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Judgment: detective game spinoff from Yakuza series


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Finally getting around to playing this due to a severe lack of gaming time recently.


Absolutely loving it, it's totally breathed new life into the formula post Yak6 (yet to play LAD either) which was nice but a little by-the-numbers. I think my first post in this thread was hoping it would end up like Yakuza x Phoenix Wright and that's pretty much exactly what it is. The side case structure is a nice change from the normal substories and side activities (as great as they are) and using different locations around Kamurocho makes it feel like a new city; I'm in chapter 2 and no-one has mentioned New Serena once! Can't wait to get back to it, might even go back to back with the sequel to make up for lost time. 

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Finished. Man, what a game! Yeah, the usual RGG 'eww' moments are present and correct but what an incredible story. Actual real-world, grown up shit. 


Yakuza members are still intertwined obviously but not one of them does the 'whipping jacket and shirt off in one to reveal a gaudy animal tattoo' move (I was actually a bit disappointed about that) and the friend missions makes it feel a bit more like a functioning city which Yagami is a part of, rather than a cardboard diorama orbiting Kiryu's massive upper body (as much as I love him). Real top tier RGG stuff. 


Also 'YYYAGAMIIIII!' is just as fun coming out of a fat bad guy's mouth as 'KIRYYYYYUU!'. Another plus point. 



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4 hours ago, SuperCapes said:

So I decided to play Lost Judgement first, and I am absolute loving it. For those that have played the pair, would going back to the first feel like a step down, and are the stories separate enough?




1st one is just as good if not better, think I actually preferred it. Technology wise, pretty much the same as well, it won't seem dated at all.

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31 minutes ago, cassidy said:

First ones story was better. 

Second had lots more other things to do.


It's a close call tbh.  Just an odd way to do it imo. 


Odd indeed! I just thought one Yakuza will be enough until LAD2 but enjoying this one alot so will probably go back and play the first too. 

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