help.


They explained their position to her and about the curse etc. At this point the party decided to meet the new party!


Lori,Farren and Foehammer met Roscoe and Feneth. Roscoe is a halfling sorceror with great power but he is not sure of where it comes from! Feneth on the other hand is a monk who operates via controlling his power or Ki. The party ask them to show what they can do... Feneth tries to hit Kel'doran but Kel ducks easily... Feneth follows up with a pucnh which hits him catching him off guard completely. They are impressed. Roscoe takes a more unusual route by firing a fire bolt at a painting of lady Zymorven which instantly goes up in flames despite Kel'doran  trying to put it out. Again they are impressed with that.

Farren and Billin  meet Errick, Krynn and Ariana. Krynn and Ariana are sisters , one a paladin, one a bard, both are aasimar - unusual colouring and features in these lands. Ariana plays a beautiful tune on her ukelele revealing her bardic abilities and Krynn reveals she is a holy warrior, a paladin. Errick on the other hand is a squat ugly dwarf who reveals nothing of his skills and seems tricky to judge.. stoic with an interest in honour and work.


The evening passes with good food and very good dwarven ale.


Next morning Liseera asks the new adventurers to go and help a local farmer. Meanwhile our trusty troupe of old wait for their ship to arrive so they can go to Silverymoon to consult with the Harpers about this new curse.


The new group head out to the farm and are not surprised at all by two constrictor snakes slithering from the bushes. Feneth steps up and tries to punch the badly hidden snakes and misses. He then uses patient defence. Roscoe uses firebolt and hits a snake for fairly minor damage. Errick uses toll the dead on the snakes and damages them. Krynn hits a snake and kills it. Ariana reassures Feneth about his prowess and inspires him. The remaining snake misses. Feneth gets a hit in ,Roscoe misses with a firebolt then errick kills the snake.

After easily despatching the snakes the party move on til they find the farm. It is threadbare and poor looking but the farmer looks a proud man. He tells them of goblin raids and the party head off til they find a goblin camp with 4 goblins and a hobgoblin leader.


The party try to stealthily approach and two of the goblins are trying to hide in the undergrowth, neither hide well at all. Krynn tries to talk down the Hobgoblin telling him the giants have left. THe Hobgoblin says he knows but they have to live and any intimidation fails so a fight ensues. Roscoe firebolts and hits a goblin killing it dead instantly (impressive). Krynn stalks forth and bangs her shield to get attention and hold forth. The HobGoblin fires a wicked looking arrow but it misses. Feneth darts to the bushes,hits one goblin and misses the other. Ariana inspires Feneth again and uses bane with some success on the goblins. The Goblins hit feneth giving him a nasty wound. Errick tolls the dead causing damage.


Roscoe kills another goblin with a critical hit then Krynn throws a javalin killing another (1 goblin left now). The Hobgoblin fires an arrow grievously wounding Krynn in one shot but not quite downing the paladin. Feneth hits the final goblin killing it. Ariana rushes forward and cures wounds on her sister. Errick tolls the dead but this time it fails. Roscoe gets Magic Missile hit on the hobgoblin leader but he isn't dead! Krynn throws a javelin but misses and finally Feneth gets the killing blow.

Searching the camp they find 6 copper and 3 silver. They return to the farmer who thanks them profusely and gives them some of his milk. In return the party give him the coins they found at the camp and the farmer is shocked and appreciative.


The sad goblin encampment that struggled to survive with their masters gone has been destroyed and the party return to the Hall.


The party heading to Silverymoon have a differently traumatic time as they realise that Delsaphine was revived by Tamth and so he is also suffering the death curse. He seems weaker and the party know he does not have a strong constitution. On arrival at Silverymoon they go to see Akir and tell him of the curse (as well as the victory over Iymrith and Storm Giant information) and he takes them to see Syndra Silvane, an old Harper. She receives them even though it is late and tells them about the death curse. She was once an adventurer and she has the curse as she died herself and was revived many years ago. SHe tells them that they believe that there is an artifact called the Soulmonger which is taking souls from all who have died since its activation. In addition, if a person has died the curse reduces their constitution till they die and their soul is claimed. Not content with that it is thought that revivification magics do not currently work and souls are claimed as death takes hold!


She tells them that her information leads her to believe that the soulmonger is in the far distant continent of Chult and a party need to go forth and find this artifact and destroy it. The party tell her they are suffering from the curse and she says that those affected should not be involved. The party mention the new party and she says she will come to Zymorven to speak with them.




9/9/2018 - session 2/53 - revelations and teleportation - day 2 to 3 (121-122)



As we rejoin our heroes we see the fresh new party return to Zymorven Hall. Errick and Roscoe spot a castle seemingly floating in the sky, none of them have heard of such a thing before. They go into the hall and ahead of them in the main hall looms a 28ft tall Cloud Giant. Errick considers the situation and blurts out "fuck me it's a giant" and darts back. The rest of the party follow suit. The giant introduces herself as Countess Sansuri and asks where the owners are. The party reply that they are not here and that they are not worth bothering with. The countess chuckles and tells them she is a friend and just wants to talk to the owners. They ask "about what?" and she says "death" which causes Errick to run to tell the dwarven engineers, Gili and Orin, to pack their stuff and get ready to run. Sansurri sets their minds at "rest" and they go and eat and drink in a rather tense atmosphere.

As night falls late on Sansurri says she will return in the morning and leaves for her castle. Errick goes and sleeps in the forest with the two dwarven engineers (getting spooked by rabbits at dawn) and the rest do an evening watch at the Hall. The clouds seem unnaturally thick and there is a persistent drizzle.

Day 3/122

The next morning all is well and the ship returns. The party once again talk to Delsaphine leaving him in no doubt as to his condition. He is asked if he wants to consult with Klauth and he indicates that he knows that would bring trouble on the party who had done so much for him and Klauth probably wouldn't help anyway. Lori asks if he wants anyone to get a message... he thinks long and hard and says he does have family in Mirabar and maybe she could pass message to Evelith Laserie, his sister, to say he is always thinking of her. Lori agrees and says he should rest in the Hall, he accepts.

The party arrive and Liseera tries to blurt out all the information before Sansurri knocks on the door. Liseera lets her in and there follows a fairly intense conversation. Billin and Farren both spot that she seems, despite her bravado, uneasy as if she is afraid of them. She asks them if there is anything unusual at the hall possibly left behind by the cloaked figure she brought with her to kill Zymorven. The party then berate her regarding how she murdered Zymorven, but she seems unrepentant. War is war and he was troublesome, she used a member of the red Wizards to turn Zymorven into the undead. The red wizards of Thay are known for their powerful necromancy and their treachery so she wanted to see if there was anything left behind that was affecting her kin as she had some who had fallen sick.

The penny dropped and Kel'doran explained the curse (or most of it) and she seemed amazed at how far the power could reach. Talk then turned to the giants ordning. She explained that the ordning is not yet solid, The Hill and Stone Giants are back inline as are her own kind. But the Fire Giants are determined to complete the Vonindod and the Frost Giants are an unknown quantity. Hekaton plans to approach the Frost Giants and Sansurri says that they hope that the party can help quell the Fire Giants and stop the Vonindod. She says that the plan is to break the Vonindod , give the parts to the different giant clans to be hidden/buried and destroy Maegera (although they don't know where she is!). She tells the party that her castle could be a distraction at Ironslag as the party mount an assault/incursion. She tells them she will be at Ironslag in 15 days and to rendevous there. The party know that the cloud castle is probably quicker than that but they don't press her.

