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The Eagle Lord

Warhammer 40k Kill Team GW Campaign NOOBS WELCOME!

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3 hours ago, And said:

Played a game last night with some ad-mech and failed to kill a single one of my opponents marines. They just shrugged everything off. I just really lacked AP. So I’ve gone and cut the arms off 4 skitarii and remade them with plasma guns and also turned my ruststalkers into infiltrators with power swords. 

Next time we play he’ll be looking at everything hittting with -3 Ap. 


I lost the game , narrowly as we were equal on points but according to the mission this meant defender won, which wasn’t me. I just needed to kill one of his specialists and I would have won. 


Post a picture of your admec team. I've still to paint mine, need inspiration for the cloaks. 


I've got 3 of the buggers built with plasma culvrins already.

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They’re not painted yet. Or rather all 15 were sprayed leadbelcher base and then nuln oiled. Ready for painting when I got round to it.  


Now several of them have fresh new red plastic bits. 


So they’ll be metal where they’re supposed to be metal. Thinking a dark greeny blue colour for cloaks, stegadon up through sotek to maybe temple guard, light grey fabrics. 


So I’ve now got :

5 rangers:

alpha with power sword, 2 plasma guns, massive arquebus thing, regular with omnispex.

5 vanguards:

alpha with arc maul, 2 plasma guns, Arc rifle, regular with omnispex.


4 infiltrators - 3 with power swords

1 ruststalker with transonic blades. 


I’d stack as much AP on the as you can, the ruststalkers look like a good melee unit but in reality lack of ap and lack of pistols for the next round are really hampering. The 6+ mortal wound thing doesn’t come off enough.

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