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Star Trek: Lower Decks


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13 hours ago, Garwoofoo said:

I'm on board with the concept but it's got exactly the same cheap animation style as all modern American cartoons so I kind of hate it a bit already for that reason alone.


Looks like Ctrl+Alt+Del: A Star Trek special.

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11 minutes ago, Vespa Alex said:

I quite liked it. 

Me too. I mean it doesn’t look amazing but I’m happy to try anything Star Trek that isn’t the movie aspiring turgid, complicated messes of Discovery and Picard (the later had its moments). Maybe sitcom (animated or not) is really where the franchise needs to be to recapture what I think was actually good about it (comfortable relaxed viewing where you never really knew what to expect each week).


I like the idea of something set away from the decision making. I think ideally it could be interesting to see smaller lives play out whilst the back drop is the bigger missions of the ship. But I suspect they’ll fail to do that at least sometimes and these ‘nothing’ crew members will somehow end up more involved in each mission than they should.

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