Finally she departs and the party discuss plans. They are to go to Ironslag and they will ask the new party to go to Chult with Syndra to try and solve the death curse. Foehammer and Syndra go and speak to the party. Foehammer is stoic and explains the situation and the glory to be had. Syndra repeats the information regarding the death curse. Roscoe and Feneth seem sold immediately, Errick hearing this is concerned about something and says he needs to go. Krynn and Ariana talk at one side (unheard) and Feneth asks for the map of chult and is given short shrift by Syndra. Krynn is concerned that the soulmonger has taken "them" and needs to go and help but he worries for his sister. Ariana is similarly worried and wants to be by Krynn's side always... there is some lovely RP I cannot do justice to here and the two vow to go together.

Syndra then shows them a map of Chult alot of which is blank as the jungles are mostly unknown as undead roam there and drove out the indigenous people.

Shortly after this and packed to go the new party teleport with Syndra to Chult. The heat and colour and vibrancy is an assault on the senses as they appear on a harbour at Port Nyanzaru. The colours and music and street performers and general bustle overwhelms the adventurers as Syndra stands serenely. She tells them that she is staying with the merchant Prince Wakanga. She tells them to sort themselves board and lodgings at either the House of Repose or the Thundering Lizard. She mentions they will likely need supplies and a guide. When asked she gives them 50gp each for expenses like raincatchers and possibly canoes!. The continent is large and foreboding and they ask what they are meant to do. Syndra tells them to go round town, ask questions check out rumours, explore.

The party stand for a moment looking at their map, they look around overwhelmed by colour, heat and sound... lost in this new continent. Then the germ of the adventurer twinkles within them and they decide to go to the temples, the nearest is the temple of Gond. On arrival Errick recognises this sort of temple, if not the gods. This is a place that worships the work and artistry of the artesan. Beautifully worked stone work leads to a fountain engineered to display watery images of trades. Roscoe goes and knocks on a door to presented with a caretaker who seems to know little. He asks about a curse and the caretaker knows not , he only knows of the common diseases of mad monkey disease and shivering sickness. They ask if people have a death curse but he knows of noone with it. They ask about Wakanga and he points them to the Merchant ward. They ask for a priest of Gond and the caretakert seems to misunderstand but Errick does not... eventually the caretaker points them to the Temple of savras if they need a priest...

And with that the party stumble back out onto the streets, people bustle around our tourists as we leave them for another week!



16/9/2018 - session 3/54 - Strangers in a Strange Land - day 3 (122)


The party stand dumbfounded and eventually snap from their reverie and head towards the direction of the Temple of Savras. They walk along the harbour past the huge dry dock and head north past bustling crowds of traders and locals. There are some dwellings, but mostly traders of all shapes and sizes from simple tables setup in the street to ornate frontages. As they pass under a walkway they notice the atmosphere become more rarified, the establishments are stone buildings and the guard presence is high. The traders are selling jewels, gems and jewellry - high value trades and extra guard presence is appropriate.

Krynn apporoaches a guard and after a slight gender confusion the guard asks if he can help madam! They immediately pump him for information. Asking about Merchant princes, guides,jungles and death curses. His knowledge is pretty vague but helpful to those with none. He does advise them that Azaka Stormfang is a guide and can be found in the Thundering Lizard, he knows of no others but Jobal is the Merchant Prince in charge of guides. They thank him and head round to the Merchant's ward where the Temple is. Errick is very keen to get a guide and set out into the Jungle. Krynn points out that they cannot set out til they know where they are going. Errick seems to think that "the jungle" is a good enough lead but acquieces and the party continue on their way. Whilst this goes on Ariana, in her usual way, is people watching... she spots 2 individuals not dressed the same with black hooded cloaks, they emerge from an alley go to a stall, hand over some gold and get some gems in return but there is some sleight of hand going on at the same time that she cannot quite discern. This is behaviour she knows well from the streets of Yartar and the Zhentarim.

Heading back towards the temple the area has more ragged tables selling fruit, meat and spices. Feneth asks a stallholder to sell him some fruit, any fruit. For 1sp he purchases a rather wrinkly fruit called the MaraCuya - it is delicious and sweet.

The party reach some steps leading to the merchant's ward and temple. Two guards ask them their business and seem satisfied with their answers of, seeking knowledge from the temple, and let them pass. The party head to the temple and on entering see two priests and a young female acolyte. Feneth notices the latter seems to be checking the party over and he gives her a warm smile, she averts her gaze. The two priests ask their business. When Krynn tells them it is about a death curse they indicate that these matters would be better dealt with by Grandfather Zitembe. When the party ask for an audience they are simply waved in as the temple is open.

Entering the chamber the party can see the elder priest is currently engaged with 3 black cloaked individuals in some conversation. Errick checks the situation - Is he in fancy robes? does he have grey hair? and a beard? - Yes? Then that is the priest he needs and he walks over confidently. As he (and the rest of our party) approaches the conversation can be heard more clearly with Zitembe telling the men he does not believe them, their coin/gems are worth nothing here and to leave. The three men turn and see the adventurers and make a sharp exit.

Zitembe greets the party, when asked about the dark robed men he says they were looking for a man called Artus Cimber and wanted him to cast a spell to locate him. He however did not trust their motives and sent them packing. They ask him of Savras and he tells them that Savras is a god of the arcane and of truth. There is little truth in this world and more pure truth would maybe cleanse this land. Then they broach the subject of their mission, the death curse. Zitembe has heard rumours but nothing more than that as revivification magics are unusual. When asked of the undead in the jungle he tells the story of Ras Nsi, a being with god like powers, who raised an army of undead to overcome a city which seemingly withdrew to another plane to avoid the assault. Ras Nsi was somehow stripped of his powers and disappeared and the remnants of his army roam the jungles. This story is over 100 years old and he indicates there might be some details lost in translation making it more of a myth.

Returning to the death curse and the soulmonger artifact being in chult, he thinks it very unlikely. But with some persuasion and donations to the Temple he agrees to "consult his guides" which will take 24 hrs of meditation. They thank him, discuss their next move and leave the temple.

As they pass through the foyer the young acolyte approaches them and introduces herself as Inete. She says she overheard them and wondered if they could help her. She has been plagued with visions of Red Wizards in Aldani Basin using evil arcane powers, possibly against the "heart of Ubtao" - a mythical place of the lost god himself. Errick puffs out his cheeks as he prepares to leave - then she says she will pay 100GP in expenses to aid the trip and he says welcome aboard. The others are concerned with the danger but she says she has some powers and casts light on her brooch... Feneth thinks she needs more than that!

With the deal struck they head to the Merchant Prince Jobal's villa. Two strapping guards stand there, hired hands not normal guard types. They say that Jobal is at home but is not open to audiences. When pressed they reluctantly say that if they want an audience they should go to the Goldenthrone palace near the Grand Souk. When asked when Jobal will be there - they say they do not know. The party try to drop hints about lost business but the guards are resolute. Feneth then asks them if MErchant Prince is royalty or just a title... The guard accuses him of insolence and send them on their way. Ariana tries a more subtle approach telling them they are new and need information like this... the guards tell her to ask at the palace if they have questions as they know all.

The party head to the thundering lizard to see Azaka Stormfang - on the way Feneth picks up another Muracuya but is warned this one is not ripe - under NO circumstances eat it til the skin is wrinkly in approximately 2 days. When asked why she indicates it is poisonous and bad things may occur. However the fruit when ripe is a great hangover cure.

