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The Eagle Lord

IKEA lighting setup help!!

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Are you talking about for painting? I use two adjustable desk lamps from hobbycraft.


As a general thing, the main thing is for it to be white light rather than anything with a yellow or orange tint. Daylight bulbs/lamps are great but expensive. Mine have loads of white leds.


Sorry this isn't more helpful.

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I use a couple of their basic desk lamp, they term them work lamps.  I believe they were tetra or something like that, £9 a go.  Looking at the website I can’t see them, but they look like this:




Mess optional.


For bulbs I got some 6500K led bulbs from Amazon, with a 90 CRI - although I’ve read a lot of strong opinions about why CRI is not a good measurement and fluorescence bulbs are better for accurate colour.


Personally I think 6500K is straying a bit too into the blue range, and am trying to find a good 6000K or even 5500K LED bulb.  Not that it’s going to help my painting technique.

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