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BAP - Season 39 - Official BAP is Dead Thread

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1 hour ago, Steely said:

And of course no introduction of real teams!


BAP is forever dead.


The whole pro system is a bit shit as well, i miss the days of do 50 tackles to get +1 tackling. Score 2 goals from outside the box in 1 match to get +2 long shots.


Proper tangible challenges! This year is by faaaar the most games I have ever played in FUT and that's probably because clubs is meh.


We still play clubs a bit but it's more for playing with mates. It's still very broken and I don't see that changing with the new game. As it was the mode I enjoyed most I don't see me getting the new one right off the start (though I could be fooling myself here).


I have less and less time to play video games anymore and I'm not sure I want to be playing games that are rehashes of the previous version or buggy as hell (we have even gone back to battlefield 1 over battlefield V lately).

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Wishful thinking I reckon chap. Sounds like more of the same. Having said that, if it is in, I’m back on that bandwagon. :lol:


I only played the last one a few times, so at the moment, I doubt I’ll bother with 20. Same with the new COD as well. Just can’t be arsed with it these days and the kids have got to an age where they won’t stop playing Garden Warfare 2 either, so I don’t get near the PS4. :seanr:

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I know most people don't bother with this game mode anymore but Kriess and myself and a guy I know had a few games last night. Just thought i'd put the offer out there if anyone wants to join us for a few games at all (playstation) if so lemme know ^_^

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