On entering the Thundering Lizard Azaka is nowhere to be seen but the lady running the bar pours them 5 ales which taste as sweet as honey but have a big kick. There are a handful of patrons including a catfolk Tabaxi man sitting at a table with a flute and a longbow (and other possessions but these are the two you saw!). Asked about Azaka she indicates that she is in every night and drinks alot, good customer. The owenr calls over to the Tabaxi "Dirty Paws you are meant to be working off your debt so play!" at which point he plays a jaunty sea shanty which is pretty good and Ariana claps along.

The party discuss the next step, going to Jobal to get a guide etc whilst Ariana (after wondering what to call Dirty Paws)  wanders over to the Tabaxi and plays her ukelele alongside him... the tunes interweave perfectly and the place starts to come alive. She asks him to join them at the table... They ask him why he is there and he explains he collects stories and is a storyteller but has lost his troupe. Asked about his debt he indicates he got involved in some gambling game and lost and so he works off his debt to avoid the executioner's run. The run is a place where some criminals are sent - a 200 ft pit that the miscreants run down and if they make it to the other end and climb out they are free. The catch is that the pit has dinosaurs such as velociraptors and Allosaurus which chase the unfortunates who are eaten when caught! Roscoe calls this barbaric in a very loud voice. Dirty Paws is asked if that is his actual name and he explains he is a grey cat with black paws hence the name.

The place is filling up and food is served, the party eat well as does Dirty Paws. They explain the death curse to Dirty Paws and their reason for being there and he seems keen to tag along - at the very least he will get a good story from it!

Then a commotion as a new face appears at the bar, Volothamp Geddarm. He says he is a great explorer and has much knowledge to impart in his new Book - Volothamp's guide to the Denizens of Toril. Feneth approaches and asks about the book, Volo tells him it is a guide to creatures from all over the globe. Feneth tests him by asking about Karad'Dur and Volo answers perfectly. Feneth buys a copy of the book for 50gp. Other members of the party ask about exploring the jungle and if Volo could join but he demures and says he is not a guide and has business, selling his book.

With the distraction gone the party notices Azaka has entered the inn, she purchases ale with a chaser and sits. She drinks both and orders another before Feneth, Errick and Roscoe join her. They ask her about her services and she is upfront and tells them she is the best guide for the jungle and will get them in and out safely. 5gp per day, 30 days up front is the standard fee Jobal insists on (all guides are registered with Jobal) but she will do it for free if as part of the exploration they visit FireFinger and retrieve a lost wooden mask which is a family heirloom. Errick considers this for a moment then agrees. Roscoe wonders if they should consult Krynn and Ariana and Errick says "well they haven't found any guides have they?".

The party reconvene and the plan is agreed, they take Azaka and Inete into the jungle. They go to see Grandfather Zitembe tomorrow for information and get supplies in readiness for their journeny first thing the day after.

Ariana asks the bar owner of Dirty Paws' debt. She says it is 32gp and explains that She paid his debt to men who would've seen Paws dead or in executioner's run.

Finally they tell Azaka they have accepted her offer. She thanks them and tells them to purchase supplies/canoe from Rencent's Wares in the Grand Souk with a discount of 10gp for the canoe they will need.

And with that the party head to their rooms... and we wait to see what tomorrow may bring!

23/9/2018 - session 4/55 - The sweet musk of success - day 3 - 4 (122-123)


The party go to their rooms for the night - Krynn and Ariana share, Errick and Roscoe share, Feneth on his own and Paws in the kitchen. In the middle of the night Feneth hears someone bump against his door. He goes to look and sees a dark figure disappear down the hallway. He follows and rushes into the bar area but the figure is gone. He looks behind the bar and finds a halfling employee asleep. He returns to his room.

Day 4

Breakfast is served and the party discuss the plans for the day. Go and see Rencent's Wares to provision for their expedition, see Grandfather Zitembe to hear of news and see Wakanga and Syndra Silvane for any more news. On the way to the Grand Souk Ariana pays little attention and spots a simple crude wooden instrument unknown to her, not quite a penny whistle or a recorder but of that ilk. They arrive at the Grand Souk and easily find the merchant Rencent... He happily sells them a canoe, raincatchers, insect repellant, extra water skins and rations. At a discount that would be 81gp and he will have them delivered to Teryki Anchorage ready for their departure tomorrow. He also notices they are adventurers and will happily knock 50gp off the bill if they investigate his warehouse for him, he has had some problems since a recent shipment and his employees refuse to go in complaning of noises.The party readily agree and Rencent's assistant Aylia accompanies them to the warehouse. On the way she tells them that they have had a shipment from the jungle and from Baldur's Gate before the trouble started.. noone has gone missing however. She is asked about the merchant princes, are they royalty etc. She seems quite knowledgeable and says some are heriditary, some rise to power due to trade and money and power. Asked if she knows of anyone returned from the dead - she doesn't seem to understand and says she hopes they remain dead!

On entering the warehouse it seems eerily quiet and sweetly scented... the party move forward between stacks of crates and barrels. As they do Ariana, Errick and Feneth hear a shuffling sound behind shelves ahead. The party move forward and two zombies break cover and shamble forward - they are covered in vines and yellow blooms , unusual for a zombie Errick thinks! Paws gets the quickest reaction and leaps into action firing an arrow that pierces the zombie. Feneth attacks with staff and fists to great effect then retreats to safety on top of nearby crates. The zombies stumble forward and attack Errick almost knocking him out. Errick grips his hammer and calls forth a prayer to turn the zombies away and two of the three start as if to flee from the power before them. Krynn steps forward and swings her warhammer doing good damage whilst Ariana cures Erricks wounds and also inspires her sister. Roscoe fires off a fire bolt that damages the zombie further.

Paws fires again and hits again , the zombie goes down but curiously gets back up. Feneth hits the zombie but again it goes down and gets back up. The Zombie tries to swing at Krynn but its slimy vines smear over her shield. Errick stands firm and hits it with a warhammer putting the zombie down but it still stirs! At this point a curious creature emerges, a yellow flower supported by vines slithers out into view and it immediately ejects sweet smelly spores into the air covering Krynn, Errick and Feneth. Feneth is the only one affected... Krynn grabs a barrel and smacks it down on the zombie under her feet finishing it off once and for all. Ariana sees the flower and mocks it which, surprisingly works, damaging it. Roscoe follows up with a fire bolt which damages the slow moving orchid.

Paws leaps up with feline grace to join Feneth and fires an arrow into the beautiful flower creature. Feneth , in some sort of enchanted trance, walks forward to stand in front of the flower creature. The remaining zombies continue to run away upstairs to avoid the cleric behind them. Errick walks forward and swings as the flower creature damaging it further. However after he does so it seems to reform itself and strengthen before his eyes before reaching out with a tendril and touching the cheek of Feneth who immediately drops to the floor, unconscious. Krynn on seeing this rushes forth swinging her warhammer and damaging the plant severely. Ariana inspires Paws and mocks the plant which again works well. Roscoe firebolts again to great effect!

Paws fires another arrow again finding his mark with unerring accuracy. The zombies continue to stumble away as Errick looks at the plant, eyes his warhammer, mutters a few words to his god(s) and flame erupts from his hammer as he slams it down onto the plant causing it to be burnt to a cinder immediately.

Krynn reaches down and lays on hands returning Feneth to consciousness, Ariana rushes forward with words of encouragement and Roscoe also rushes forward to try and destroy the remaining zombies. Paws joins them as they gather at the bottom of the stairs. Feneth stands up and considers his misfortune for a moment, the impact of it holding his attention for a moment. Errick goes up the stairs and tolls the dead on the zombie - it is damaged but not downed. Krynn follows up with a strong attack that downs the zombie and it stays down. Ariana uses her mocking to damage the other zombie before Roscoe firebolts it.

