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The Celebrity Death Thread - Minor, Major, Famous, Infamous


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Nathan Coles passed away few weeks ago. Never went to his Wiggle nights but was a bit of a catalyst for that sound that Fabric pushed later on. 

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Steve Mackey, best known as the bass player with Pulp has died aged 56. 

He was also a fantastic producer, having worked with bands like The Kills and Cornershop, he also co wrote quite a few songs for the album Lungs for Florence + The Machine.



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Ricou Browning, who played the Gill-man in the underwater scenes in Creature From the Black Lagoon and its sequels, died at the end of February.


He also co-created the Flipper film and TV series, and directed underwater sequences of various other films including Thunderball, Never Say Never Again, and Raise the Titanic.


He also directed a film about a mob enforcer with shotguns built into his wheelchair armrests:



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On 06/03/2023 at 10:10, Art Vandelay said:

Sizemore delivered what I would argue was the greatest guest appearance in any Sunny episode. I've never looked at coconuts the same way since I can tell you.


I use the term "lot lizard" way more than I should. 

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3 hours ago, grounded_dreams said:

Margaret Lake, known as Mystic Meg has died aged 80, wonder if she saw that coming ;)




"A tall, dark stranger will be approaching.  He's holding a scythe."

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17 minutes ago, grungekid said:

Utterly gutted by this. Just started rewatchibg Fringe this month. He's so good in it. :(


He's in the new John Wick film too which is out next week. It's going to feel very odd watching that so soon after his death.


He was pretty great in most things he put his hand to, but I'll remember him fondly for his work in The Wire and John Wick. Also his most recent turn as Wesker and the clones in Reaident Evil was so much fun.



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1 minute ago, Thor said:

Lance Reddick was fucking immense in everything he's been in. And he loved Destiny, he loved being Commander Zavala. I'm fucking devastated. 


I just said in Discord to the nerds, that I never met him so it sounds silly, but I'm genuinely upset by this. :(

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Yep that's a real gut punch. Him and Michael K Williams both gone in such a short space of time feels universally unfair. 


As others have said, loved him in Fringe, The Wire (obviously), Horizon etc. Also followed him on Facebook which is unusual for me; seemed like a really good guy. 


God fucking dammit. 

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