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Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Mr Do 71

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46 minutes ago, thesnwmn said:

Whilst broken flowers through running are aesthetically annoying it doesn’t prevent them cross breeding as it only knocks them down to buds. Still something for everyone to avoid doing on others islands.

I have made a flower field specifically for sprinting through :D :D :D 

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10 minutes ago, Uncle Mike said:

We can craft them out of 4 Venus Combs, 4 Conches and 7 customisation kits. Happy to make more, but I'm not currently sitting on any spare shells.


Noted - I shall collect the goods. 

Thank you. 

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Also got a breeding pair of purple pansies and purple mums (proper ones with 25% chance of generating green Mums)


Will be reserving these for people who come and water


Edit, oh and Leif is here too

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20 minutes ago, sladie said:

90 bells for me. And Leif is in town selling cosmos. I’ll leave it open while I get my daughter brekkie - 1V9VD. 

Thank you.  Your island is lovely.


Annoyingly my pockets were so full of the nips I had to leave the amazing red winklepickers on the shelf.

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23 minutes ago, grindmouse said:

Saw this on Twitter... what is this custom design screen and why is it different to the one you get on your phone? And it has a different number of slots?



Once able sisters open you can get to that.

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1 hour ago, grindmouse said:

I saved up bells for Sunday turnips, but the Nooks have a hot tub in the Cranny for 130,000 bells. Torn between turnips and the tub...


When you say 'hot tub' are you referring to this?



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7 minutes ago, grindmouse said:


I decided to prioritise it over turnips. But I assume this means I'll be able to order another for you from Nook Shopping?


Or I could buy it off you, you spend the cash on turnips then you buy it from your catalogue later in the week. Depends if you desperately need it today. 

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