Paws shoot the remaining zombie and Feneth runs up the stairs and hits the zombie well. The zombie retaliates and Feneth is downed again. Errick tolls the dead and Krynn pierces it with a vicious javelin mortally wounding it. Ariana follows up with a mockery that seems to strike at the zombies soul and it falls not to rise again.

Krynn heals Feneth once more and they call in Aylia. She does not recognise the zombies and says that the flower is a yellow musk orchid, she has not heard of it being sentient or attack people. The party burn the bodies using Roscoe's firebolt and whilst doing this he feels a tingle and pain in his head he has not felt for a while. They party return to Rencent who is grateful and charges them the lower price as agreed. He asks them for their discretion in this matter and notes that the yellow musk orchid might be dangerous.

The party leave and head to Grandfather Zitembe. They find him in deep thought, he greets them and tells them what he has found... There is a lost city in the jungle to the south and he can see a black obelisk wreathed in vines, that is the soulmonger they seek. The location is not known and he knows of no lost city, but he admits that the history for this continent is mostly lost due to the abandonment of the jungles to the undead lead by Ras Nsi. He also says that this city once had the influence of 9 trickster gods, that influnece is still there but much reduced from what it once was. He knows nothing of these gods other than what he has just learnt. The party thank him for the information and head to see Inete. They tell her that they leave tomorrow and she seems excited at the prospect.

The adventurers then head to Wakanga to see the merchant pirnce and Syndra silvane. On arrival they are welcomed and they pass on all the info they have. Syndra is grateful to see progress is made but cannot help with lost cities or trickster gods, and neither can wakanga. They tell Syndra to relay this info to their employers. They also buy potions from Wakanga at a decent discount of 40gp each! The party club together to buy Paws a potion too.

On leaving the party head back to the thundering lizard via the market to the north where Krynn is looking for healer's kits. Amongst the many traders they do chance upon one selling such things. A collection of salves balms and bandages for 10gp - the party buy the only two available and move on. As they move they hear the general hubub which is saying that Executioner's Run has a victim. The party grab a few passers by to see if they can work out who it might be and the voices tell them what they dreaded to hear... Azaka Stormfang, by breaking the rules of the guides has caused Jobal to have her do the run.

The party make their way there to find a vast 200ft long pit, Azaka is at one end and obstacles are strewn across the pit. It is surrounded by guards, merchant princes and many commoners all making merry, trading and gambling on the result.

And that is where we leave this session.

30/9/2018 - session 5/56 - Run Azaka Run! - day 4 - 5 (122-123)


The party survey the pit that Azaka has to run and they decide to approach a guard ask about helping. He indicates that direct help is usually forbidden. Then they approach the edge and talk to Azaka and ask if she needs them to join her? Who is in trouble they ask, her or them? Azaka grits her teeth and smiles and tells them that she is the one who broke the rules and the Merchant princes need to show who is in control when the rules are broken. She says she has done the run before and for them to stay back and not get involved. When asked what she is likely to face she says she isn't sure, it could be tigers, velociraptors, Allosauruses or other creatures. Variety ensures the Run remains popular.

Ariana quietly gives bardic inspiration on Azaka but even then a guard steps forward and says she should be careful and turns a blind eye just this once!

As the party mill through the crowd before the run starts Ariana wanders listening for anything of interest and hears rumours about strange spirits in jungle. Krynn considers buying chicken/meat to distract the creatures in the Run but thinks better of it. In the meantime Errick and Roscoe approach the Merchant Prince Jobal and try to persaude him to let Azaka go. They first say that they were always planning to pay and wouldn't take Azaka up on her offer. This falls on deaf ears as Azaka made an offer she shouldn't have. Then they try to say that really they were paying her and she was paying them  for their assistance so it all "netted off". Jobal was sympathetic but said that the rules and the Run had to be respected. Feneth takes this opportunity to bet on Azaka to win. Errick overhears and enquiries on the odds for her to lose so they can afford a new guide if they win a counterbet!

As the Run gets close to starting Ariana tries to mingle in the crowd near the run to give her a vantage point to assist. Despite, or because of, her silver hair and Aasimar fine features the mainly male crowd allow her to hide amongst them.

And with the party seemingly helpless the horn sounds and the Run is off!

Azaka gets the jump and sprints off at high speed leaping over a column with lithe grace. 2 Velociraptors give chase but can't quite reach her, however 2 additional ones from secret side entrances emerge and rush in and attack and catch her with raking claw attacks across her side. The party dont do much this round although Ariana holds Bane hoping not to be seen casting it as the Velociraptors rush past.

As they do run past she casts and the man next to her spots it and says "A little prayer there was it?" and she nods. He smiles and says he has money on Azaka so "good for her" and gives Ariana a wink. Azaka carries on sprinting taking damage from the Velociraptors who get attacks of opportunity. As she gets further on an Allosaurus lumbers into view and another Velociraptor! They all attack, the 3 Velociraptors affected by bane all miss but the imposing Allosaurus and the new Velociraptor do big damage to her and she looks a little shaken bleeding from a few wounds.

Roscoe risks casting mage hand and tickles the Allosaurus with his mage hand. Feneth is even bolder and throws a dart hitting the allosaurus trying to put it off and Krynn tries to intimidate the dinosaurs with a large hammer strike on the side of the pit. Neither has much of an effect.

Azaka runs and jumps to ladder taking opportunity attacks which wound her even more but she makes it and escapes! Jobal steps forward and congratulates her and says he debt is paid, she may continue to operate as before. The party gather round and make sure she is ok - she indicates she will be ok and she limps off to recover.

With everyone dispersing the party decide to go back to the Thundering Lizard to get a room for the night. In the bar Krynn is approached by a stranger, seemingly impressed by her hammer wielding near the pit. He says that he is a legitimate bookmaker and he has a particular client who does not wish to pay his debts, incurred betting on the Run. He says the debt is substantial and if Krynn could "lean" on the debtor to encourage them to pay then she would get a good percentage of any money retrieved. Krynn stares at him levelly and then calmly lifts him by his lapels to her height and tells him to go away while he still can. The bookie, understandably, scarpers!

Whilst enjoying the revelries the party also meet Undril a half orc priest of Torm who wants to go to Camp Vengeance... The party look into it but can't help as he is not going the same way as them. Other rumours are overheard about a blue mist which infects anyone within it with a disease of the mind. Roscoe and Errick, thinking ahead purchase a cask of ale for the journey. Ariana talks to Krynn about the rumour she heard regarding spirits of the jungle, are they dead? or undead? Is there a problem linked to the Soulmonger.

Eventually they all head to their rooms to rest ready to travel in the morning...

Day 5
Next day they all head to Tyriki Anchorage to find Azaka and Inete waiting for them as well as a canoe and supplies. Azaka is not too happy about the unexpected news that Inete will be joining them but accepts it. Dirty Paws does not join the party having had second thoughts and has decided to return to entertaining and earning coin in the city. The remaining party set off taking it in turns to row, Errick is not happy about rowing and he liberally applies insect repellent.

As they travel they forage and find wukka nuts which give off light when broken, 9 of them, which Ariana and Krynn take. They also find 3 maracuya fruit that are nowhere near ripe which Feneth stores.

As they row upriver they are assaulted by a giant crocodile! Roscoe uses chromatic orb to fire lightning at the creature but a surge of magic emits from him and causes two further lightning strikes to hit Errick and Feneth. Errick manages to resist the damage to some extent but Feneth is knocked unconscious. The crocodile leaps forward from the water and the Croc bites into Krynn hard! Ariana is flustered by this but cures Feneth and inspires Feneth also. Errick steps forward but misses. Azaka hits it with an arrow. Krynn steps forward and hits hard with her hammer damaging the creature.

Roscoe tentatively uses firebolt but his magic seems to be under control once more. Feneth tries to hit but fails and uses a Ki point to punch the creature with a flurry of blows. The crocodile misses with its bite but catches Errick with its tail injuring him. Ariana mocks the creature viciously causing it to falter. Errick then eyes the creature and slams down with a devastating critical hit. Azaka knocks two arrows but misses with both. Krynn manages to hit with her hammer as well.

With confidence regained Roscoe uses Chromatic orb again firing lightning into the creature and this time no unfortunate side effects are felt. Feneth steps forward and skewers the eye of the crocodile sinking his quarterstaff into the creatures skull killing it.

Azaka tries to get crocodile hide from the creature to make a belt but makes a bit of a mess of it. Azaka hacks out a chunk of meat to roast for their dinner.

The party eats heartily nursing their wounds as they look forward to what else the jungle might bring them...

07/10/2018 - session 6/57 - Jungle BOOgie - day 5 - 8 (122-125)


Day 5 cont.
Leaving the crocodile corpse the party continue til they make camp and the evening passes without incident.

Day 6

Rowing recommences as the jungle seems to get thicker either side of them as they head south. Foraging in mid morning then find citrus camu-camu fruit which are very tasty. They float on and are soon overwhelmed by the sight of 3 Brontosauruses by the side of the river. Two of them at least 50ft tall munching leaves from the branches and a smaller younger one in the water at the edge. The canoe passes by slowly and Ariana splashes water towards the young one which responds by playfully splashing back causing a mini wave to drench the boat.

The journey continues and rounding a bend the party see a rather worrying sight, 20 zombies milling at the water's edge. the party think they can get past them but decide to keep their distance and spend the next hr firing firebolts and arrows to kill them all. There is nothing of interest in the pile of rot that remains so they continue on

The rest of the day passes without further excitement and they make camp.

Day 7

The arduous rowing upstream continues. Foraging in mid morning they find a decent amount of fruit which look like bananas but taste like liquorice. They also find five Almiraj, rabbits with small unicorn type horns, Azaka kills them and they provide an excellent meal later.

The party come across a camp with 3 tents setup a few yards into the treeline. They investigate and find three dead halflings stripped of their belongings. As they investigate they are surprised by pterafolk falling from the sky attacking the party. The battle is fierce but short with Ariana despatching the final Pterafolk by viciously mocking it to death. They party respectfully bury the halflings and decide to rest for the night.

The first watch passes without incident but during the 2nd watch a giant constrictor snake bursts from the undergrowth biting Feneth doing him grievous wounds. The rest of the party awakens and another battle ensues with Feneth falling unconscious but all is well in the end with Krynn administering the final blow with her hammer!
With an eventful day past the party rest once more.

Day 8

Foraging today is slim pickings until they come across a gigantic corpse which Azaka says is a tyrannosaurus rex. The party approach it to search and Krynn checks for undead, revealing it is in fact undead. As they get near the zombified corpse of the Tyrannosaurus Rex rises from the jungle floor, its innards revealing other undead things within it. The party flee with their canoe easily outrunning it.

As the day draws to a close the party see something they haven't seen in a long while, frost... On the trees and ground near the treeline they can see frozen ground, icicles hanging from trees and a hard frost all around. Roscoe checks it but cannot detect any Arcane origin. The party wonder if Artus Cimber is the source of the frost as he does carry the Ring of Winter... Even as they stand there the area starts to defrost but Azaka spots a trail leading into jungle to the East and the party decide to investigate, leaving their canoe well hidden in the trees. Well hidden once Ariana helps Azaka who had hidden it pretty poorly.

14/10/2018 - session 7/58 - Meeting Artus! - day 8 - 9 (125-126)



Day 8 cont.

The party strike out into the jungle with Errick leading the way. Before the party can say anything of a plan Errick starts shouting Artus' name! This goes on for some minutes before they enter a clearing and see a figure standing at the other side of the clearing facing the party. He is human, dressed for jungle exploration.

As they emerge with Errick still shouting 6 goblins dressed in gaudy rags and masks rush into the clearing and leap and tumble until they have created two "stacks" of goblins that are human sized and they rush forward to attack.

Feneth attacks with multiple strikes but only one manages to make contact. The goblins then attack and hit Feneth causing a nasty looking wound. Ariana uses cutting words to reduce the damage to zero. She then uses mockery to damage the goblins. Azaka fires two arrows and one hits. Errick swings and misses with his hammer. Krynn emulates this with her own hammer. Errick casts shield of faith. Roscoe uses his chromatic orb but it also misses as the goblin stacks jump and leap about

Feneth unleashes another round of attacks and again only hits once. The Goblin stack attacks Feneth and again gets in a hit. Ariana uses dissonant whispers which causes one of the goblins to hear voices sending it mad and driving it to run away which causes one stack to fall about on the floor. Azaka fires killing another goblin. Errick kills another goblin leaving 1 on his stack. Krynn swings her hammer missing again and Roscoe kills the fleeing goblin with firebolt.

Feneth attacks killing one more goblin and the remaining goblins' attacks are ineffectual. Ariana mocks the goblins once more and then Azaka misses with two arrows Errick kills the last goblin on his stack and goes to the other. Krynn kills one and then F kills final goblin.

As they catch their breath and look to the stranger stood silently, seemingly judging their actions a massive gorilla explodes from a tree. With a face half rotted and mangy fur hanging from its bones this is obviously an undead gorilla. The girallon gets the drop on them and attacks Feneth 5 times, it hits twice causing big damage that Ariana cuts down with distracting insults! Ariana casts dissonant whispers on the thing but it resists the effect leaving it taking some damage. Azaka shoots two arrows hitting it once. Errick uses spirit weapon but he misses. Krynn has more luck with her hammer and slams it down on the creature. Roscoe gathers his arcane power and casts scorching ray hitting with one of the three fire beams he throws forth.

Feneth now gets his wits back and hits the creature once only but it is a critical hit and the he runs to a safe distance. This leave Krynn standing with the creature alone so it unleashes all 5 attacks on her, fortunately only one makes contact and the damage is reduced by cutting words from Ariana. Azaka hits with one arrow,  Erick hits it with his hammer and Krynn follows up with a killing blow from her hammer.

Now the dangers are gone the party look to the man they pursued this far. It is indeed Artus Cimber but he is wary and mentions those after him include the Zhentarim, Fire Giants, The Flaming Fist,The Red Wizards of Thay and that is just the ones he knows about.

They ask him of the death curse, he doesn't know about it. Krynn explains and Artus examines her closely and believes her. Then he looks to Ariana and says that they are sisters and Aasimar but there is a difference between them that he has not seen before.... Ariana calls him on this but he covers by saying that one uses words and music and one uses muscle. He eventually reveals his purpose which is he is trying to find the city of Mezro to the west. The city was under siege from Ras Nsi and his undead army some 100 years ago. Artus was there with his wife Alisanda, they helped to defend the city. A final assault took place and the city was was seemingly destroyed but he feels it was hidden in some way. Alisanda promised she would return to him if ever Chult was no longer in peril. He has spent his time since then trying to prolong his own life which led him to the Ring of Winter which sustains him as he was 100 years ago. And now he is investigating the area trying to determine if and when Alisanda may return. He is going to investigate the ruins of Mezro and then make his way to Orolunga far to the East where he plans to consult with Saja N'baza a guardian Naga who resides there. The creature is ancient and holds much knowledge of Chult and he hopes will help him in his quest. He indicates that if the party are looking for a lost city to the south then the Naga is as likely as anyone to know its location.

The party asks if he will assist them as the soulmonger threatens all. He agrees but says he must go to Mezro. He says he will meet them in 10 days and they shall go to the Naga and see where their paths lead them from there.

And with that the party wish him well and they part ways. They make camp with no issue. Azaka says that Firefinger is not far from here but maybe they forage tomorrow and then attack firefinger under the cover of night as the Pterafolk cannot see that well in the dark.

Day 9

The party spend the day foraging and find fruit. Pineapples high in a tree and a more unusual looking fruit... Roscoe uses mage hand to pluck the fruit but as he does so he feels the arcane energy with him pulse and surge and the pineapple in the hand bursts into flame instantly! With the pineapple inedible Feneth goes and sits and eats the other fruit - this leaves him poisoned and exhausted.

As night falls the party approach Firefinger, an imposing 300ft stack of rock with ladders and entrances surrounding the structure. There is only one ladder from the ground so they use it to climb and enter a cave on the first level. As they step inside they hear skittering and too late they see 7 spiders launch an attack on them!


14/10/2018 - session 8/59 - Assault on Firefinger - day 9 - 9 (126-126)


Day 9 cont.

The large wolf spiders get the drop on the party and this combined with a high initiative gets them two attacks in straight away. They get in bites on Errick, Krynn,Azaka and Ariana. After this though the party carve their way through the spiders quite easily. Roscoe does drop in a very effective thunderwave as part of the melee which might lower the chances of a stealthy approach. The final spider is despatched to the usual mocking tones of Ariana :)

They search and find nothing of interest and no way up other than a narrow chimney. They use a combination of dextrous characters and ropes to climb slowly up. When t ey do they explore slowly until they come to a cavern full of stirges. This is not a stiff test for the party and although Errick and Ariana have their blood sucked the 7 stirges are killed fairly quickly.

The next level is reached via a ladder leading to another cave with soft campfire light emanating from within. They come across four older pterafolk. The battle is brutal and bloody but the party prevail. During the battle Roscoe's arcane abilities surge once again and within moments Azaka when hit takes a massive amount of piercing damage. She is not sure why but it knocks the wind out of her.

After defeating them the party find an Aaracokra shackled. He is called Nephyr and says he was captured and brought here. His home is Kir Sabal to the south. He thanks the Faerun adventurers for their assistance. They tell him of their mission and he informs them that in Kir Sabal they protect the last of the royal bloodline of a lost city. He says he cannot speak their names but if they were to visit he felt that the elder would give them the information once he heard of their mission.

The final approach to the top of the stack was via another chimney and Azaka leads the way. She emerges into a cluster of six Pterafolk. Azaka is straight into the fray. Krynn and Ariana emerge and try to do damage but with little success. Feneth and Errick both carry on climbing.

Roscoe emerges doing damage with his chromatic orb, Errick climbs. Azaka attacks well getting in valuable hits. Feneth carries on climbing. Ariana, damaged, suddenly sprouts angelic wings from her back that emit a radiance that seems almost holy as Ariana's eyes glimmer with a silver glint.  Krynn attacks but distracted by her sister's transformation she misses. The pterafolk almost eviscerate Azaka with multiple attacks as well as damaging Krynn and piercing Ariana with multiple hits causing her wings to dim and fail as she falls unconscious to the floor.

Seeing these devastating attacks land on the party Roscoe steels himself and fires chromatic orb doing massive damage. Errick emerges and attacks hitting with his hammer and with his spiritual weapon. Azaka, badly wounded hunches closer to the ground and her body contorts and stretches as she assumes the form of a massive tiger. Feneth appears and administers a potion of healing to Ariana. Ariana is up and she starts healing the wounded. Krynn attacks and hits and the Pterafolk get in some hits but nowhere near as ferocious as the last round!

Roscoe continues to use his chromatic orb to great effect. Errick hits and kills one Pterafolk. Azaka concentrates her fury on the leader Nrak with vicious call and bite attacks. Feneth kills two with ease using flurry of blows. Ariana continues to heal those around her. Krynn rushes forward and hits Nrak. Nrak gets in some final attacks.

In the last round Roscoe does some fatal damage to the remaining Pterafolk leaving only Nrak standing. Errick swings and hits. Azaka does big damage to Nrak but it is Feneth that steps forward and finishes him off.

Azaka beheads Nrak and drops the head off the side of the stack before transforming back into her human form. She goes to get the mask which looks surprisingly mundane and underwhelming. When questioned she admits that she is a lycanthrope, specifically a weretiger. She mentions that she has attempted this twice before with other explorers but failed both times.  She says that their efforts are appreciated and she is loyal to them and will help them in their quest. The party search the top of the stack and find 73 gp, 2 sapphires, 1 emerald and 1 ruby each worth approximately 50gp each and a scroll of commune with nature.

Krynn and Ariana discuss her new found ability, can she fly with these wings? is it another magic surge from roscoe? Is it caused by trauma in the past? they don't know.

18/11/2018 - session 9/60 - New dinosaur friends - day 9 - 13 (126-130)


The sisters continue to chat about Ariana's new found ability before everyone discusses the next step. Do they go to Kir Sabal and meet the royal line of a forbidden/forgotten city protected by Aarakocra? Or do they decide to go to Mbala and meet the elusive Artus Cimber who was planning to consult with the great Naga at Orolunga called Saja N'Baza? The extensive discussion weighed up the pros and cons but they felt that being with Artus, a powerful ally would work in their favour and it would tie in with Inete's desire to visit Aldani basin which was on the way, so they opted for Mbala. They rested well that night.

day 10

The party made their way back to the boat refilled their raincatchers from the barrel, but then left the boat and barrel (and ale!) hidden in the treeline. A note was left saying that if they had not returned then they were surely dead and for the boat to be returned to Rencent's Wares in Nyanzaru. And with that they struck out in the direction of Mbala. As they entered the jungle heading west they experienced the terrain properly for the first time. The humidity was oppressive and the creepers, vines and undergrowth was thick and tough making the going slow. As they hack through Errick comes across some Sinda Berries which Azaka indicates are pretty good for you , and eating some at lunch (10 minimum) gives advantage on saving throws to disease and poison for 24hrs.

After lunch the party continue their arduous journey as the rain starts to fall. Roscoe spots a shape hanging in a nearby clearing and the party investigate finding a corpse hanging upside down from the tree. Krynn checks for undead but she can't sense anything. Closer inspection reveals it is an adventurer and it seems to be wearing a pack and basic clothes. The party check for other traps but it seems this poor unfortunate stepped in the only snare. After discussions of how to lower the corpse Roscoe suggest cutting the rope with mage hand using a knife. There is some talk of cutting the pack free but in the end they cut the rope and the body falls to the floor with a sickening thump. Two of the party check the body over but only manage to determine that there are no wounds on the body so it is possible the poor person died of starvation or thirst as it hung upside down. And investigation finds the pack contains standard explorers contents plus the creature is wearing a ring made from ivory (it seems) and the front of it looks to be the head of some sort of insectoid creature. Roscoe looks at the ring and determines that it has no magical aura as such but there is something of the arcane about it. The party then give the poor unfortunate explorer a decent burial.

The party continue their travels and then settle in for the night setting up camp and a watch. Feneth and Roscoe take the first watch and Roscoe hears a noise the north west and alerts Feneth, they decide to rouse the party. The sound is not getting any closer, Krynn tries to sense undead and indeed does sense a large number north of them but not getting closer heading west to east. The noise seems to get nearer angling just to the east of them seemingly having heard something and the party tries to remain quiet and despite a ccouple of poor stealth checks the undead move on and away. The party resume their long rest! During Azaka and Errick's watch Errick puts on the ring but seemingly it has no effect.

day 11

The party pack up the camp and continue to trudge West, the jungle is as thick as ever, and combined with the humidity progress is slow. There isn't much fruit or supplies to be found at all as foraging seems to be slim pickings. Nearing lunch they come across a clearing where a Triceratops in some discomfort seems to have its leg trapped in the root of a tree. it's mewling sounds attract the party and they discuss how to free it. The Triceratops seems to take a liking to Errick as he approaches so he grabs a crowbar and tries to lever the root to free the leg. His strength is more than enough as the wet thick root has plenty of give releasing the Triceratops' leg. Rather than run off it sidles up to Errick in almost an affectionate way. Errick pats the dinosaur and tells it to be on its way but it doesn't take the hint and follows Errick wherever he goes. The creature is 15ft tall and considered a huge beast, Azaka mentions they are used as beasts of burden in the city when tame but she has never seen a wild one appear so tame. Errick gives it some sinda berries which it eats, whenever another party member tries to get close it rears slightly  but tries to stay close to Errick, any attempt to ride it is met with a gentle nudge away. Ariana suggest talking to it, so Errick tries with no luck, even when he tries dwarvish, the dinosaur does not understand him. It seems that Errick has a new pet, which makes Ariana VERY jealous :D Despite this Ariana names the dinosaur Evie.

The party continues its journey with no issues and then makes camp with the Triceratops in tow.  The night is a quiet one...

Day 12
The next morning the party continue their journey and the dinosaur is still with them sticking to Errick like glue. The jungle here is not quite as thick and outcroppings of rocks pepper the landscape rising from the floor of the jungle... by mid morning they stumble across an outcrop with a small 4ft cave entrance. Errick goes to investigate and the Triceratops gets close and shows concern so Roscoe enters and finds a dead goblin wearing a frog mask with a turquoise stud in it (worth 15gp) and on the cave wall there is a painting of a frog with tentacles. Roscoe returns to the party but Azaka can shed no light, Inete indicates that she believes it is the symbol of one of the nine trickster gods known as Kubazan. When Ubtao, the true father, abandoned Chult nine trickster gods rose to fill the gap left and people of all types followed them splintering faith in the land.

With this information tucked away the party continued but after 30 minutes a heavy rainstorm started, a rainstorm so thunderous it soaked them within minutes and made progress very slow. After an hour two of the party suffered a level of exhaustion and after 2 hours the other 3 succumbed as well but they continued on. After 2 hours the rain abated and the sun came out, and with it a rainbow. This rainbow seemed to frame a man-made structure in the jungle. It is a shrine to ubtao (Inete tells you) and there are 5ft square stone flags with a shrine in the centre. One of the squares has the pattern of a maze on it. Roscoe stares at it and examines and tries to copy it onto a piece of paper. he does so and he does such a good facsimile that he sees the pattern in the chaos of the maze and can see the solution. After some consideration he traces the solution with his finger on the flat flagstone on the jungle floor. As he completes the maze there is a faint glow and the slab drops down an inch and slides away to reveal a very old staircase.

Descending into the chamber, leaving the Triceratops behind up top, they find a 30ft by 30ft room containing a fountain gushing forth crystal clear water. Standing in the centre is a statue of man who is part Tyrannosaurus, with three horns like a Triceratops and a bludgeoning tail like a stegosaurus. Inete says this is a statue of the dinofather himself, Ubtao. The party take precautions and then drinks the water. This gives them 10 temporary hit points. The place seems so tranquil that the party decide to make camp here nice and safe from the jungle above. The Triceratops seems happy to rest near the entrance and so a night in the cool underground is had which is a great relief after so many nights in a hot sweaty jungle.

As they sleep they all experience the same dream. They dream of walking the streets of a vibrant and verdant city, bustling with peoples of all creeds and colours. The place is alive, a city where dinosaurs and humans and chultans and other races all live in harmony. It is a place similar to Port Nyanzaru but much more peaceful and lush with everything looking new and well maintained. As the dream comes to a close they all hear a roar and see a huge creature bound towards them with people running in fear, a larger than life Tyrannosaurus Rex with feathers all over its back roars loudly and they hear the cries that the King of Feathers has returned. And with that the dream ends.

day 13

The new day dawns and the party are very well rested they emerge into the jungle forest to be greeted by the Triceratops who is very happy to see Errick. The party set out West leaving the temple behind. Within a couple of hours travel they hear noise from above to see 9 pterandons diving down on them, and they seem to be aiming for Errick...

And with that we leave our intrepid party til next week!


25/11/2018 - session 10/61 - Aerial Attraction - day 13 - 15 (130-132)



Day 13 cont.

The Pterandons dive as the party ready themselves.

The triceratops regards them in the sky and does nothing. Roscoe uses mage hand to try and swat away the Pterandon but it misses. Feneth readies an attack in case they dive in. Krynn does the same. Azaka wastes no time notches two arrows and lets fly hitting with one arrow. Ariana holds a cantrip in case they attack. The pterandons dive in and attack one after the other. Krynn, Feneth and Ariana all release their attacks with varying success. Ariana and Krynn manage to hit but Feneth swings wildly not used to flying attacks. The pterandons all sweep over Errick and attack doing him plenty of damage but he is still standing, just. Errick dives under the Triceratops and takes on a dodge action.

The triceratops stands its ground hunkered over Errick. Roscoe uses Chromatic orb but misses. Feneth again holds his attack till the pterandons attack. Krynn does the same. Azaka unleashes two more arrows and downs one of the creatures. Ariana uses Dissonant Whispers causing damage and one of the pterandons to flee for 1 round. The pterandons then swoop in again which triggers the party's held action attacks which downs another of their number. The other 7 all attempt to get to Errick but fail as his cover is too strong. Errick casts spiritual weapon from beneath his friend and kills another pterandon.

With this sturdy cover in place the party pick off the other six pterandons gradually wearing them down. Their quarry is too stupid to do anything other than attack Errick until they are close to death when they eventually attack the others but to no avail.

Once all the corpses lie on the floor Azaka expertly skins them and removes all the meat she can. it is stringy and sinewy but edible. There is enough for 3 meals. The party finally exit the jungle into marshland and decide to camp in the jungle one more night before going forth into Aldani Basin. Inete asks if they can explore a little south into Aldani basin. Looking at the map the party think they can afford a loop south before going west to Mbala.

Errick notices that he seems to be unbothered by insects since he put the ring on.

The night watch pass without incident but there is chat between Feneth and Roscoe and between Krynn and Ariana about why/how Errick is attracting dinosaurs. Also Ariana tries to show her wings to Krynn by concentrating really hard but they do not spring forth.

Finally it rains so they can fill their raincatchers.

Day 14

Next day the leftover pterandon meat is "delicious" and they head south into Aldani basin. The atmosphere is very different, quiet and misty. The foraging is hard going as there is no natural produce growing in the swamp. Errick finds three frogs that whilst unappetising are edible.

The day passes without incident until the very end of the day when Roscoe and Feneth spot a large lump of earth suspended in the sky some 10-20 miles south of their position. When they point it out Errick says "oh crap" and Inete drops to a knee and says that it is the fabled "heart of Ubtao". The great god dinofather left Chult many years ago but he left part of himself behind awaiting his return and legend has it that it was a chunk of the very earth of Chult representing Ubtao's heart.

Errick asks her if it is cloud giants! Inete seems confused and says no it is the heart of Ubtao and maybe this is what the red wizards are plotting to take over. She asks if they can try to get there tomorrow. The party is split on this as it pushes their plans to meet Artus Cimber nearer their limit. Roscoe and Feneth determine that the earth chunk is between 100 and 300 ft from the ground. The final vote is 4 to 2 and so they decide to head south and check it out for one day. During this time Feneth also notices that errick is wearing the ivory ring they found.

The Party take their watches and nothing happens during the night but Roscoe and Feneth discuss the ring.. Feneth points out that Errick is wearing it and maybe this is why he is attracting dinosaurs. He suggests removing the ring but Roscoe thinks this is rash and maybe see what happens. During Krynn and Ariana's watch Ariana notices the ring with a high perception roll. She asks Krynn if Evie is friends with Errick due to the ring and she answers "maybe".

Day 15

The new day dawns, it rained overnight despite the conditions which fills the rain catchers and the party head south. The foraging today doesn't even turn up frogs. However by lunchtime as the heart of Ubtao looms nearer the party spot 3 large shapes in the sky heading their way. With minutes to prepare the party scrabble around trying to come up with a plan. A search reveals no hiding place apart from a sparse thicket not big enough to hide them all. It is big enough for Errick but not once the Triceratops lumbers in as well. As the shapes get closer they note that the size is similar to a Triceratops but they are too fast to outrun. Roscoe tries to scare them off with the roar of a Tyrannosaurus Rex, but sadly the roar is more of a whimper and does not put off the diving creatures. Azaka recognises them as Quetzacoatluses and is befuddled as to why they are attacking but knows they are vicious and warns the party. Feneth suggests Errick take the ring off! As they swoop in they all roll for initiative and Errick dives under his dinosaur friend as Krynn casts shield of faith on him.

Roscoe uses scorching ray but misses with all three beams, unsettled by the size and aggression of the attackers. Feneth takes patient defence and holds his position. The Quetzacoatluses dive in and attack, Feneth gets his attack off but misses. The first Quetzacoatlus tries to hit Errick but misses as he is covered well. The other two seeing this attack the triceratops and do a significant amount of damage. Ariana casts vicious mockery with little effect. Azaka fires two arrows, one hits but barely puts a dent in the creature's hide. Krynn readies an attack and Errick brings up spiritual weapon which misses. He also tries to remove the ring but can't, it is stuck fast!

Roscoe tries twinned Chromatic orbs. One hits with a critical hit and the other sparks off into the distance. The damage is major but not enough to put one down. Feneth readies an action and tells Errick to "take off the fucking ring"! The Quetzacoatluses dive once more and down the triceratops in a series of devastating bite attacks, Errick manages to roll form under his friend, taking minimal damage and the huge creature slumps to the floor. Ariana uses cure wounds to bring the triceratops back from the brink! Azaka frantically fires arrows hitting once. Errick uses spiritual weapon and guiding bolt which downs one of the Quetzacoatluses leaving two in the air! the Triceratops rises to its feet.

Roscoe seeing that the situation is grave gathers up all his wild magic surges and channels it into a massive attack on the creatures doing massive damage but also leaving his senses tingling as if he had harnessed the surge itself. Feneth tries to grab Errick and take him under the triceratops but he isnt quite strong enough to manhandle the dwarf. The Quetzacoatluses dive on Errick and bring their devastating attacks down on him. Ariana seeing this feels energy surge within her and wings erupt from her back, beautiful ethereal feathered wings of silver and her eyes gleam silver as she heals Errick. He opens his eyes to see an angelic winged Ariana with gleaming eyes looking down on him. Azaka fires again but only hits once. Krynn looks to her sister and throws a javelin at one of the remaining creatures killing it. Errick crawls under the triceratops which readies itself for another assault.

Roscoe fires off a chromatic orb but misses, Feneth places himself between the triceratops and the Quetzacoatlus and readies an attack. The Quetzacoatlus dives and Feneth strikes, killing it stone dead.

The party stand stunned as they survey the corpses around them. Ariana immediately takes to the air and tells her sister she can flyyyyyyy.

The chat on the ground quickly turns to the ring. Errick says he cannot take it off. Ariana tries but any movement of the ring just seems to move Errick's skin with it as if fused. Inete says that this looks like a cursed ring and the only way to remove it is with divine magic or by cutting off the finger. Noone has the divine magic necessary and there is a pause...

Errick says "you are not chopping my finger off!"

And with that the session ends and we wait for next week :D


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people do drop out every so often through the session having to BRB because of kids, cats, eating so 10 mins here and there wouldnt be a disaster at all.


EDIT - a quick chat with Rikku and happy to say she is joining the new campaign.


Anyone else tempted to join feel free it is a lvl 1 fresh start as I say. I am happy to run with more so don't be shy


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The SKT campaign has been a long haul 50+ sessions. The best part is that there are chunks of the book you didn't even go to and chunks that were homebrewed :D


And this campaign is officially a continuation anyway as the original party are still around in some way shape or form :D


Anyway I am excited too but it does mean my reading book for my holiday next week is the new campaign book. Talking of which I am away from tomorrow til week on saturday so if you send me sheets and stuff don't be surprised if you don't get a reply, I am in UK but not necessarily internet connected.

Same goes for other prospective new party members please post in here but if you don't hear back for a week don't worry.

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Ooh. Nice to see you guys starting a new campaign. Not sure if I have the confidence to join with a character but I look forward to seeing what adventurers you all come up with. I might even pop in to have a listen every now and then (though I'm pretty sure I accidentally deleted the D&D discord from my list of servers on a clear out).

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  • 2 weeks later...
15 hours ago, Hexx said:



I have like 4 more half completed. Mostly different classes :P



I have one concept but figured out three different ways to implement it and I am totally stuck on what to do. I think I have gone full circle! :lol:

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59 minutes ago, The Hierophant said:


I have one concept but figured out three different ways to implement it and I am totally stuck on what to do. I think I have gone full circle! :lol:


Have you done a backstory or have an idea WHO the character is yet - which is most apt for them? Or just go on whichever you think would be the most fun !

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9 minutes ago, MDY said:


Have you done a backstory or have an idea WHO the character is yet - which is most apt for them? Or just go on whichever you think would be the most fun !


That’s the problem!  I have had the basic concept and backstory worked out for ages. I’ve just figured more than one way to do it. 


Given that I cannot decide and the rest of the party I think I may just start with the simplest and see how that works out!

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12 minutes ago, The Hierophant said:


That’s the problem!  I have had the basic concept and backstory worked out for ages. I’ve just figured more than one way to do it. 


Given that I cannot decide and the rest of the party I think I may just start with the simplest and see how that works out!


If all else fails..

/roll 1d3



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3 hours ago, Hexx said:


I did that and got


"I have different assumptions from those around me concerning personal space."

"I have a weakness for the exotic beauty of the people of these lands."


Which sounds a bit too creepy :D



Far Traveller Background?

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I have sent you all messages about backstory for new party etc please do let me know of any iussues or any other tweaks you want to do.


I know you are sending me pics of the characters etc I will add those to OP once I have enough etc and can reveal more about characters. Pics are not essential by the way!

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